How To Wear Mens Sandals During Transitional Months

Need some styling tips for your newest men’s sandals? Don’t worry, because Spendless Shoes has got you covered! We know that trying to work your springtime and summer-loving men’s sandals into your cold-weather wardrobe can be a challenge, but there are a few easy tricks we can share that will ease the burden! We will reveal a few top-notch men’s sandals that will match up with your winter collection flawlessly and then offer some quick and easy clothing tips. Are you keen to uncover these lucrative shoe secrets? Well, saddle up, and let’s begin! 

Woven-textured men’s sandals 

Woven styles are an excellent trans-seasonal look because you can wear them with or without socks. Your feet can enjoy the extra airflow when the weather is fair, and the simple addition of socks will help your feet stay cosy and warm inside these men’s sandals the rest of the time. Talk about convenient, right? The modern feel and fashionable woven features of our men’s sandals will also keep any outfit looking fresh. 

Since we are on the topic, what sort of clothes do you think you should wear with these men’s sandals? Well, much like the sock situation, you’re free to switch between summer or winter attire. When the sun is shining, your pair will look perfect under short and a t-shirt. Alternatively, when the temperature is low, you can give these a try with pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Or, for the perfect smart-casual aesthetic that’s right in the middle, wear woven men’s sandals with chinos and a collared shirt! 

Reef-walkers and gladiators are also a fantastic choice 

You won’t be able to get away with wearing socks in these styles. However, reef-walker and gladiators are just as versatile as our woven men’s sandals. Timeless designs like these will help add a relaxed and sunny vibe to your attire well into the winter months! 

During summer, reef-walkers men’s sandals are a must-have on any outdoor adventure, whether you’re heading off to the beach or getting ready for a camping trip. The robust material and steady grip will keep you safe while you explore and have fun. And, while the cut-outs give reef-walker men’s sandals more air circulation, the enclosed design will keep your feet safe from foliage and other hazards. Pair shoes like these with your favourite beachwear or long chinos and a patterned shirt. 

Then, there are our sensational gladiators to think about! Semi-enclosed men’s sandals like the gladiator have the same airflow as our reef-walkers. But, men’s sandals in this look are slight more fashionable and a great pick in casual or formal settings. If you want to dress gladiators up, then wear some form-fitting pants, a collared button-down shirt, and a matching jacket! 

Do slippers count as men’s sandals? 

The definition is debatable, so we are adding these comfy shoes into this article anyway! After all, if there is one kind of style you want to keep handy while the weather starts cooling down, it’s your slippers! So, be sure that you have got these not-quite men’s sandals ready to go before the first cold snap of the season comes. We have got dozens for you to choose from at Spendless Shoes; there is no excuse for letting your toes get frosty! Since we covered how to wear men’s sandals, here is a tip for what to wear with slippers: pyjamas, track-pants, and other loungewear! 

We hope this has been helpful! 

If you need any more tips or tricks, then feel free to browse through some of our other articles. We have heaps of any handy information about men’s sandals waiting for you right now! Otherwise, hop over to our online store and start shopping today!