How To Style Your Women's Flats This Season

Women's flats are an iconic footwear staple that all women should have in their wardrobes. 


Not only are they versatile, but they are also incredibly stylish; just like a pair of high heels, flats will complete any outfit off sophistically.


Read on, and we will take you through some of our top picks of the season!


It's All About Comfort


It's time to start shopping for comfort. Forget squeezing your feet into an uncomfortable pair of high heels and swap out those stilettos for a pair of women's flats instead. 


The beauty of these shoes is their versatility, this comfy shoe option is not only a clear favourite for office footwear, but it's also a great pick for weekend wear too.




Take our loafers, for instance; they are a great pick for the weekend and office wear. Our range of loafers comes in a huge range of different colours, sizes, and finishes, meaning you will have trouble choosing just one pair to take home!


These women's flat shoes feature a chunky heel profile that not only boosts height but also adds support and comfort throughout the day. 


These women's flat shoes feature a slip-on design and enclosed toe appearance, making these shoes the perfect pair for the cooler months. Instead of wearing boots throughout the winter months, why not give this open design a try?


Every girl needs a chunky pair of loafers in their wardrobe! You can use these loafers in classic colours such as black, brown or nude, white, and even in red, pink, and blue.


Now, if you're struggling to think of ways to style these women's flat shoes, then that's where we come in. Read on as we take you through some stylish key looks for all ages:


Everyday Wear


You may have seen celebrities or Instagram personalities rocking these women's flat shoes this season, so why can't you jump on board the trend train too?


For everyday wear, rock these women's flat shoes with denim, choose a pair of wide-leg jeans, tuck in a knit jumper and finish off your lock with an oversized bag. 


As we said, these women's casual flats are extremely versatile. So, you will have no trouble styling this chunky accessory with just about anything. For example, pair a tee or shirt with an oversized bomber or leather jacket and a pair of high-waist jeans. 


These stylish women's flat shoes are a great companion for everyday wear. Not only will your feet be comfortable throughout the day, but continue looking as stylish as ever!

Work Wear


When it comes to smart office dressing, our loafers won't go astray! You will make a bold statement for wearing this to your job, and you can work correctly of its comfortability and styles.


These women's flats aren't just limited to weekend wear only. You will have no trouble pairing these shoes with your office wear too. Pair our chunky loafers with high waist trousers, tuck in a turtleneck undershirt and complete the look with an oversized blazer.


You will also have no trouble pairing our loafers with skirts and dresses either; opt for a sleek and slender midi style completed with a blazer or long coat.


These chunky loafers are the perfect accompaniment for your work wardrobe! So, take this to the checkout area, girl!


Occasion Wear


If you're looking to add an edgier element to a weekend outfit while still keeping a level of sophistication, then these women's flats are your girls!


Try something a little different and pair our chunky loafers with white socks that sit scrunched up just above your ankle. This unique look will add a statement to a fun weekend outfit. 


Pair this with a black mini dress and oversized blazer; this is the perfect look for a night out in the cooler months. You will be cozy and warm all night long!




Our lace-ups are a popular style amongst ladies of all ages; they are a great shoe choice for weekend and office wear. These women's flats offer a stylish and smooth look, as well as a comfortable feel. 


Get all the perks of wearing a comfy pair of sneakers while still wearing a stylish pair of women's flat shoes.


Our lace-ups feature unique finishes such as laser cutouts and contrasting coloured heels in a trendy round toe. These women's flat shoes are lightweight and feature flexible soles keeping your feet feeling comfortable and snug throughout the day.


With these women's flat footwear, you will have no trouble reinventing your weekend and work wardrobe. So read on, and we will show you how!


Work Wear


Pair these lace-ups with either trousers, dresses, or skirts. If you opt to wear these women's flats with trousers, then we suggest opting for a pair of trousers that finish just above the ankles. 


Showing off a little bit of skin around the ankles gives you a stylish silhouette, and the same goes for all shapes and sizes. Again, complete this look with a simple undershirt and throw on a long-lined blazer or coat over the top.


We're sure you will love adding this style to your work wardrobe; not only is this look comfortable, but it's also very much in style this season.


Weekend Wear


If you're heading out for a casual catch-up with your girlfriends this weekend, then what a great excuse to recreate a laid-back weekend look with these women's flat sandals.


Throw on a pair of frayed cut-off jeans, tuck in a printed tee, throw on a belt and complete the look with a long-lined cardigan or shacket. Your lace-ups will add a touch of class to your look while keeping your look cool, calm, and collected!


If you're on the hunt for a pair of new women's flat footwear this season, then don't waste another minute and head over to your nearest Spendless Shoes store. Other than loafer flats and lace-ups, we also have classic ballet flats with various designs and colours for you to wear.


Our collection of women's flat footwear is extensive and stylish. We're sure you will find the right pair that you've been searching for. So shop online now or visit our brand shop!


Style Our Women's Flats This Season


The versatility of our women's flats speaks for themselves. Our women's flat footwear will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 


You will have no trouble adding our loafers and lace-ups to your weekend and work wardrobes. And with our brand's shop's affordable prices, there's no reason why you can't pick up a new pair of shoes or two.