How to Easily Keep Your Men's Sneakers Clean!

We know that every guy loves to rock a pair of men's sneakers in their everyday life. There is nothing better than rocking a set of fashionable and wearable kicks during the day and night. However, one thing that can feel challenging at the best of times is how to keep your pair of men's sneakers clean.


This tip is where the team here at Spendless Shoe store steps in. We have the perfect set of tips and tricks to keep your pair of men's sneakers squeaky clean. You can find everything you need in our Men category under sneakers on the website. 


To ensure that these shoes stay clean throughout the year, you should keep scrolling below. We have everything you need and more! 


Tips to keep your Men's Sneakers clean:


Washing machine


One of the easiest ways to keep your pair of men's sneakers clean is to run them through the washing machine. Who would've thought that your washing machine could be the best thing you ever invested in? 


Well, now you can have some more fun with this machine. We recommend washing your men's sneakers whenever they are super dirty. There is nothing worse than keeping your shoes dirty and then never being able to get the stains out. 


That is why we love running our footwear through the wash. You will find that washing your footwear can do wonders for the original colours. In addition, all the scuffs and marks on your shoes will instantly get removed after going through the wash. 


Finally, there is nothing better than wearing your pair of men's sneakers once they come out of the wash. You will have fresh and comfortable kicks on your feet all day long! 


Wet wipes


Do you have scuffs and dirt marks all over your men's sneakers? Yes, if you are nodding your head, we have the perfect solution for you. That's right; we are talking about wet wipes! 


These are the ultimate set of tools to keep in your life. Wet wipes are super versatile and can help clean a lot of things. For example, they are super helpful in cleaning your dirty pair of white sneakers. 


We know how fun and fresh your kicks will look once they get a wipe down with these wipes. You will find that cleaning your pair of men's sneakers with wet wipes is super helpful when you need a quick fix. 


Whether you have spilt your morning coffee or stepped on something sticky on the ground, you can quickly clean your pair of men's sneakers with a wet wipe. These bad boys are sure to become your new must-have wherever you go! 


Avoid wet weather


Despite all the cleaning methods you can follow to ensure your pair of men's sneakers stay clean and wearable, external factors also play a part. This tip includes the weather. 


You will find that your pair of men's sneakers incur more damage during the wet seasons. The water damage on your running shoes can slowly deteriorate the level of comfort and protection that your shoes provide. 


If you can avoid wearing your kicks during the winter season, we recommend doing so. If you have recently purchased a new pair of men's sneakers, steering clear of the rain is a high priority. No one wants mud stains or water damage to their new kicks, especially when it is hard to clean. 


If you own a pair of all-white men's sneakers, you will find that they cannot get wet or dirty. So avoid wearing these kicks during the winter seasons, especially with BEND on your feet. Also, they will not have an all-white finish after a day outside, so try to avoid the wet weather! 


Store in a cool, dry place


One way to keep your men's sneakers clean and in good condition is to store them in a cool, dry place. You will love how protected your pair of men's sneakers look and feel when kept in a cool place. 


There is nothing worse than storing your shoes in a bright area in your house. The direct sunlight that beams onto your footwear can cause a lot of damage to your men's sneakers and cause the colour to deteriorate at a much quicker pace. 


You will benefit from storing your kicks in a cool and dry place. Moisture and direct light can cause damage to your kicks, which means it is best to avoid anything like this from happening to your men's sneakers. 


So when you purchase from your favourite brands, make sure you store the kicks in a dry place. We recommend storing your shoes in the garage, cupboard, or storage room inside the house for ultimate protection. 


Polish spray


There are plenty of ways that we have mentioned to keep your men's sneakers clean and comfortable both inside and out. 


However, if you are looking for a quick fix and a tool to keep your men's sneakers clean all day and night long, we have the perfect product. We are talking about a polish spray for your kicks. This product can keep your pair of men's sneakers looking and feeling good throughout the day. But, of course, there is nothing better than rocking footwear that glows in the light. 


This tip is all thanks to the polish spray. If you notice that your pair of men's sneakers are starting to lose their shine, all you have to do is give them a spritz over with some polishing spray.


You will then be good to go. You will love what a pair of fresh men's sneakers can do for your next look. Give them a quick spray before you head out for the day, and you will stay flawless from head to toe all day long.   


Do you feel like you can keep your pair of men's sneakers squeaky clean?


We know that our tips can make your cleaning process so much better. But, of course, there is nothing better than rocking a pair of freshly cleaned men's sneakers. If your shoes are past the point of no return, why not treat yourself to a new pair of kicks? Head to the Spendless Shoe website today for more! For new sign-ups, enjoy many benefits. Shop online now!