How to Wear Men’s Boots with Jeans

Are you looking for a new pair of shoes but do not know what style would suit you? Well, you are in luck! The team here at Spendless Shoes Australia brands shop have got all of your needs sorted. We know exactly what style of footwear will look perfect for you. 


One style that we are obsessed with when it comes to rocking a pair of shoes is the men’s boots range. We are experts about all of the ins and outs of male fashion trends, and we can assure you that a pair of men’s boots is the way to go. Ditch your julius marlow and hush puppies footwear and invest in these kicks.


The best way to wear a pair of these new arrivals shoes is by styling them with a set of jeans. Denim, black or coloured – the choice is yours when it comes to wearing jeans with a pair of men’s boots. You will love our styling tips for how to wear a pair of men’s boots with jeans.


If you are keen to learn more, then keep on reading! 


Style #1 – Men’s Ankle Boots


Say hello to one of the trendiest styles of footwear going around! That’s right; we are talking about men’s ankle boots. This style of shoe is super versatile because it can get worn to just about any type of event. 


You will find that a pair of men’s ankle boots are perfect for your daily activities. Whether it is a special event, a more formal occasion or a day in the office, you can trust that a pair of men’s leather boots will take you through. These look best when they are styled with some denim jeans. 


Our favourite colour-combo is brown shoes and dark blue denim jeans. This outfit will surely give you plenty of compliments rolling in for you. You will never get tired of wearing these kicks, so make the most of this trend whilst you can and faster checkout this pair of men’s ankle boots for yourself today! 


Style #2 – Heeled Kicks


Now, you may wonder how high the heel would be when we refer to a pair of men’s heeled boots. Well, the choice is completely up to you! You will love the freedom that this footwear style provides, which means you can choose how high or low the heels are on these shoes. 


A pair of men’s heeled boots can replicate the classic style of cowboy kicks. This type of look offers a unique vibe, but it is also something fun to wear. If you do not see yourself wearing these daily, then a pair of heeled men’s boots will be perfect in your collection for when you need a costume idea. 


If you prefer to have some extra height on yourself throughout your day-to-day life, then wearing a set of men’s heeled boots will be perfect for you. There is nothing wrong with wearing heeled shoes that give you a height boost. The best thing about these heeled men’s boots is that they are barely noticeable when styled with a set of denim jeans. Not everyone is genetically blessed with tall genes, so we can not see an issue with rocking a pair of these kicks is a bad thing! 


Style #3 – Lace-Ups


Check out our range of lace-up men’s boots. You will find that these shoes are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Lace-up men’s boots are super comfortable for your everyday wear. These lace-up boots are perfect if you need a pair of shoes that ensure you feel supported and stylish from morning until night. 


There is no better feeling than rocking a pair of men’s boots that keep you feeling stylish and comfortable from morning until night. Our range of lace-up men’s boots is perfect to wear to a formal event or laidback activity. Styling the lace-up men’s boots with a pair of jeans is the go-to look for every guy. The best way to style these is to colour-match the look. 


If you invest in a pair of men’s black or grey boots, these will look best with an all-black outfit. If you invest in a pair of brown shoes, you will look best when wearing denim jeans. The options are endless with these lace-up kicks! 


Style #4 – Suede Finish 


Are you looking to try something new and step out of your comfort zone? If you are nodding your head yes, then we have the perfect pair of men’s boots for you. For a customer creating new fashion styles, these kicks are perfect for trying.


Every guy in New Australia will understand us when we say that suede men’s boots only come out to play for a special event. But this is your sign of breaking this tradition and styling your pair of suede men’s boots with your everyday wear. 


This type of look will ensure that you look your very best from morning until night. You will love styling these shoes with your favourite pair of suit pants or denim jeans. They are the perfect pair of men’s boots to wear to a busy day in the office or an after-work dinner date with your partner. 


Style #5 – Work Boots 


Did you know that men’s work boots are becoming the latest fashion craze? That’s right; you will see that plenty of guys are rocking a set of men’s work boots outside of the job site. The tradie kicks are becoming a hot trend in the fashion world, and we are all here for it! 


This fashion trend now lets guys have the option of wearing their men’s work boots to work and to after-work knock offs. These kicks look perfect with a pair of light denim jeans and a flannelette shirt around the waist. You will look super trendy in these men’s work boots all day long! 


Ready to invest in some new kicks?


We hope that our top picks of how to style a pair of men’s boots with jeans have given you some inspiration for your next look. There are plenty of styles that you can choose from, like chelsea boots, and look your very best with. Head over to the Spendless Shoes Australia website today and close checkout your new favourite pair of men’s boots! Enjoy many benefits and the latest news about fashion. Continue shopping with us!