How We Style Our Best-Selling Women's Casual Shoes

Have you ever gone through magazines and fashion blogs wishing you could style your women’s casual shoes the same way?


The thing with fashion is its self-expression. So, you don’t have to spend much of your budget to get the exact look; you only need casual shoes from Spendless and your wardrobe closet. 


Discover how to mix and match existing pieces to create a new look. This perfect pair of casual shoes can make you look good effortlessly.


Spendless has an excellent footwear collection that automatically elevates the clothes you have. These casual shoes check all the boxes. They are stylish, comfortable, versatile, and affordable. 


You’re one step closer to achieving your runway-worthy look by wearing any of them. The next step would be to follow the styling tips from the Spendless team. Then, if you’re ready to dive into it, let’s do it!


Style 1—Sneakers


Sneakers are shoes that evolved from the gym to the street. While they are still footwear for workouts and sports, more ladies wear them for everyday events – work, brunches, and even special occasions.


It proves the versatility of these shoes because you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Spendless has three kinds of sneakers: walking, trainers, and sports luxe.


As their name suggests, this vast range is ideal for what their names mean, but do not limit them there. You can use trainers for errands and everyday wear, sports luxe for walking, and walking for fashion. 


Again, these serve multiple purposes, making them worthy of a space in your closet. Browse through our range of styles and find the one that suits your fancy. It's easy to take two pairs at the checkout because of the price we have them for!


Styling them is as easy as opening your closet and pulling out whatever you can. So let’s start putting together outfit ideas for jeans and this footwear.


Having white sneakers is the key to creating countless looks with jeans. High-waisted blue jeans with a white shirt look put together when completed with these shoes. 


When the temperature dips a little, you can add a denim jacket or a black bomber jacket to tie them all together.


Meanwhile, dresses and sneakers are a fail-proof combination. Grab a pair of Spendless sports luxe shoes and wear them with a midi cut-out dress. The cuts will add more depth and silhouette to your look! 


And if you’re thinking of wearing sneakers for formal events under those long dresses, go ahead! Several ladies in Australia have done it and had the best time dancing comfortably all night.


Style 2—Boots


Women eagerly anticipate the onset of autumn and winter so that they may finally break out their boot collection. These shoes for women have been worn to every fall and winter gathering imaginable because women adore the support and warmth they offer.


Like any other Spendless footwear, our range of boots is versatile, making them appropriate for bunches, dinners, business meetings, and weddings. Like the Hush Puppies and Colorado brands, these styles from the Spendless brand are available in ankle, long, and knee-high.


Choose the boots with a higher reach if you prefer more warmth and coverage or if you’re into mini dresses and skirts, as they look fantastic together. Let’s pull up some styling inspiration for these, so you’ll wear them more often.


Boots and skirts go well together, like peanut butter and jelly. However, if you’re planning on wearing these on repeat, you’ll find that skirts are the best way to dress them up. 


Ribbed, neutral-coloured knit skirts would pair well with the vanilla-coloured Spendless combat boots. These have chunky soles and durable outer materials, ideal for winter’s natural elements.


If heat is an issue, wear wool tights underneath your skirt for more warmth.


Keep your feet toasty in the workplace by wearing pointed-toe boots with straight-leg trousers. 


Please remember that when you wear straight-leg trousers with these shoes at ankle height, the trousers must have a slightly shorter hem to ensure that a large portion of the boots is still visible.


Style 3—Wedges and Espadrilles


What casual shoes come to mind when you think about spring events?


Wedges are famous for giving height, stability, and comfort with their level surface, which does not strain the balls of your feet. Espadrilles are the same, but with heels more on the low side. 


Since spring is the best time to visit gardens and have backyard barbeques, you won’t have the trouble of getting stuck in soil or grass when you wear these—better free up some space in your shoe closet for wedges.


Spendless has these in eight beautiful colours: black, gold, grey, natural, pink, silver, tan, and white. In addition, you can choose from closed or open-toed options, depending on which is more comfortable for you.


If you’re going for open-toed, we recommend getting these with ankle straps for more security.


A Spendless online exclusive pair of wedges that deserve a spot in your shoe closet has a trendy platform, a toe band made of raffia material, and a round buckle ankle strap for more character. 


Styling these shoes for a summer outdoor event is easy.


Wear denim shorts, a white sleeveless top, and a black sleeveless coat. A brown bag to match your wedges will complete the look. 


Alternatively, wear a pink crew neck t-shirt with khaki shorts and a crossover bag with your Spendless casual shoes. Tie the look together with oversized sunglasses, and you’re all set for that afternoon chill with the ladies.


Let Your Style Shine with Spendless!


The most critical ingredient in styling is your confidence. When you feel good about yourself, it’s easy to look good in anything you wear. Add a pair of Spendless women’s casual shoes to your oozing confidence, and you’ve hit the spot.


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