How to Make the Most Out of Your Shoedrobe… Invest in Block Heels!

Fashion-conscious ladies always seek new and worthy pieces to add to their ever-growing shoedrobe. But, mind you, the standards for each piece in the collection are high. You can't just add random footwear; each must possess features like style, comfort, durability, and versatility to make it worthy of a place in the collection.


So, what should be your next investment?


We have an idea that we think you'll love: block heels! Not only are block heels comfortable and stable, but they are also practical and versatile. Whether heading to an outdoor event or walking on soft ground, the broad bases of these shoes will keep you steady and safe from slipping or getting stuck. We've heard a few horror stories about stilettos getting stuck in the soil and ruining someone's day.


But we're not here to scare you; we're here to tell you why block heels are the best companions for any event, making them deserve a spot in your shoe rotation. Block heels elevate your style game, whether you're dressing up for a formal or a casual event. And if you're heading to a work function, you can rely on them to keep you looking professional and comfortable.


Allow us to introduce one of the best collections of block heels ever. Spendless offers everything you need in style, colour, and size. The brand understands what you need and ensures you get it at a price within your budget. Where else can you find premium-quality and affordable options?


Discover the perks of having Spendless block heels around. Let's get started!


Available in Various Heights


The excellent thing about block heels is the variety of height choices. Whether you prefer a modest boost or something taller, the collection at Spendless has options that suit individual comfort levels, offering high and low options. While the height can vary, one solid thing about having block heels in the collection is their steady support. You can wear them without worrying about wobbling or losing balance. Short or tall versions offer the same comfort and ease because of their larger surface area, which distributes your weight evenly.


Kiani is a perfect example of a shorter option that does not compromise on style. These Spendless block heels offer a simple yet elegant look with their stylish pointed-toe feature and a single ankle strap, which lets you customise the fit to your desired comfort. You can play around with Kiana and style it however you wish. Wear these pairs with a suit for work, or dress them down with tapered jeans for a trendy, relaxed look.


Boosts Comfort


Please take a closer look at your entire shoedrobe and tell us which other shoe style offers elevation and comfort. Are the styles elegant? Are they appropriate for formal affairs? All these and more are effortless for block heels. These shoes provide excellent comfort thanks to their broad bases, reducing strain on your feet and ankles. Say goodbye to enduring long, painful hours because the event requires you to wear heeled shoes. With block heels, you can mingle, dance, spend so much time on your feet, and still feel great hours later. 


Aquarius and Vantage from the Spendless block heels collection are prime examples of two options with varying heights that offer the same elegance and perfection and are ideal for special occasions. Aquarius stands at 6 cm, featuring two horizontal top straps covered in glittering diamantes. These block heels have a slim side profile and a convenient slide-in fit, boosting their overall glam feel. Meanwhile, Vantage stands at 10 cm and provides the same comfortable feel. These shoes are equally gorgeous and a party must-have, with their glittering design that sparkles like a disco ball. Whether tall or short, expect block heels to make the same impact!


Seamless Day-to-night Transition


Block heels are the secret superpower of every happy and stylish woman. These shoes make life easier for busy ladies with packed schedules from day to night. You can stop carrying an extra pair of shoes around for after-work activities because you can transition from day to night with versatile and practical block heels. These sturdy shoes offer unmatched comfort, letting you stay on your feet for extended periods without pain or discomfort. They also don't scrimp on style, so you can guarantee that you look your best in the morning until you get home late in the evening.


Dress to impress with Patience, a stunning pair of pumps that can take you from work to after-work parties. These natural-coloured versatile block heels feature an easy slip-on fit, a lovely round-toe shape, and long-lasting comfort. Adding Patience to your shoedrobe effortlessly boosts your classy and sophisticated vibe.


Ideal for Outdoor Events


Have you ever worried about your best friend's outdoor wedding because you could not find suitable shoes for the venue? There will be other times you'll get event invitations to beach or garden locations. Address this concern ASAP with a pair of block heels. Your shoedrobe needs something reliable for situations like this, so get one now. With their broad bases, block heels offer increased stability and support, alleviating the fear of toppling forward or getting stuck in soft ground like soil or sand. 


Regina is the best Spendless option for outdoor, indoor, and everyday occasions. Step up your shoe game with these stunning see-through block heels, which deserve a spot in your shoedrobe. The translucent heel, transparent toe, and ankle straps give the shoes a modern and on-trend look. These block heels will match perfectly with all your formal or casual clothes, ensuring you can create a unique and stylish look wherever you go. Make a bold statement with these Spendless shoes now!


Maximise Your Shoedrobe with Spendless Block Heel Shoes!


Complete the puzzle with this essential piece. Add Spendless women's block heels to your shoedrobe to ensure you always look and feel good in all-day wear. Browse our collection of block heels in a range of colours and styles to suit any outfit. Add a matching clutch to complete the look! Utilise our flexible payment systems, allowing you to buy block heels now and pay for them in instalments later.