How to Style Our Best-Selling Men's Casual Shoes!

Are you seeking new ways to style yourself?

Spendless understands the need to look good. More than mere vanity, styling oneself is essential because it's how you present yourself. Matching clothes with your men's casual shoes, carrying yourself, and interacting with others will impact how they perceive you. Will it be a positive or negative impression?

In this guide, our team from Spendless will take you through some of the most popular ways to style our casual shoes. We will discuss how each shoe option can contribute to your vibe and which items in your closet will match perfectly.

The best-selling men's casual shoes at Spendless cover a range of options catering to various preferences. The brand understands that every man has a unique style and has curated a collection corresponding to each. The excellent thing about our men's casual shoes is their versatility. Take them anywhere with you, and you won't have any problem dressing them up or down. You get your money's worth and get returns many times over. Without further ado, let's start creating some looks for you! 

White Sneakers

The popularity of white sneakers is astounding. Almost everyone—girl or boy—owns a pair of this footwear. These men's casual shoes are flying off the shelf, leaving us impressed with how they have taken the world by storm. The appeal of white sneakers stemmed from their cleanliness. These casual shoes add a fresh vibe to the look, enticing everyone to join the trend. The question is if you're already a part of the white sneakerhead community. If not, now's the perfect time to add these casual shoes to your closet.

Apart from their effortless elegance, white sneakers are versatile. Whether hanging out with your friends, going out on a dinner and movie date, or attending a special occasion, you can expect these casual shoes to bring your A-game.

Here are some styling options:

  • We recommend wearing white sneakers, a blue denim jacket, and beige jeans on a chill, laid-back day. Complete the look with a round-neck shirt, either plain or graphic, and your casual shoes. You can remove the jacket if it's warmer than usual.
  • Add more visual interest to your vibe by wearing white sneakers with printed outfits. A blue and white horizontal striped long-sleeve t-shirt and olive camo chinos will match these casual shoes well. A pro tip when wearing pants with white sneakers is to keep them visible. Fold the hem of your pants if they go beyond your ankles.
  • White sneakers pair well with navy blue suits, a combination you can wear to weddings and other occasions. Grooms have tried this look a couple of times, and they look good. Another option is to wear your casual footwear with tailored trousers and a crisp button-down shirt for work, which you can wear straight to dinner.

Men's Casual BOAT Shoes

Spring and summer are the best seasons to wear your men's casual boat shoes, also called topsiders. The style emerged years ago when a strong need to keep sailors and boatmen alive rose. These men's casual shoes served a purpose, keeping them from falling over the boat while navigating wet, slippery boat decks.

This footwear option from the Spendless collection is a best-seller for the preppy crowd. Known for their unique design, where a long lace goes around the shoes, guys still wear them whenever they are on boats for safety or in the mood to look preppy.

Here are some styling options:

  • Men's casual boat shoes are ideal for land, sea, or air travel. The slip-on style is a game-changer when going through strict airport security checks. Because of their nautical vibe, wearing this casual footwear with nautical themes or those you'd typically wear to the beach, tropical islands, and lakes—shorts and striped shirts—is best.
  • If you plan on wearing topsiders for something dressier, wear chinos or dark jeans and a polo with them. Apply the same tip with sneakers; always keep these casual footwear visible. Fold your pants at the hem if they go beyond the ankle. More importantly, only use invisible socks when wearing topsiders.
  • Outdoor weddings tend to be less formal, and an outfit combination that pairs well with men's casual boat shoes is a blue suit and a long-sleeved white linen shirt.

Laced Ankle Boots

The laced ankle boots from the Spendless collection are a best-selling option because of their understated elegance. These men's casual footwear have much to offer, whether relaxed or formal. Their versatility is incomparable, making dressing them up or down easy. While the laces add more character to the footwear's aesthetic, they also provide a customisable fit.

However, only some people like tying bootlaces, as they take up time. You'll be happy to know that one of the reasons guys love these Spendless men's casual shoes is their functional side zipper, which secures you within seconds. The smooth and shiny finish adds a touch of sophistication appropriate for dressier occasions.

Here are some styling tips:

  • Wear laced ankle boots with navy jeans and a beige wool turtleneck for something relaxed. Alternatively, you can wear skinny jeans that end slightly above the footwear or, if longer, tuck them inside the boots. Add a plain T-shirt and a bomber jacket to complete the look.
  • Wear this casual footwear with white trousers, a white button-down, and a tan blazer for dressier occasions. Complete the look with a belt and an oversized watch.

Additional Tips

Besides thinking of excellent outfit combinations, be sure you work on your confidence. It's one of the best accessories to complete your look. People can tell if you're comfortable; sometimes, that's enough to leave a positive, lasting impression. Seal the deal with any options from the men's casual shoe collection at Spendless.

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