Kids' School Shoes Are Easy at Spendless!

Parents have always dreaded shopping for kids' school shoes because the experience comes with tantrums and crying fits, on top of all the features you need to know about footwear. 


But, it is not just any shoe; it will be your child's comfort and support for 30 hours a week.


Kids' school shoes will affect their foot health and performance, so you need to know everything about them. The good news is that you have Spendless, where each shopping experience becomes a breeze. 


The brand knows what they need and ensures that your kid's school shoes meet all the requirements and varieties that equal those of other exclusive brands' shops.


Do you know everything about academic footwear that provides your child with an excellent educational experience?


Allow our Spendless team to enumerate what makes your child perform at their best. For example, keeping their feet healthy and protected is good whenever they are out of sight. Then, if you're eager to start, let's do it!


Worry Less Here on Spendless!


Spendless is the perfect destination for parents looking for high-quality and affordable kids' school shoes at selected locations.


They have an extensive range of footwear that is more versatile and affordable than your favourite fusion brands in a brands shop.


Once you've selected your child's perfect pair of shoes, Spendless makes the checkout process quick and easy so that you can return to your day in no time.


So, visit Spendless today and experience the convenience and quality of their extensive range of kids' school shoes and brands, all in one place.


What Features Should I Check?


As mentioned, the shopping experience at Spendless is easy. But knowing the required features and how they work to keep them healthy and safe is always good.

1. Lightweight


Your kid's footwear must be lightweight because heavy stuff can strain your child's developing muscles. In addition, you want to avoid forcing their body parts to carry the weight they are unprepared to lift.


You can check for this feature by lifting each shoe and feeling how heavy they are. Then, get them to try them on and walk around the store to see if they can walk properly.


2. Wide Toe Box


Choose footwear with rounded or squared toes because they do not squeeze their toes together. 


There must be enough space for the toes to spread naturally, as this plays a vital role in your child's balance and stability. Ensure a 1 cm gap between your child's longest toe and the footwear tip when buying footwear.


3. Flexibility


Flexibility is an essential aspect of footwear, as it extends the foot. The shoe must mimic the movement of your child's feet, moving naturally with them. It must bend only until the balls, nothing further.


4. Adjustable


A comfortable, snug fit is possible when the kids' school shoes are adjustable. They can tighten or loosen the fit thanks to fasteners. Spendless uses three kinds of fastenings: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.


Choose any of the three, depending on your child's skill set. Usually, the younger ones prefer the ease of touch-fastening straps since they simply press the nylon strips together to lock it.


The Spendless styles that use this fastening are the Mary Janes for girls and the double strap for boys and girls.


Buckles are for more advanced students who know how to lock the buckle's pin on any hole in the locking strap. 


Children who use kids' school shoes with this fastening can strengthen the small muscles in their hands, boosting their fine motor and problem-solving skills. The Spendless style that uses a buckle is the T-Bar.


Of all three, only laces are independent of the kids' school shoes. 


As a result, you can clean and replace the laces separately whenever they become dirty or damaged, as opposed to the first two fastenings, where you must return the shoe when the fastenings malfunction. 


Students who use footwear with laces must know how to tie them independently. The lace-up style at Spendless is unisex and popular with older students.


5. Firm Heel Counter


The heel counter must be firm, as it provides stability to your child's foot and ensures the longevity of their shoes. In addition, it plays a role in keeping their feet steady, reducing the rolling that the foot undertakes. 


Pick up the shoe and squeeze the heel counter on both sides to check for firmness. You will know it's firm if it won't collapse on itself.


How Often Should I Buy Footwear?


Discussing this is essential, as your kid's footwear must always fit properly. There should be no period where your kid wears ill-fitting footwear, as this may affect their foot's health until adulthood.


Buy them new Spendless Kids' school shoes at the start of every academic year. Keep them from using second-hand footwear, as it won't give them the support they need.


Depending on how fast their feet grow, you might need to replace their shoes after a few weeks or months. Growth spurts are typical, so you need to check the fit often.


While Spendless kids' school shoes are durable and can withstand wear and tear, you may have to replace them once buckles or touch-fastening straps have reached the end of their life. 


The footwear won't function as it should and can become a health hazard.


How Do I Get My Child's Correct Measurements?


The Spendless Kids' school shoes will fit them perfectly, ticking all the necessary boxes if you can get their accurate measurements.


Spendless is the perfect school shoe fitting shop for parents who want a quick view of the latest trends for all ages.


Browse easily for what you need, thanks to the clear filters in our menu. Shop by quickly navigating through our wide selection of shoes and finding the perfect fit for them with the help of our fit experts.


Spendless offers a stress-free shopping experience and exceptional customer service with their knowledgeable staff, who can guide you through the sales process.


There are three ways: bring them to a podiatrist; the in-store trained staff can measure your child; or you must do it.


In all three cases, you must take their measurements in the afternoon or evening to account for the growth from the swollen feet. The shoe could hurt them if you don't do this.


Also, it would help if you got the width and length of each foot separately, as the sizes of each can be different. But, more importantly, get them to try on the kids' school shoes with the socks they intend to wear for a dry run during the year.


Spendless has everything your kid needs, from sandals to sneakers, to start the year on the right foot.


And if you're looking for something specific, like an antique shop or a pound shop, Spendless can point you in the right direction with its vast network of local partners.


So, visit Spendless today and see why they are the go-to shoe fitting shop for parents who want quality, affordability, and convenience all in one place.


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