How to find that perfect pair of women’s wedding shoes

You have seen the ideal outfit, now complete it with the perfect shoe

Style, fit, comfort, (wearability after the day?).

You have found the perfect outfit for a wedding whether that be for your wedding or you are just attending but now you need to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. Spendless are here to help you find that perfect pair of wedding shoes for you!

At Spendless we are dedicated to helping you locate the perfect pair of shoes and to do that we have made it even it 100 times easier with our exclusive bridal area on the website. Under our women's category, you will find our bridal category which includes bridal heels and bridal flats so that everyone can find something.


As mentioned above we have our two categories of bridal shoes which are heels and flats. The style always depends on the person such as are you going to be on your feet all day and in that case is a pair of flats a more suitable option rather than heels? Or do you want a pair of heels but you do not want It too high.

The style is a significant factor when it comes to a wedding, lucky for you Spendless has a range of low heels, block heels, stilettos and wedges that are perfect for a wedding which also come in a variety of colours such as sliver, natural, white and rose gold.

If you are after a flat, then we have a range of styles that include lace-up, slides, buckles and even thongs that are perfect to wear all day for a wedding.


The fit is also another critical factor when It comes to wedding shoes and to get the correct pair of shoes for you we suggest that you head into one of our 220+ locations to "try before you buy" as everyone's feet are different.


As mentioned before support can be another massive factor when it comes to wedding shoes so deciding whether you want to go with a heel or a flat is very important. A flat is going to allow you to wear them all day and now worry about having sore feet, but it might not be the look that you are going for. Heels are always great for weddings, but possibly more of a wedge rather than a stiletto might be better for you if you find that you'll be on your feet all day and night.

Wearability after the day

One final factor that must come into consideration for purchasing wedding shoes is if you can wear them after the day. There is nothing worse than buying an outfit or a pair of shoes that only have onetime wear and forever be at the bottom of your wardrobe from that point on. The Spendless range of bridal shoes is so versatile that you will be able to use your wedding shoes over and over again with many outfits whether you choose a pair of heels or flats!

Overall trying to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes for yourself can be a daunting task and the options are endless, but with Spendless shoes, we hope that these tips can make your decision a little easier!