How To Style These Men's Casual Trainers?

Hey guys, in case you still don't know, you can wear your trainers beyond the gym these days. Yes, these men's casual shoes have evolved and are more than just shoes for your workouts. We can imagine how puzzling this may be for some of you, so we'd like to help you by sharing ways you can style your trainers.


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From sports to lifestyle and even special events, these trainers can be your form of self-expression. And we at Spendless are here to show you how to style them perfectly.


Basic Principles


1. Buy Men's Casual Shoes Complementing Your Present Outfits


When footwear doesn't suit your taste, there's no point in purchasing it because of the noise around it. Avoid following a trend just because it's popular currently. Choose men's casual shoes that go well with your existing wardrobe rather than ones that force you to replace everything.


2. Dress Appropriately for the Occasion


While trainers are highly versatile, they can't replace formal footwear, so only wear them on appropriate occasions (let's not be too informal). It's possible to get away with wearing men's casual shoes with any off-duty clothing, including some relaxed, unstructured suits, but they are only appropriate for some situations, like weddings. So rather than erring on the side of underdressing, dress appropriately.


3. Keep Them Spotless


Your styling will only matter if your men's casual shoes are clean. Proper trainers' maintenance includes washing the laces, removing odours, brushing the outsoles, utilizing shoe trees, and applying sneaker shields. An old trick is to replace laces because having new ones gives the perception that your men's casual shoes are new.


You may check our available laces on the socks and laces page.


4.No to Big Pants


You want to avoid your pants engulfing your men's casual shoes. If you can't get your pants tailored to fit you well, we suggest pin-up the end of your pants for a sharper appearance. Remember that your style should always match your men's casual shoes.


5. Choose Your Accessories Well


Accessorising with trainers is challgening. You cannot wear fine jewelry with simple men's casual shoes.


6. Perfect for Informal Winter Days


Are you looking for the perfect informal look for winter? Then, trainers are the way to go. Match these men's casual shoes with a crips wool coat, a striped jumper, and trousers to complete the look. Complete the ensemble with a scarf, hat, gloves, and sunglasses, essential fall accessories.


7. Blue Jeans Ensemble


Are you going clubbing with your guy pals? Aim for a polished look with your men's casual shoes. Your trainers will make the perfect clubbing outfit if you match them with a simple white T-shirt, dark-dyed jeans, and a black leather biker jacket.


8. Student Outfits


Want to get noticed at college or university? Wear black trainers, rolled-up pants, and an open plaid shirt. Add a beanie, and you're all set! To match the men's casual shoes, pin up a pair of faded, wider-cut pants.


Every young guy typically owns a pair of jet-black men's casual shoes, so why not try a different style with these timeless pieces?


9. Layer Up for Fall


The secret to a beautiful outfit in the fall is layering. Put on a denim shirt and layer it with an olive suede jacket and a grey sweater with a round collar. Then, wear the ensemble with sleek, luxurious men's casual shoes.


How to Wear and Style Your Trainers


1. Luxury Trainers


Luxury trainers are a favourite. These excellent and eye-catching men's casual shoes have transitioned from street to trendy style without appearing like an out-of-place teenage lad. They go well with tailored pants, skinny jeans, chinos, and occasionally a relaxed, unstructured suit.


As they are frequently bulkier than the standard canvas men's casual shoes, avoid wearing them with shorts. For these trainers, keep the rims refined. Simple T-shirts, formal shirts, and polos are all excellent choices.


Choose a shirt with a thin or knit tie, a jacket, and some slim denim for a more distinctive appearance. Some quick tips


  • Begin your collection with black before buying other colours. For example, you may want to check out this nice-looking pair of trainers from Spendless, which comes in black and white. They're the perfect collection starter.


  • Dress up, not down.


  • For summer or vacations, try wearing more colourful men's casual shoes.


2. Classic Sports Trainers


Find a few classic men's casual shoes that go well with your style, and buy a few in various colours. For example, when dressing in trainers, your go-to essentials are slim-and tapered-fit jeans, loose t-shirts (with or without designs), and relaxed outerwear. These men's casual shoes are perfect for the summer when paired with chino shorts.


Finding a balance between hip-hop artists and regular people is crucial.

To give the outfit a feeling of direction and coherence, we like to match the colour of our men's casual shoes with the clothing we're wearing on top.


Some quick tips:


  • Match colours in your outfit. Take your pick from the different trainers available at Spendless. Our men's casual shoes come in black, blue, grey, and white.


  • Wear these trainers with khaki chinos when it's warm.


  • Choose only a couple of styles and stick with them.


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