How to Style Our Best-Selling Men's Boots

Are you tired of having the same look every day and searching for a way to spice it up? Let's start with your shoes and then work your way up.

You've likely been wearing sneakers, trainers, or dress shoes most of the time; you need a new pair of men's boots to add variety. This footwear option can do what your sneakers and dress shoes do: to make you look and feel great at casual or formal events. But by adding boots to your closet, you can elevate your style and create new outfit combinations for a much-needed change.

Please allow our team from Spendless to help you think of new options. Our best-selling Spendless men's boots have been flying off the shelf, and we've seen some excellent ways guys have worn them. After years of leading in the shoe game, we can help you take your fashion game to the next level. A quick rundown on how you can wear our men's boots fashionably will make you the talk of the town in no time. So, if you're ready to meet a better version of you, let's start!


The Best-Selling Options at Spendless 


Spendless has been a leader where men's boots are concerned. Guys with casual and formal events lined up come to us for their styling boost. Creating new looks can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time. But now's the perfect moment for a change since you've got your hands on one of our best-selling options. Before long, you'll be laying out your clothes within seconds, more confident and assured than ever.


1. Pull-On

Our best-selling pull-on men's boots are the easiest to wear. Some guys prefer a no-fuss dressing routine, and these shoes only take a few seconds because they do not have fastenings. Choose among Ranger, Austin, and Chance for a sure-fire way to boost your style. Their elastic side panels add to the aesthetic while providing a snug fit.

Pull-on men's boots are narrower in style, so pairing them with slim, tapered pants is best. Straight or boot-cut pants are a no-no because they have too much fabric on the bottom and will cover your shoes. We don't want to hide these beauties because they deserve attention. Jeans or chinos will do the trick, then complete the look with long-sleeved button-down shirts and your boots.


2. Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up men's boots add more ruggedness and character to your vibe. Our best-selling options at Spendless include Patrol and Grand. These boots have lace fastenings for a more customisable fit, eyelets to weave the laces through, and a tongue, which cushions the top of your foot and serves as a barrier between your foot and laces that might dig into your skin. But what if you want the rugged look of lace-up men's boots but prefer to avoid exerting the effort in tying the laces? Spendless has an excellent surprise waiting for those who will get Patrol, as this option has a side zipper that makes wearing a breeze.

Lace-up options have a wider frame than pull-on boots. As such, you can use your straight-cut pants, enabling the shoes to fit nicely underneath. But you can always fold the hem to showcase your stylish shoes.


3. Combat

Combat men's boots fall under the lace-up category and offer a more rugged appeal. Because this shoe style was initially for military use, it's more robust in frame and material to withstand wear and tear and natural elements. Fashion embraced the look and brought combat boots from the field to the streets (and runway).

Styling Report, the best-selling option from Spendless, is fun because you can add more rugged pieces or tame it down with something contrasting. Your skinny jeans match men's combat boots perfectly. Tuck them inside the shoes and add a black cardigan for something more dapper. You can also wear a round-neck shirt with a bomber jacket if you feel like a cardigan is too dressy.


4. Work

Who says you can't dress up work wear? Spendless has a couple of in-demand men's work boots in the collection. These shoes combine functionality and fashion seamlessly, providing the protection you need in risky work environments. Besides keeping your toes from sharp or heavy objects, men's work boots make you look good.

Durable options like Roxby, Harvest, and Coober add a rugged aesthetic to your vibe. There's no need to change these boots if you're off somewhere else because, like the combat, fashion made it possible for them to go beyond the workplace.

Boost your style with denim jeans. Since men's work boots are bulky, avoiding baggy jeans is best. Tapered or folded ones are ideal to prevent bunching them around your shoes. Complete your casual look with a flannel shirt.


5. Rain

Wouldn't you take advantage of men's boots that you can wear for various purposes? Who would think you can now style yourself with shoes designed initially to keep you warm and dry during cold and wet weather?

The Spendless men's rain boots have been selling like pancakes, not because of their functionality, but because of their style. Welly is a pull-on type devoid of fastenings. These boots match flawlessly with any jeans. But because of these shoes' frame, the best way to wear jeans with them is by tucking them inside. Keep dry and boost your style with these boots!


Change Things Up with Spendless Men's Boots!

There's nothing like a pair of new men's boots to encourage you to experiment with new styles. You don't even have to overhaul your closet because our tips focus on items you already have. You're simply giving them new life.

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