Kids' School Shoes for Kids That Are Hard on Their Feet!

Isn't it disappointing when you've spent hours searching for kids' school shoes only to find out they are not durable enough to withstand your child's lifestyle?


Active children spend most of their free time playing or hanging out with friends. These activities sometimes entail rough movements that can destroy kids' school shoes without durable materials. 


Parents fear that when their child's footwear suddenly gives in, it can cause an accident and injury to their kid. It would help if you didn't live in constant worry because that is not good for your health. 


It would help if you had academic footwear that is hard on their feet so they can make it through your child's longest and roughest days. Do you know where to look?


Spendless has provided children with academic footwear that can endure the natural elements, boisterous play, various new styles, and the protection and stability your kid needs to survive the day. 


The brand's collection promises longevity unless your kid outgrows it. While school shoes can last a long time, it's different when your kid experiences a growth spurt and requires a new pair. 


It would help if you never let your kid wear ill-fitting footwear. 


However, we digress. Let's look at the features of a durable pair of academic footwear that can stand up to all the challenges!




Checking the material of the shoes is the first step to ensuring they will last against rough action.


The Spendless collection uses two kinds of materials: leather and vegan-friendly. Both are durable and can withstand wear and tear and the natural elements. 


For instance, leather footwear is breathable and offers insulation, making it ideal for all seasons.


Since it comes from animals, leather can last long and tolerate rough movements and activities. The same goes for vegan-friendly academic footwear. 


They exhibit the same qualities of durability, thanks to synthetic materials. However, vegan-friendly academic footwear is cruelty-free, which means it does not harm any animals in production. 


Choosing vegan-friendly is friendlier to your budget as they are the more affordable option. Not using animals reduces the production steps and makes these kids' school shoe options more affordable. 


Whether you choose leather or vegan-friendly, Spendless assures you that the footwear is durable.




Fastening in shoes serves multiple purposes: adjustability, security, and longevity. Fastenings give your kid control over the fit of the footwear. They can adjust how tight they want the academic footwear to be. 


As for security, the fastenings hold the footwear in place, ensuring that it won't come off accidentally and hurt your kid. 


It provides stability while your kids are playing, and it won't do them any good to have the footwear fly off and trip them or their playmates.


Fastenings provide longevity to academic footwear because they hold the heel firmly at the back. Keeping the footwear together ensures they won't break suddenly during gameplay.


Spendless uses three fastenings in its collection of school shoes: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Each has its appeal and skill requirement, but the essential thing is that they do all three purposes of fastening.


Stability and Traction


Durable shoes can withstand anything that comes their way, including wet floors, slippery surfaces, and uneven walkways. Parents fear receiving an emergency phone call out of the blue telling them their kid has had an accident. 


As such, it's critical to ensure that the kids' school shoes can provide ample stability and traction to keep your kid steady, which makes them a perfect fit, especially when playing on the playground.


To check, flip the footwear over to see if grooves or threads are underneath. Instead of being smooth and flat, the sole should have grooves and tracks. Grooves are the odd shapes on the soles of the kids' school shoes. 


Your kid can also test the friction of their footwear when they try it on in-store. Let your kid walk around the shop wearing academic shoes to see if they create friction against slippery surfaces. 


The smaller the space between the shapes, the better it is, ensuring more grip. Avoid footwear without figures because it won't protect your kid from slips and falls.


Firm Heel Counter


Like fastenings, a firm heel counter has multiple purposes: stability and longevity. It sits at the back of the kids' school shoes to ensure your kid won't twist their feet unnecessarily. 


It reduces the amount of rolling that the foot does. Meanwhile, the kids' school shoes last longer by ensuring they stay upright and don't lose shape. 


Without firm heel counters, your child's feet compensate to keep the footwear on by clawing on the toes. 


This action can impact your child's foot health and cause a deformity they will carry until adulthood. Please remember that your child's feet do not develop until puberty, so their academic shoes must provide ample support.


Proper Care


The longevity of the kids' school shoes also depends on how you care for them. Even if you look for durable materials but forget to clean and store them properly, it will likely weaken the footwear. 


As such, you and your kid must learn to care for the kids' school shoes. Here are some tips to help:


  • When removing the kids' school shoes, ensure that your child opens the fastenings before removing them. Never use the other foot to remove the footwear from the other foot, as this can destroy the materials.

  • When unboxing, Use a water and stain protection spray on the kids' school shoes to protect the footwear from the elements. It provides an invisible layer that prevents dirt and liquid from seeping through the material, giving your child enough time to wipe them off. Ensure to reapply the spray every week.

  • Teach your child to keep their academic footwear properly inside shoe closets or bags. Leaving them around will attract floating dust, weakening the material. Also, ensure they wipe down the footwear and clear filters before storage. Never keep the footwear when it's still wet and dirty.


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