Kids' School Shoes Everyone Will Love

It's essential that your child loves theirkids' schools shoes because it will reflect on how they treat and care for their footwear. The fit is the fundamental thing that turns most students off about their footwear. 


Once they feel uncomfortable and in pain, parents must expect they will have difficulty making their child wear them. You'll spend longer chasing them around the house, hoping they'll relent and wear the footwear.


For the love of more snooze time in the mornings, allow our team at Spendless to help you identify the school shoes that everyone will love. 


This footwear would be your child's favourite, which they will wear excitedly daily. Let's discuss the features and the styles that make these lovable. If you're ready to start, let's get right to it!


1. Comfortable fit


Everyone loves a comfortable fit because it affects how they get through the day. Your kid needs 100 per cent cosiness if you want them to concentrate on their classes. 


You must ensure that they are comfortable by looking for the following features:


  • The right fit. Achieving the proper fit entails several doable steps. First, you need to determine your child's correct size. The footwear must fit them in length and width. 


You can get your child's measurements or bring them to professionals like trained staff or podiatrists. Professionals can also recommend the best style for your child's foot type. 


Please take them shopping in the afternoon when their feet are at their maximum size to account for the growth. They must wear the socks they plan to wear with the footwear during the academic year.


  • Enough toe room. Kids' footwear must have enough toe room so that the child's toes can spread for balance and stability. Tight toe boxes will squeeze their toes, rub them, and cause painful blisters and deformities, some of which they can take into adulthood.

    Choose a pair with square or rounded-toe designs. Avoid pointy ones. Test the footwear by having your kid wear it and wiggle their toes. They must be able to do it without rubbing the footwear.

  • Room for growth. Always leave a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the footwear's tip when buying kids' school shoes. Having space is essential because your kid can suddenly have growth spurts.

    You must always check if this space still exists every few weeks and replace the kids' school shoes once it's gone.

  • Adjustable fit. Your kid needs control over how tight or loose they want their footwear. With fastenings, your kid can adjust the fit when necessary.

    Spendless kids' school shoes use touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Each requires a different skill, which your kid must learn to lock and open their footwear.


2. Supportive and Durable


We know how active children can be. You'll see most of them on the playground during breaks, running and chasing each other. These strenuous activities require supportive and durable kids' school shoes. 


Support is essential because the child's feet are developing until puberty. The wrong kind of kids' school shoes may affect how the bones fuse and muscles strengthen. 


Durability is also critical because we want their footwear to stay intact while they are in the middle of various activities. 


The kids' school shoes must withstand wear and tear, especially against the natural elements. Here are the features that provide support and durability: 


  • Flexibility. Kids' school shoes must be flexible enough to mimic the child's natural gait. Too rigid footwear will force your child's muscles to exert more effort, affecting growth and development.

    However, the kids' school shoes must be flexible until a certain point. Test this by picking up the footwear and bending it; it should not go all the way.

  • Gripped soles. Your child needs robust traction to remain stable and steady while moving around. Boys and girls need footwear that can protect them against the natural elements and different surfaces, particularly slippery and muddy ones. The soles must create friction against the ground to prevent accidental slips and trips.

  • Quality materials. The materials of shoes will determine their durability. Spendless uses leather and vegan-friendly footwear to ensure your kid has the best footwear. These materials provide warmth, breathability, and protection against the changing weather. 

  • Firm heel counter. Heel counters support the shoes, ensuring they last longer. It helps lock the foot into the shoe and anchors it to the midsole. Check the firmness of the heel counter by pressing on both sides. You'll know the kids' shoes have an excellent heel counter if you can't flatten them.


3. Stylish


The style of the kids' school shoes must keep up with the times. Your child will develop their taste and want to choose footwear styles their peers approve of. 


Kids' school shoes can affect their self-confidence and interactions with others. Sadly, if they wear outdated styles, other students may shun them, affecting their self-esteem. Thankfully, all the kids' school shoes at Spendless are stylish. 


Spendless provides timeless and versatile shoes that have the necessary features mentioned. Your daughters will love Mary Janes and T-Bars, while boys will pick pull-on ankle boots.


Unisex options are also available, such as double straps and lace-ups. Remember to get them a second pair of kids' school shoes for more strenuous activities like sports and PE classes. 


Spendless has a range of sneakers and trainers for all ages that can provide cushioning, breathable materials.


Finding the right pair that will work correctly with your kid's uniform is crucial. Fit experts in selected locations can help find the perfect fit for your child's feet. 


Schedule a school shoe fitting. Shop and relax, knowing your kids like their back-to-school options. We have new styles like the favourite fusion brands you can find in a brands shop, and your kid will enjoy them. 


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