How to Style Your New Men's Casual Shoes

Have you ever felt like a goldfish in a fishbowl where you think everyone's looking at what you're wearing for the day?


Whether you like it or not, someone can comment on your outfit that could make or break your day, so you want to take a couple of minutes each day to figure out what clothes look best with your new men's casual shoes. It's not enough that it has already taken you a long time to choose new footwear because you must also choose clothes that match.


Thankfully, most men's casual shoes at Spendless are versatile and will look good with all your outfits in the closet. However, you may need guidance on the perfect outfit combinations, and you came to the right place for that!


Treat our team at Spendless as your fairy godparents who will transform your look in men's casual shoes from drab to fab. Caring for your appearance is essential because (1) impressions last and (2) you can stop worrying now that the team at Spendless has answers. They can impact your mood for the day.


So, if you're ready to turn your men's casual shoe style around, let's start!


1. White Sneakers


White sneakers are one of the most popular casual shoes for men and a must-have in every guy's closet. This simple yet stylish footwear pairs well with nearly everything, making styling a breeze. And if you're doubting the possibility of these men's casual shoes matching everything, please don't. Allow us to explain further.


These men's casual shoes are the most versatile footwear you can own. Aside from white being one of the easiest colours to match, these sneakers are ideal for most occasions, whether relaxed or dressy.


Wear white sneakers with dark-coloured jeans and a loose round-neck shirt in light colours for relaxed occasions. Layer on a sweater, hoodie, or blazer if the temperature drops. Swap out the shirt for one with a striped collar to change things up.


We suggest trousers and a button-down shirt for dressier occasions like a date or dinner. These men's casual shoes can elevate your look, making them suitable for the event. Would you believe some have even worn white sneakers during their wedding?


These men's casual shoes look great with suits, so if you're confident with the combination, we suggest you try them.


2. Boat


Many guys find men's casual boat shoes attractive and intriguing, but they often need clarification about how to style them. 


From the name, these men's casual shoes are ideal when your activities are near bodies of water. The original purpose of its creation was to provide sailors and other boaters with footwear that wouldn't cause them to slip on the deck. So, these men's casual shoes are ideal if you're a fan of yachting or sailing. Now, let's proceed with how you can style them.


These men's casual shoes look great with jeans. Denim, especially when you cuff it at the hems, complements the footwear and draws people's attention.


Colourful trousers or chinos and shorts look good with these men's casual shoes. This combination conjures up images of summer and a relaxing beach or lake house vacation.


We recommend that men who wear casual boat shoes wear invisible socks from Spendless instead of socks that can be seen. This way, you can still protect your feet from painful rubbing that can cause blisters and still look like you stepped out of a magazine!


3. Functional Slide


These men's casual shoes make waves because of how easily you can wear them. Comfort and laid-backness are their selling points, ideal for maintaining a relaxed look. The slide at Spendless is easy to slip on and has a thick, comfortable sole, a support strap, and a closed toe that lets air in. 


You typically reach for these men's casual shoes when running errands, such as walking your dogs or making random trips to the grocery store. They are also the first footwear that comes to mind when you need to do yard work or gardening because of their convenience. 


Unlike other men's casual shoes, they do not get dirty quickly. A quick cleaning and wipedown will have them looking brand new instantly.


Here are ways to style these men's casual shoes.


Wear slim-cut pants, preferably fitted bootcut or skinny pants, to draw attention to your slides. You can also wear loose trousers with these men's casual shoes, but ensure they end at or above the ankles.


Wear shorts that hit below the knee if the weather is warm. As these slides are on the bulky side and risk looking bottom-heavy, we recommend wearing a hat with wide brims to balance the look. Throw in cotton shirts in solid colours for the perfect laid-back summer vibe.


4. Lace-Up Boots


Are you looking for men's casual shoes you can wear to dressier events?


If yes, Spendless has the style for you: lace-up ankle boots. These men's casual shoes have a smooth and shiny finish, which adds to their appeal.


Boots usually add elegance to an otherwise boring outfit, so you should know how to make the most of them. For example, some people avoid wearing anything with laces because it takes time to tie them. 


Luckily, the lace-up ankle boots at Spendless have a functional side zipper that zips you into the footwear in seconds. As a result, these versatile men's casual shoes can take you to multiple occasions, from work to brunch, meetings, dinner, and after-dinner drinks. 

Here are some ways to style these men's casual shoes:


The goal is to make people notice your footwear, so go for pants ending around the ankle joint. Complete the look with button-down shirts, ensuring you fold the sleeves, then accessorise with a big watch.


Since these men's casual shoes from Spendless come in brown, we suggest experimenting with colour. Get the brown boots and mix them with a blue suit for a dashing formal look that will make heads turn.


Step Out in Style!


Start putting the styling tips into practice. Grab a pair of men's casual shoes at any Spendless retailer or online store!