How to Get Your Kids to Love School Shoe Shopping (Hint: Come to Spendless)

Shopping for kids' school shoes is something parents try to put off when they can because this activity requires a lot of patience. The task does not only require that parents know which features are necessary for kids' school shoes, but they must also ensure the children are in an excellent mood to participate.

The thing is, you must take your child shopping with you. Even though you think things will be faster and you can accomplish more without them, they will wear the kids' school shoes, so they should have a say. When they are with you, they can try various options and give feedback immediately. 

Moreover, they can pick the style and make dressing up easy every morning. When your child is more involved with which kids' school shoes they will wear, they take care of the footwear more and don't make mornings difficult for parents. Some parents learned this the hard way. They chose the footwear style without their child's approval, and the child did not like it. Every morning after that, they had to chase their child around, coaxing them into wearing the kids' school shoes.

To make things easier for everyone, our team from Spendless will share valuable tips on how to get your child to love shopping for kids' school shoes. The easiest step is to take them to Spendless, where they can find their dream kids' school shoes. But more on that later. Let's start!


Tip 1—Find the Best Time to Shop


When shopping for kids' school shoes, you must consider several factors: the timing, the crowd, your child's mood, and all other uncontrollable ones that can affect the outcome of your trip. The best time to shop is without crowds and long queues. These factors can make an already moody child more impatient, and we want to avoid that.

The weekends are a no-no because these times usually draw the crowds, which leaves us with weekdays. As much as you'd like to finish shopping for kids' school shoes as early as possible, you shouldn't. It's best to wait until the afternoon before you do. This way, you can account for your child's foot size growth, which swells after a day's activities. 

And now that we've settled on a weekday afternoon as the perfect time, an essential tip to make your child excited for the task is to turn shopping for kids' school shoes into a game where they will get a prize for behaving throughout. Treat them to ice cream or the arcade for being good the entire time.


Tip 2—Get Acquainted with Everything Beforehand


Please remember that your child's attention span is short, so it's best to finish your task as quickly as possible. Research and know the essential features of each pair of kids' school shoes before your shopping day. This way, you are ready and efficient once you start. 

Let's make it easier. The team at Spendless gathered all the requirements for you so that all you must do is read through them and know them by heart. These tips are necessary for your child's comfort, especially since they spend most of their day wearing kids' school shoes. Ill-fitting ones can curtail growth for developing feet and may impact foot health, which they can bring into adulthood. 

Here are your must-dos:

  • Get the right foot size to ensure the kids' school shoes fit right. Take separate measurements of each foot's width and length. You can get professional help from podiatrists or trained store staff for more accurate results. 
  • Once you know their size, leave a 1cm gap between the tips of the kids' school shoes and your child's longest toe. This room for growth is your gauge for their growth spurts, which can be frequent. Check every 4–8 weeks and replace the kids' school shoes immediately when the space is gone.
  • Bring the socks they'll wear with the kids' school shoes because their thickness can affect the fit. It's best to account for that as well.
  • Let your child choose the style they want, fit the footwear, and walk around the store. Ask them for feedback on the kids' school shoes, confirming they're good and don't hurt.
  • Choose spacious toe areas so your child can spread their toes naturally, improving their stability and balance. The round or square-toe designs are the best. Avoid pointy kids' school shoes because they squeeze toes and are painful.
  • Check for fastenings like touch-fastening straps, buckles, or laces, which ensure security and adjustability. Your child must have control over the fit of their kids' school shoes, adjusting them when needed. With closures, your child can play and have fun without worrying that their footwear will come off accidentally.
  • Kids' school shoes must have grooves or treads that provide traction. Your child will walk, run, and play on wet, slippery, soft, or uneven surfaces, which can cause them to slip and have an accident. 
  • Breathable and durable materials will keep your child cosy and make the kids' school shoes long-lasting. Leather and vegan materials are both excellent choices.


Tip 3—Shop Kids' School Shoes at Spendless


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Spendless Is the Key! 


Make shopping easy for everybody with Spendless. Head to the nearest retailer or shop online for kids' school shoes. Continue Shopping!