How To Style The Casual Shoe For A Formal Night Out!

Are you shopping for your next night out? Your outfit won’t be complete without a pair of our awesome men’s casual shoes. Footwear can make or break an ensemble, and if you want to be looking your best at your next outing, then you need to consider your options carefully. So, Spendless is here to help you sort through the tough stuff and figure out which men’s casual shoes you should be taking home in 2020. We have a huge assortment of styles to go through and plenty of helpful advice to give. Do you want to know how to dress up your men’s casual shoes? We’ll tell you how! 


What types of men’s casual shoes do we have at Spendless?

That’s an excellent question! After all, before you start thinking about what sort of clothes you need to wear, you should have some idea of the sorts of men’s casual shoes that are available on our shelves. For starters, we have summery styles like sandals, loafers, and boat-styles. These men’s casual shoes are airy and partially-open styles and tend to be slide-in designs. Next, Spendless also has a great selection of casual boots (including both lace-up and pull-on designs) and stylish sneakers. Trainers are perfect for wear in any season, but boots tend to be favoured in autumn and winter. 


What basic looks do we recommend?

You can’t go wrong with a collared shirt, freshly-ironed pants or shorts, and a new pair of men’s casual shoes. If you want to wear jeans, we recommend dark blue or black denim instead of your typical light blue ones. Are you uncertain about how formal you need to dress? After selecting your men’s casual shoes carefully, grab a formal-looking outer layer like a jacket or blazer. Once you’re at the venue, you can decide whether you feel overdressed with the jacket (or underdressed without it), and take it off (or keep it on)!     


Now, how should you style your men’s casual shoes?


First, focus on selecting the right type for the setting or situation!

Sandals are some of our favourite men’s casual shoes, but they aren’t the type of footwear that you would wear to a five-star restaurant. Unless the restaurant was at a beach venue in the middle of summer, of course. If you can understand that scenario, then you will probably agree that there are certain places and times to wear things, and that logic holds for men’s casual shoes too. When you start looking at our styles, consider the places where they would be appropriate. Men’s casual shoes with closed toes will be welcome at most indoor and outdoor venues, but if you’re looking at designs with peep-toes, then you may need to reconsider.


Second, make sure that your outfit is balanced!

Men’s casual shoes are more than capable of cleaning up for a nice night out, but be careful not to go overboard. For instance, you might be trying to boost your sneakers into feeling semi-formal. But, if you wear your sharpest suit with sporty men’s casual shoes, you’re more likely to make the entire ensemble seem awkward or mismatched. Instead, focus on making sure everything fits together. 

One way to do this is by matching the colour or texture of your men’s casual shoes with your clothing. For instance, if you want to wear leather-look boots and have a leather jacket, then they should work well together. Or, if you have a nice dress shirt and men’s casual shoes in a similar blue, then you might wear them. These simple matches will make your ensemble look more cohesive and harmonious, and keep you looking good! 


Do you feel ready to style men’s casual shoes?