How To Look Trendy In Flats

Learn how to look trendier in your flat shoes this season! Women’s casual shoes are perfect for weekly errands, catch-ups with friends on the weekends, and coffee or lunch dates anytime. But which Spendless pair would be best for you?


And which womens footwear are the hottest options for shoppers in 2021? We’re ready to give you a run-down of our collection right now! So keep reading to find out which womens footwear you should pay attention to this season.

Grab Some Cool Everyday Slides For Your Collection!


One of our most popular womens shoes is slip-on shoes with dual horizontal straps. Our classic versions came with metallic feature buckles on top and moulded footbeds since their look is inspired by timeless Birkenstock slides.


Anyone looking for classic womens shoes that they can pair with outfits in spring and summer should add a pair of our dual-buckled sandals to their shopping list. Still, we’ve also got some spinoff styles that might interest you in 2021!


Are you interested in womens footwear with a trendier vibe?


Have a look at the rest of our slip on shoes, and you’ll see some stylish pairs with round metallic decor instead of square feature buckles.


O-ring details are a hot pick on womens accessories right now, whether they’re decorations on a clutch or a more exciting zipper on sweat tops, jackets, or skirts.


If you’ve got an item like that in your wardrobe already, then retro wide fit womens footwear will be an instant hit with them! So, which of these designs matches your aesthetic?

Take Women’s Casual Shoes Up A Level With Platform Flats!


Who says you always need to wear a low heel to parties, functions, and special events?


Women’s casual shoes like our flatforms make fantastic alternative girls shoes styles! First off, they’re super comfy styles, thanks to the thick platform bases, so spending a whole day (or night) with our block heels sandals on your feet is no struggle.


Next, there’s also the fact that wide fit womens shoes like our flatforms offer a few extra centimetres of height without adding additional strain onto your feet, ankles, legs, or lower back.


Since they come with flat shoes flatform bases, you get a lift up without balancing on an incline that activates the muscles in your legs. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Women’s casual shoes in this design have been a popular choice for customers.


If you like chill-feeling styles, then keep your eye out for flatforms with faux-suede straps, braided rope detailing, slip on shoes, striped sides, thick faux leather upper top straps, or trendy textured material. But this season, you won’t just find women’s casual shoes with a summertime vibe.


We have bold block heels sandals with big bases that look like they’ve walked straight out of a 90s fashion magazine. With a trio of straps across the sweat tops, a buckled wraparound ankle band, and thick platform base block heels, these flats will be a favourite for anyone who likes grunge fashion.


Do you like the idea of getting womens shoes with a more daring feel? Well, you should seriously think about grabbing some grungy flatform sandals!

Pick Flats In A Standout Colour!


Add some fun and colour to your outfits this year with our women’s casual shoes. While white, natural, and black leather flats are complementary shades that can match with any outfit, it’s a great idea to shake things up every once in a while.


Are you a bit bored of your basics, but you still love the feel of them? A lot of our popular women’s walking shoes come in more than one colour! So if you’re bored of one shade, why not try the other?


After all, if it’s a style of wide fit womens shoes that you already love wearing, then you know they’ll look and feel great on you! Now, what about some more colourful options?


This season, you’ll spot plenty of low heel and other platforms in standout colours, and the same goes for womens shoes. Do you love pastel colours like pale pink, light blue, or mint green? Some of our hottest womens footwear come in these pretty pastel shades.


If you’re looking for styles that can give earth-toned or monochromatic everyday outfits a brighter feel, then you’d better give these a go! Did you love seeing animal-inspired prints on women’s casual shoes last summer?


Well, leopard print is still going strong at Spendless!


We have versions of our most popular flat shoes with leopard spots and a few fashionable everyday casual sneakers with the print. So, you’ll be able to pick out whichever ones suit your needs this season.

Get A Set With Crocodile Texture!


If you want your womens footwear to look trendy in 2021, you need to get a pair with crocodile skin texture. Just to be clear, all of our crocodile-look styles are synthetic and vegan-friendly.


Here at Spendless, we pride ourselves on providing an affordable assortment of vegan-friendly styles, and scaly womens footwear falls into that category; they get created without any animal products or by-products.


So, you can enjoy these crocodile-inspired flat shoes without needing to worry about where they come from! This season, we’re seeing womens shoes, ankle boots, block heels, low heel, and other womens footwear with synthetic scales popping up all over the place.


You’ll see plenty of it on faux leather jackets, sweat tops,  crop tops, pants, clothing, and womens accessories too! Finding other fashion items to pair up with a new pair of crocodile-textured womens shoes won’t be difficult this season.


Would you like to hear about some of the options we have available at Spendless right now?

Our summery versions of these womens footwear are flat shoes with crossover straps and single top bands with metallic features. Trendy womens sneakers are an excellent pick for ladies who want something more trans-seasonal.


And, if you think you might like to see some crocodile-textured low heel and dress shoes while you’re at it, then check out our wide fit ankle boots while the cold weather is still here!

We Hope That Helps!


Take home these women’s casual shoes, and your next wide fit outfit is sure to look trendier! So which of our hottest styles can you see yourself wearing this season? Come and see the rest of the range at Spendless Shoes today!