How to Style a Men's Casual Shoes

Here at Spendless Shoes, we know that your footwear is a necessary item in your life. Your footwear can help show off your style and fashion sense with ease. But, particularly for males, it can be hard sometimes to show off your true fashion sense. This is why our range of men's casual shoes is perfect for you. 


There is a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, so you will always look your very best. The team here at Spendless store has gathered a range of relaxed style casual shoes that we know will tick all the right boxes. So if you are keen to get your hands on a new set of kicks, then keep on reading! 


Style 1 – Boat


Check out our latest range of men's casual boat shoes. These are a must-have in every guy's life. You will find that these cool kicks are super popular in the world of fashion at the moment, and we could not get any more obsessed. These men's casual boat shoes are super easy to wear and can get dressed up or down to suit the occasion. 


Whether it is special occasions ​over the weekend or a catch-up with family and friends in the park, you can trust these kicks to take you there.


We love what a pair of men's casual boat shoes can do for your look. We love to style these boat kicks with a set of chino pants or shorts and a loose-fitted top. But, if you are looking for a more formal outfit, swap out the chino pants for a pair of jeans with a button-up shirt, and away you go. 


There is no better feeling than the one you get with these men's casual boat shoes on your feet! 


Style 2 – Canvas 


Get ready to take the definition of laidback to a whole new level with our range of canvas sneakers. These men's casual shoes are super comfortable and easy to wear. You will fall in love with them instantly, thanks to their high level of comfort and style. 


Canvas sneakers are the ultimate set of kicks that can help you lounge around and enjoy the day. These men's casual shoes can take you from morning until night with ease. So whether it is a day full of housework or an afternoon of shopping and running errands, you know that you can always rely on these men's casual shoes. 


Canvas sneakers offer a thin and supportive sole, breathable outer material, and laces to fasten. There is nothing better than the feeling you get whilst wearing these kicks. You will find an excuse to wear these men's casual shoes every chance you get!


Style 3 – Slides


Say hello to our range of slides. These men's casual shoes are about to make their way into your life. 


Slides are the type of footwear that you never say no to. You will find that these men's casual shoes have a purpose for every occasion. Plenty of guys will wear a set of slides throughout a day of relaxation or house chores. These men's casual shoes are also perfect to wear to the beach. 


Slides offer an open-toe and open-back design, allowing plenty of breathability within the footwear. Slides can also come in a wide range of designs, so you can find a pair that is sure to suit every occasion. 


We find that these men's casual shoes look best with a set of shorts and a loose-fitted shirt. You could even walk around in your pyjamas with these slides on your feet. They are that comfy; you will never want to take them off. 


Style 4 – Sandals 


Do you love to feel comfortable and stylish all day long? Well, now you can! Our range of sandals is sure to suit your fashion taste. These are the perfect pair of men's casual shoes for every guy to wear. 


Sandals are the ultimate men's casual shoes for the warm weather seasons. You will find that a set of sandals offers plenty of breathability, comfort, and support for your feet. These kicks are great to wear all day long. You will love showing these bad boys off at the local park, pub, or beach. 


Sandals are the type of men's casual shoes that you can wear just about anywhere and not get questioned for it. They are an easy pair of kicks to throw on your feet when you can not find anything to wear. Sandals are about to become your most trusted pair of men's casual shoes! 


Style 5 – Woven Loafers


You can take your look to the next level this season with our range of woven loafers. These kicks are the perfect type of men's casual shoes for every guy to wear. Woven loafers are seen a lot throughout the summer months, thanks to their high level of breathability. In addition, these men's casual shoes feature a unique design that is hard to find elsewhere. 


You will love the geometric cut-outs in these woven loafers. You will receive compliments from left, right, and centre with these men's casual shoes on your feet. We love to style these woven loafers with a pair of denim shorts and a loose-fitted button-up shirt. This look is perfect if you want to channel the ultimate summer vibes. 


Take these men's casual shoes to a more formal setting and swap out the shorts for ¾ pants and a tucked-in fitted button-up shirt. The options are endless with these men's casual shoes! 


Style 6 – Trainers 


Your activewear outfit just became hot property – and so did your pair of trainers! These men's casual shoes are becoming a popular pair of kicks to wear in public and not just to the gym. You will find that a set of trainers are the perfect men's casual shoes for all of your activities. 


Finish up a workout and head straight to brunch with mates in your trainers. These men's casual shoes will ensure you look and feel great all day long. They are super supportive as well, so your feet will never be in pain. These are a must-have pair of kicks in your life ASAP! Take this as a sign to switch your hush puppies kicks with these Spendless trainers.


Have you found your new favourite pair of men's casual shoes?


Our range of men's casual shoes is perfect for every guy to wear. These are popular and versatile, so there is always something for every guy to enjoy. So if you are keen to discover and invest in a new pair of men's casual shoes, then head to the Spendless Shoes shop website today!