How To Wear Chukka Boots!

How do you wear Chukka men’s boots? For those who don’t know, “Chukka” styles are ankle-high designs and tend to have a slim profile. Men’s boots like these toe the line between casual and formal shoes, which can make styling them difficult. After all, you have so many options about what you can mix and match with them! Have you always wanted to wear this type of men’s boots, but aren’t sure how to wear them best? Let Spendless Shoes do the heavy-lifting on this one and offer some easy clothing combinations. We’ll get you started with a few straightforward outfits to wear with men’s boots. Once we’ve finished up, you should be feeling more confident about doing it yourself! Who’s ready to get started?


What sort of Chukka men’s boots do Spendless Shoes have in 2020?

Here at Spendless, we have a few fantastic lace-up designs for your consideration. Our top pick comes in a black version and a tan style. These two colours are the most versatile for men’s boots because they blend in well with different shades and patterns on clothing. You’d be hard-pressed to find an outfit that wouldn’t match with black or tan footwear, so you can experiment with different items in your collection confidently! 


Allow us to help you get started:


What casual clothes can you wear with these men’s boots?

Jeans and a long-sleeved shirt pair easily with Chukka styles. Your go-to winter wear will help dress down the formal feel of your men’s boots. We advise sticking with skinny jeans and other slim-fitting pants, as these complement the slender shaping of the shoes. Since you’ll probably be throwing on a jacket or coat because of the cold weather, you might consider trying to match colours there too. For instance, a leather jacket in the same shade as your men’s boots will give your overall ensemble a more put-together feel. Plus, if you have a preference towards black or tan, then you probably favour it in your clothing too anyways! 


How do you dress men’s boots with formalwear?

When in doubt, choose the black versions. These men’s boots bear the closest resemblance to classic dress shoes since they’re slender, glossy, and lace-up. The extra material at the ankle is all that sets men’s boots apart from conventional black formal shoes. So, if you want to wear your winter footwear with a suit, then these are an instant match. However, tan can also be a trendy combination with the right attire. If you plan to swap out your traditional black suit for a modern grey or navy get-up, then try switching in your tan men’s boots too! Together, they’ll create a stylish statement at your black-tie events in 2020.  


What about when the weather is bad?

Don’t get stressed out about wearing men’s boots in wild winter weather. Since they get made from synthetic leather, these sensational shoes can tough it out in rough conditions. Unlike faux suede and other delicate fabrics, faux leather is water-resistant and effortlessly easy to polish up again. If you do take your men’s boots out in the rain and they come home soggy, muddy, or covered in wet foliage, it won’t take long to clean them. A few swipes with our Instant Shine Sponge will remove grit and grime from the surface of the style, and then you’re free to put them back in the wardrobe until your next outing. 


How do you feel about styling men’s boots now?

The idea of pairing up your Chukka shoes with different outfits should be a bit less daunting now! What do you think? Are you ready to get some of our men’s boots and give some new outfit combinations a go?