How to Wear Our Best-Selling Pair of Women's Flats

Owning a pair of Spendless women's flats shoes is not enough because you must know how to style them. One wrong accessory or top can ruin the entire look. So, which of these flats do you like most? Do you prefer styles that cover the whole foot or ones that show a lot of skin?


The styling depends on where you plan to use them. Is it for work, casual hangouts, dinner, or errands?


Looking at everything you need to consider can be overwhelming, but you are not alone on this styling journey. These shoes are best-selling because of their comfort, versatility, and affordability. Our team at Spendless Shoes will help you since we know a lot about women's footwear.


Before we begin, we want to remind you that fashion is self-expression, so choose the one that fits your personality and taste the most. You must own the look and allow the beauty of the Spendless Shoes women's flats to shine!


Style 1—Women's Classic Ballet Flats


Women's ballet flats look the most flattering when you wear clothes that show the lower legs and ankles. What items of clothing do you have that expose these parts?


On days you want to feel more girly, we suggest midi dresses that expose enough skin on your lower legs, allowing your women's ballet flats to shine. Preferably, choose a grey, black, or white dress to match the adorable pair of tan shoes from Spendless.


These come with a wraparound feature strap and a fantastic textured finish that will get everyone's attention. You can also wear these shoes when you prefer cropped trousers and a sheer top—layer on a blazer or cardigan when the temperature drops.


If you plan on travelling soon, you can wear women's ballet flats with any linen, denim, or trouser shorts. Mix these with a slim-fitting top and an open button-up shirt for that polished, refreshing look. If this styling combination doesn't inspire a vacation vibe, we don't know what will.


Style 2—Slip-On Flat Shoes


The Spendless line of slip-on women's flats oozes comfort and cuteness, so you'd want to buy the style in neutral and classic colours. Like Diana Ferrari, Marc Jacobs and other brands, they project a bold statement. But if you like our suggestion, we recommend getting the white one for a more relaxed look that can match all the casual outfits in your wardrobe.


The white slip-on women's flats will give you the girl-next-door vibe with their flexible design, a flat sole, and unique braided rope lining. These shoes are a fancier version of the white sneakers, going a step away from the sporty vibe but keeping the same level of comfort.


Ideal for the weekend look, the best way to wear these women's footwear is with an attractive top and a blazer in a pair of high-rise denim shorts. Trade the top for something casual, like a round-neck shirt, and accessorise with a hat or hoop earrings.


Are you confident about going monochromatic?


You can match these white slip-on women's flats with white jeans ending around your ankles and a white shirt. Next, add a denim jacket and fold the sleeves until mid-arm to break up the all-white look. Finally, complete this look by adding oversized shades or one of the colourful clutches from Spendless Shoes.


Style 3—Loafers


While people claim loafers as a preppy, minimalist kind of women's flats, an orange number is worthy of your attention. Once you see these shoes, you'll never want to stop using them.


Because the material is so well made, these women's flats look dressier and more casual. It's unlike any other loafer because it has a beautiful top, side stitching, and a beautiful cut-out pattern around the shoe. 


These cut-outs give the women's casual flats a unique style and function, as the holes let air circulate and keep your feet fresh all day.


A great styling idea for these is to match them with a dark denim mini skirt and a white cropped top, then layer on a blue or olive sweater. 


Finally, choose a light grey pleated skirt that ends around your ankles, a beige sweater top, and your orange women's flats for a dressier look.


Like women's ballet flats, the hem of your clothes should end around the ankles or above them to showcase the beauty of your shoes. Hiding them under baggy and long clothes is a no-no.


If you want to wear these orange women's flats for casual Fridays at work, we recommend going all blue! Start with a light blue plain collared shirt tucked into a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, which would complement and highlight your fabulous shoes!


Style 4—Slides


Let your entire feet breathe by wearing slides. Your heel and toes will show when you wear these women's flats, so ensure you get a pedicure.


The collection of slides at Spendless Shoes will make you wish you had enough room to buy and store them all. But since you can't, we suggest pink flats for women that are part of a limited-edition run and have a simple strap with a unique gold chain across the top of your foot.


These slides deserve to be your outfit's statement piece, so the clothes you must wear should draw everyone's eyes downwards. So let's start with an item of clothing available in most closets: basic black leggings.


Wear your pink women's flat sandals with black leggings and a baggy shirt. Put your hair up in a bun or ponytail to achieve that fresh-out-of-bed look but still appear put together.


You can also wear a white, grey, or beige T-shirt dress in neutral colours to make the pink women's flats pop!


The incredible thing about choosing pink footwear is how it can elevate even the most casual outfit combination in your closet. It is a thing of beauty!


Are You Ready to Apply Everything You Learned?


Finding what suits you best may take some hits and misses. The most important thing when styling your women's flats is confidence. Own the look, and everything else will follow. 


Go to a Spendless Shoes store near you or shop online and use the flexible payment plans that let you buy now and pay later. Spendless offers a huge range of footwear that matches popular brands and styles of footwear. Our own brand is made of comfy materials in various leather or fabrics!