How to Style Men's Boots This Season!

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to showcase your fashion sense, and the best way to do it is via a stylish pair of men's boots. From pull-on and laced to combat and all other styles available at Spendless Shoes, these shoes have the uncanny ability to keep you warm and dry while seamlessly adding sophistication to the outfit. However, it can be daunting to style them initially, especially if you're new to having men's boots.

But before you spiral and worry unnecessarily, let the Spendless team lend a hand. The team knows men's boots like the back of their hands and can recommend different ways to incorporate your current wardrobe to create a new look. Styling can be a fun and creative way to express your personality and fashion sense, and we're here to help you do it easily.

However, it is vital to note that confidence is your best asset when dressing up, whether with a pair of boots or any other shoe style. Believing that you look good boosts the appeal of everything you're wearing, so own your style and rock those Spendless men's boots with pride. With our tips and tricks, you can create a stylish, practical, and budget-friendly look. So, if you're ready to showcase the proper way of styling these gorgeous shoes, let's get started!


The Best-Selling Options at Spendless 


It's best to go through some of the men's boots at Spendless and learn how to style them properly. As a leader in the shoe department, Spendless has an excellent collection deserving of a spot in your shoe closet. These boots can take you anywhere, from casual to formal events. With our tips, you will pull out your clothes and style yourself effortlessly within seconds. You will look so good that people will approach you for fashion advice.


Pull-On Boots


No-fuss guys love how pull-on men's boots take seconds to wear. And because they're classy on their own, adding them to any look instantly boosts it. But let's not leave the footwear to do the job. Add the perfect items to ensure a complete and show-stopping look.

Ranger, Chance, and Austin are excellent options from Spendless. Their elastic side panels complete the aesthetic while providing an expandable and snug fit. The pull tab completes the look and ensures you can wear the men's boots quickly.

It's essential to style the pull-on option with the fitting pants to show them off. Because these men's boots are narrower, they pair well with tapered pants, creating a streamlined look. Avoid pants with too much fabric at the bottom because they tend to cover your boots, and we don't want to hide these beauties! Jeans or chinos will do the trick, then complete the look with long-sleeved button-down shirts and your boots. 


Lace-up Boots


Lace-up men's boots differ in looks from the pull-on options. These shoes feature lace fastenings for a customisable fit, eyelets for the laces, and a tongue that cushions the top of your foot. While these boots need more time to wear, they give you adjustability and accessible style, especially if you experiment with different ways of weaving the laces through the eyelets. 

And because Spendless understands that tying laces can be a hassle, it has an excellent surprise waiting. Patrol, one of its best-selling lace-up men's boots, comes with a functional side zipper to save you from the effort. Although Grand doesn't have it, it is okay because this stylish Spendless option only has three pairs of eyelets and will not take too long to lace up.

The wider frame of lace-up men's boots fits nicely underneath straight-cut pants without bunching up, making the combination perfect for a classic, sophisticated look. If you prefer, you can always fold the hem of your pants and show your shoes in all their glory. Complete the look with a turtleneck sweater and accessories like a watch for a timeless look. 




While men's combat boots are a lace-up option, this category deserves its styling tips and tricks. This style is more rugged, which you can attribute to its military history, explaining its robust frame and material built to withstand excessive wear and tear. However, the evolving fashion scene embraced men's combat boots and catapulted their rugged look to a different level. 

The Report men's combat boots from Spendless instantly add a biker vibe to your look. Styling them is fun because it allows you to add more rugged pieces and build on that look or tone it down with something contrasting. Skinny jeans provide a contrasting fit against the bulkier size of men's combat boots. You can tuck them inside the shoes and complete the outfit with a black cardigan for a sleek, sophisticated look. If the weather is warm, you can opt for a white round-neck t-shirt to balance out the ruggedness of the shoes. 

On the one hand, cargo pants are the way to go if you want to ride on the rugged military vibe! This combination recreates a military-inspired look perfect for outdoor activities or a casual weekend. Top it off with a graphic T-shirt!


Boost Your Style with Spendless!  


Experimenting with a new look is exciting and fun. While some people find it intimidating to worry about how people will react to their new and improved version, we highly recommend doing it. Men's boots are the perfect starting point because the possibilities are endless if you want to explore. 

And the beauty of shopping at Spendless is its affordability. You can access an excellent collection of men's boots, like classic chelsea boots, lace-up boots, desert boots, and more, without breaking the bank that can match famous brands like Julius Marlow, Hush Puppies, and Wild Rhino. Shop men's boots from stylish and versatile pieces while staying within your budget. The brand's affordable price ranges and flexible payment systems enable you to purchase men's boots now and pay in instalments later. 

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And because Spendless is a one-stop shop, you can purchase a water and stain protection spray to ensure your shoes remain in prime condition. What are you waiting for? Start trying out the looks, pronto! Continue shopping!