Kid's School Shoes That Will Have Them Excited for School!

Get ready for the new year full of learning and play by investing in a new set of kids' school shoes. There is no better feeling than investing in a pair of new kids' school shoes to start the year on the right foot. But unfortunately, the process of shopping for a new pair of kid's school shoes can be super challenging at the best of times. 


That is why the Spendless shoe brands shop team has gathered a range of kid's school shoes that are sure to tick all the right boxes. You will love what we have available for you to choose from. You and your child will be smiling from ear to ear with our range of kids' school shoes on their feet. 


So if you are keen to find out more, keep on reading! So you can enjoy the amazing rewards of your first purchase.


Style 1 – Touch-fastening 


Get your hands on a pair of touch-fastening kid's school shoes to get the year started. These are the ultimate pair of kicks that every child needs in their life. Our range of touch-fastening style school shoes will be the perfect game-changer in your life. These are super comfortable and supportive to wear on your feet. There is nothing better than the feeling of comfortable and wearable kid's school shoes. 


If your child loves to sleep in during the morning rush or leave everything until the last minute before getting ready, then these kicks will be perfect for them. Our range of touch-fastening footwear is sure to make life a million times easier. 


All your child has to do is wake up in the morning and slip into their touch-fastening kid's school shoes. We know how fun and fresh a pair of these touch-fastening kicks are. So, to find a store that will cater for your needs and go to our menu shop, Spendless Shoes, continue shopping with us!


Style 2 – Mary-Jane 


Check out our range of Mary-Jane kids' school shoes. These are the type of kicks that every girl will want to wear during a day of study and play. There is no better feeling than the one you get in a pair of Mary-Jane kicks. These are the perfect pair of black school shoes for your daughter to wear. 


A set of Mary-Jane kicks will ensure that there is plenty of breathability and comfort available for your child's feet. This footwear style offers a t-buckle design with geometric cut-outs across the outer material. These kids' school shoes are super fun to wear and can last your daughter throughout the entire year. 


The best thing about rocking a pair of these Mary-Jane kicks is that your daughter can wear them through primary and secondary education. In addition, you will find that these kids' school shoes can get shared amongst your children if you have more than one daughter as well. The options are endless with our range of Mary-Jane kids' school shoes. 


Style 3 – Lace-ups 


Stick to a pair of classic kicks this season with our range of lace-up kid's school shoes. We love what a set of these kicks can do for your child. Our range of lace-ups is a super classic design that has been around for many years now. There is nothing more ensure than wearing a pair of lace-up kid's school shoes.  


You can trust that these will protect your child's feet all day long. Wear a set of these kicks from morning until night with ease. Lace-ups offer a thick and sturdy base with strong laces to fasten. This classic design will ensure that your pair of lace-up kid's school shoes will look and feel great on your child's feet all day long. 


These kids' school shoes are durable and protective to wear all day long. You and your child will be super happy in a pair of these kicks. 


Style 4 – Printed Kicks 


Treat your child to a pair of fun and stylish kid's school shoes. That's right; we are talking about our range of printed kicks. These are sure to make every child happy. But, of course, there is nothing better than rocking a pair of printed kicks throughout the day of study and play. 


Wearing a pair of printed kid's school shoes have lots of benefits that can keep your child happy, entertained, and motivated all day long. You will find that our range of printed kicks will ensure that your child is focused and comfortable throughout the day. These are the perfect pair of kids' school shoes to wear because they can feel like their favourite character is in the classroom with them. 


Printed kicks offer a range of designs, including those of popular TV shows and movies. Your child will feel super happy with a pair of printed kid's school shoes. It's a must-have pair of kicks in our eyes! You can add this to your wishlist!


Style 5 – Canvas Sneakers


Does your child love to feel comfortable and casual in their uniform? If you are nodding your head yes, they will love wearing a pair of canvas sneakers. These kids' new styles are super comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. You will love what a set of these kicks can do for your child's feet. 


We love how wearable our range of canvas sneakers are, and they adhere to just about every uniform guideline. You and your child will love what a pair of canvas sneakers can do for their feet. You can trust that they will look and feel good all day long. If you are keen to try this footwear style out, why not invest in COACH.


These all-black canvas sneakers will ensure that your gender boys can look and feel great all day long. These are a must-have pair of kid's high demand school shoes! 


Style 6 – Ballet Flats 


Stay comfortable and cosy from morning until night with our dependable brands of ballet flats. These kids' brands are perfect for you to wear in various settings and not just the classroom. We love what a pair of these kicks can do for your child's next look. This kid's school shoe style is perfect to wear during the year's warmer months. 


We are obsessed with STACEY. This pair of ballet flats are sure to make your daughter smile all day long. The best thing about these kids' school shoes is that they offer a touch-fastening strap over the toes for extra protection. We could not recommend these brands enough! 


Have you found the perfect pair of kid's school shoes?


If you are keen on the kicks we offer, now is the perfect time to get your hands on a new shoe pair. So you and your child will enter the new education year with a smile on your face and comfy kicks on your feet. So head to our top online shopping Spendless shoe website today to enjoy amazing rewards and many benefits. So enjoy online shopping with us!