How We're Styling Our Favourite Women's Flats

There's no right or wrong in styling outfits if you have the confidence to pull them off. But in creating the perfect look, you need vital pieces that make it cohesive. A pair of women's flats will do the trick. With various options at Spendless Shoes, you can whip up looks that will start the year with a bang.

If you're looking for the best way to elevate your work look, dinner outfit, or brunch vibe, a pair of Spendless women's flats is the best way to do it. Each item in the brand's collection will give designer brands a run for their money. The combinations you can create from these stylish women's flats are extensive, especially since each option is chic, comfy, and versatile. Apart from these characteristics, the items are long-lasting, giving you more bang for your buck. With durable materials, you can wear these women's flats for a long time, through different seasons and years. And because they're timeless, they can outlast newer trends that only stay for a season or two.

With the help of our team from Spendless, let's look at the options available and how to style them best. If you're ready to boost your look in the new year, now's the best time to start!


The Spendless Collection 


The collection at Spendless includes various options that cater to multiple preferences. All our styles are closed-toe, making them ideal for all seasons. This way, you can plan looks for the various women's flats that cover summer, fall, winter, and spring. 

Apart from having a range of style options, the collection has a spectrum of colours for all closets. With mostly neutral colours, you can create different looks that match the brand's seven flattering colours. Choose from women's flats in black, gold, natural, orange, tan, vanilla, or white. 

To make this list of styling tips more comprehensive, we'll suggest how to wear various styles, including different colours. 


Style 1—Mary Jane


A pair of Mary Jane in your closet is a must because this footwear style is the epitome of classic and timeless. These rounded-toe women's flats have the characteristic strap across the instep. The Spendless collection has different strap styles, from minimalist to buckle, and one with a flower cover for its fastening. 

Use these women's flats if the goal is to look preppy. Because Mary Jane is a staple school uniform, you can style these shoes with a reimagined uniform. Wear these women's flats with white socks, a pleated skirt, and a sweater vest, then head straight to brunch with the girls.


Style 2—Women's Classic Ballet Flats 


Women's ballet flats are best with clothes that showcase them. Anything baggy or long that covers them isn't the look to style them with. Always remember that your clothes should end above or on the ankles; anything longer is a no. As such, dresses, skirts, and trousers match beautifully with women's flats. 

Since most options are minimalist, except for some with embellishments, the best way to balance your look and add depth is by using accessories like chunky necklaces, chandelier earrings, and clutches. A natural-coloured women's ballet flats and clutch will look excellent, contrasting a monochromatic black look for date night! 

Style 3—Loafers 


Loafers have been making waves in all kinds of events. Job seekers and career women wear these women's flats to project professionalism while maintaining comfort through extended periods. Because they are minimalistic in design, you can experiment with different looks. But it's best to find clothes that end above or on the ankles to keep loafers exposed. What do we mean by that?

For instance, there used to be a time when visible socks and women's loafer flats were unacceptable. But because fashion evolves, wearing ankle- or knee-high socks with loafers is okay. Adjust your look depending on the event. Wear these women's flats with an A-line, flared, or pleated skirt at a work event and complete the look with a blouse or sweater. Add more character by layering in tights, which are also functional during colder seasons. 


Colour 1—Orange 


The start of the year is the best time to try wearing options you typically would not choose. Orange is an excellent choice for women's flats because it's vibrant and youthful. You don't need to overhaul your closet to find clothes that match orange shoes. A white dress shirt and olive cargo pants will look beautiful with orange women's flats. Wear them to dinner with friends and expect to hear a lot of gushing. A more casual alternative is to wear your orange women's flats with an oversized navy sweater and ripped boyfriend jeans. Your shoes will serve as the highlight of this muted look.


Colour 2—Gold


Elevate your daytime outfit or boost your evening glam with metallic women's flats. But because this colour may not be your usual, you doubt pulling them off. Be confident, and you can pull off anything! Gold shoes work with more outfits and colours than you might think. 

Dress up denim with these shoes. Skinny jeans and a white shirt combine for a simple, elegant, and chic look. Avoid wearing metallic accessories or clothing with your gold women's flats because a slight hint of shine is all your outfit needs. 


Colour 3—White


Boost your fresh vibe with a pair of white women's flats. While they require more care and maintenance, these shoes are the best way to rock a new look. You may have noticed that white sneakers have been the rage. Women's flats offer the same chic factor but with a not-so-sporty vibe, making everything a little fancier. Style these white shoes like their sneaker counterpart with dresses, jeans, and skirts.  


Boost Your New Year Style! 


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Heed our tips for new ways to create fabulous looks. Get ahead by purchasing the fantastic women's flats at Spendless Shoes. Go to the nearest retail store or shop online now!