How to Style Our New Season's Women's Casual Shoes

It's the weekend, and you're about to spend the day with your friends, so you open your closet looking for inspiration. The only thing that sparks joy is your women's casual shoes. The problem is that you need to figure out what to wear with them. You want to look stylish, comfortable, and natural. You've seen different ways of wearing casual shoes, which you want to try but are hesitant about because you don't want to come off as trying hard.

Don't fret, because the team at Spendless has your back. While the best accessory will always be your confidence, the next is your Spendless women's casual shoes. The gorgeous footwear collection is versatile and can effortlessly match your entire wardrobe. All you need is a little guidance on how to style them, and that's why we're here!

How you style your casual shoes, pulling each item from your closet and mixing them, is about self-expression. What you wear reflects who you are, which is what fashion is all about. So, let's start putting together excellent looks you can wear to leave a positive, lasting impression on everyone. Let's start!




What are your plans for the weekend? Does it involve the beach or anywhere a bit warmer? 

Sandals are the best women's casual shoes for these venues. Because it's hot, you'll need footwear with ventilation to keep you fresh and sweat-free. Besides breathability, sandals are easy to remove and wear, making them perfect for taking a dip in the water to cool off. 

The key characteristics of this footwear are the straps. Some sandals have top straps, mid straps, ankles, or a combination. Spendless has four categories for its sandal collection: slides, thong sandals, rubber thongs, and comfort sandals. Any of these shoes are excellent summer and spring footwear you can style for your outdoor events. 

The shorts and cute shirt combination is ideal with sandals. The outfit gives you chill and carefree vibes. Since these shoes are quick to remove, you can curl up in your chair and chat with your friends all day. Ladies who love the beach choose rubber thongs with swimsuits and a cover-up. These rubber casual shoes can complete a romper or denim shorts over a swimsuit outfit. Wearing rubber thongs near bodies of water is safe because getting them wet is okay. 

Meanwhile, dresses with sandals are excellent for backyard barbeque parties. Flowy and airy maxi dresses will complement Titan, a gorgeous pair of sandals from Spendless. These casual shoes have a unique combination of various straps, including metallic bands, a braided one, and a toe band. Show everyone your excellent taste by getting Titan now!




While Spendless sandals are great for sunny days, you need boots to keep you covered and warm during cold months. Investing in these women's casual shoes gives you more bang for your buck because they are transeasonal options you can wear all year. With various length shafts available at Spendless, you can always choose ankle-length boots during warm months and long and knee-high ones for freezing temperatures.

Ladies wear boots everywhere—at music festivals, concerts, formal events, and dinner dates. Where do you see yourself wearing them? How about adding some cowboy boots to your shoe wardrobe?

These casual shoes look stunning with denim mini-skirts and short dresses, especially those with longer shafts. However, an ankle-length pair of boots have been making waves. This specific option will make you sparkle, both literally and figuratively. Take a chance at Lover, Spendless' online-exclusive bejewelled cowboy boots. Wear these diamante-encrusted women's casual shoes with shorts and a cute top or tights with a skirt and a turtleneck. Dazzle everyone with these glittering casual shoes at your next event!




Flats are the go-to women's casual shoes, perfect for daily activities. Like boots, flats are transeasonal footwear you can wear all year. But unlike them, this footwear has a closed-toe, open-top design that allows for a slip-on fit. Without any fastening to fuss with, styling flats is easy. 

Ladies choose these practical casual shoes for work and non-work stuff. At Spendless, we offer two kinds of flats—loafers and ballet flats. The difference between the two is evident in their build. Women's casual loafer shoes are more robust, whereas ballet flats have a more flexible and lightweight form. 

Andesine from Spendless is a perfect example of flexible and lightweight ballet flats that will be this year's in-demand shoe style. The mesh material adds a unique aesthetic that fashion-forward women will try. Be a trendsetter and get ahead of everyone else by getting these shoes! 

Wear these flats with socks and stockings, or go daring without. Linen clothes and dresses perfectly match this footwear. Andesine also complements jeans, skirts, and shorts. Please remember to cuff the hems of your pants or wear tapered ones when wearing flats. This styling tip ensures you create a clean, polished look that perfectly complements your casual shoes.




Styling sneakers is easy because all the things that match with flats also look good with them. These women's casual shoes transitioned from sports and fitness to the streets, carrying the same qualities that made them famous—comfortable, supportive, and stylish.

Feeling good and looking great have been so much easier since that transition. When you wake up unsure of what to wear, add sneakers. Spendless offers three kinds of women's casual shoes: walking, trainers, and sports luxe. 

Sneakers are ultimately versatile because they can be high fashion one day and street style the next. Style them with jeans, minidresses, joggers, and maxi dresses, fortifying these casual shoes as a must-have for every lady's wardrobe. At Spendless, we recommend our Anthem sneakers as a no-fail choice for a stylish and comfortable look. These casual shoes feature a slim-line shape, pinhole detailing, and thick soles with sporty treads, making them perfect for athleisure wear while running errands or hanging out.


Let Spendless Women's Casual Shoes Boost Your Style!


Heed our tips to elevate your vibe with Spendless women's casual shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or online shop now!

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