How To Find Your Son His Perfect School Shoe Fit At Spendless!

Your active boys spend more than eight hours a day in their boys school shoes, which includes a whole lot of running, walking, sitting and playing. So your children must have the perfect fit to reduce the risk of injury and any pain that's associated with some ill-fitting black school shoes or brown school shoes. This can eventually affect their small growing bodies!

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Quality that is based on ethical sourcing and affordable prices and to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your son, then simply follow our steps on how to find the perfect fit in junior boys shoes such as ankle boots and cross training shoes . 

So if you constantly find yourself on the trail run overwhelmed with different styles and designs, price points, functionality and fit, then don't waste any more time and follow our guide to make this process as easy and seamless as possible. 

So without further delay, let's get started! 


1. Leave A Gap


When shopping for boy's school shoes, it's important to make sure there is a gap of about half the width of your thumb between your child's longest toe and the end of the shoe. By doing this, you are allowing enough room for your son's feet to grow into without actually leaving too much space that leaves the boy's school shoes too loose. 


2. Allow Width


It's not all about length. You need to ensure that you leave enough width in your boy's school shoes too. So make sure their boy's school shoes are wide and deep enough for your son's feet. If you can see an outline of his foot, it's too small and not a good fit. 


3. No Pain


Just how you would like to feel when trying on shoes, you'd like to feel completely comfortable. The same goes with your children too, your son should feel comfortable right away when trying on his boys shoes without feeling any pressure or pain on his feet or toes. Picking the right heel height should also help.

The only real discomfort your son may feel may be the firmness of a new black leather school shoes. Leather school shoes can often feel quite firm during the first few wears, but once the leather starts to soften and mould to your child's foot, there should be no discomfort at all. 


4. Avoid The Saying "They Will Grow Into Them"


Avoid the saying, "they will grow into them", although you may be tempted to buy a size up in boy's school shoes, don't get stuck in that trap. You want to make sure your sons are wearing well-fitted boy's school shoes, especially when it comes to ones that your little one is wearing all day, almost every day! 

Purchasing boy's school shoes that are too big can result in sore and damaged young feet so ensure that you avoid purchasing kids school shoes that they will grow into. In turn, you will ensure that your little one's feet are properly fitted, protected and supported during their body's most vulnerable growing period. 


5. Get Fitted Regularly


Young children's feet grow at a rapid rate, and they change shape and size, so it's important to get your children's feet fitted regularly. Experts recommend using size guides and check at the following age intervals:

  • Every 1-3 months, up until the age of 3


  • Every 4 months, up to the age of 5


  • Every 6 months until your child stops growing completely

So to ensure your son is wearing well-fitted boy's school shoes year-round, then we suggest getting fitted as regularly as possible. If not at the recommended times, then at least each time you purchase new boy's school shoes or any other styles for that matter. 

Following these simple steps should eliminate some boy's school shoes from your search and help narrow down some choices. 

A few other questions to ask yourself to assist your search would be, lace-up boy's school shoes or selffastening straps on boy's school shoes? 

Lace-Up Boy's School Shoes


If you are looking for the classic lace-up boy's school shoes, we have several choices! But first of all, you will want to make sure your son is ready for lace-ups. Besides, you won't be there most of the time to assist in re-tying undone laces. So if your son is confident enough in tying his laces, then go for it! 

Self fastening Straps on Kids School Shoes


However, if your child is still not quite confident enough in re-tying undone laces on their own, then we suggest opting for touch-fastening boy's school shoes. Feel confident knowing that you have sent your son off for the day in a pair of boy's school shoes that he will be able to manoeuvre all on his own. 

So if your child does find himself taking his kids sport shoes on and off throughout the day. You won't need to worry about him having to ask for help since he will confidently secure a touch-fastening style with complete ease. 

Styles & Colours


Although whatever style you choose, know that whether you choose a lace-up or touch-fastening style, each style is equally smart, functional and comfortable. This year your son will be the smartest looking student in class wearing a pair of Spendless' boys school shoes! 

If you are looking for athletic styles for the classroom, then make your way over! 

Avoid shopping at sports stores and pick up a pair of lace-up or touch-fastening athletic style shoes perfect either for the classroom, asphalt or oval.

Our versatile cross training sports styles come in classic black or white, so if your classrooms allow a more relaxed uniform policy, then why not give this style a try in black? Their padded soles offer your child's feet premium comfort and support throughout the day.

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So during your next shopping trip with your son, take the hassle and confusion out of shopping for boy's school shoes. Follow our simple steps in the fitting process. 

Make your way over to Spendless, and we guarantee that you and your son will find his favourite boy's school shoes yet! Kids new arrivals are constantly pouring in but always check our website for online exclusives!