How to Care for Your New Men's Boots

Men's boots are the season's footwear because they provide coverage and warmth to last you through the cold months. 


With new styles added regularly to their site, Spendless is committed to providing the latest trends in men's fashion while maintaining the classic style of footwear, like classic Chelsea boots, lace-up boots, and many more.


If you've recently purchased a new pair of boots from Spendless, it's essential to take good care of them to ensure their longevity and keep them looking their best. Here are some tips on how to care for your new boots with Spendless.


Aside from casual wear, wear boots for a more formal occasion or similar events. With this, they will do a lot of hard work, such as keeping you warm, covered, dry, and stable.


If you just got new ones, you must do a few things to ensure they will stay the whole season looking like the day you got them.


We bet you'll wear them and expose them to the natural elements daily. As such, you need to spend time caring for them so they can care for you in return. Do you know what you need to do?


Our team at Spendless knows how to care for your new boots, and we'd like to help you. It's not difficult to do, but you need to allot time to do it. So if you're ready to learn about caring for your new shoes, let's dive right into it!


1. Waterproof upon purchase


Caring for your men's boots starts the day you buy them. Upon unboxing your shoes, remove the laces, if they have any, and set them aside. You can get water and stain protection spray for your boots from Spendless.


Spray all over your shoes, and ensure you get all the parts. Let it seep through the material, and leave your boots to dry naturally. Then, you can put them in front of a fan that blows room-temperature air. 


Never dry your shoes with a direct heat source, as heat can crack the material. Instead, reapply every week because the protection decreases each time you expose your boots to wet weather, and you want to keep protecting them.


2. Proper storage


Set aside a specific area where you can place your boots, ensuring they can maintain their shape. 


Invest in shoe cabinets or racks and find a corner in the closet or room to keep them. However, if you don't have the floor space for those, get shoe bags to store your boots and hang them behind the door. 


Never leave your shoes lying around where dust can settle on them. Also, avoid exposing your men's boots to direct heat sources, like sunlight or radiators, as this will crack the material.


3. Maintain the shape


You want your boots to maintain their shape throughout, so invest in shoe trees and choose the height and size corresponding to your shoes. However, there are household items you can use instead. 


Scrunch up some newspapers and place them inside the shoe. Use wine bottles and prop them inside your men's boots to keep them upright.


4. Wipe regularly


Wearing your boots outside during the winter exposes them to natural elements like water, snow, salt stains, and dirt. Therefore, it would help to wipe your shoes immediately inside to prevent them from seeping through the material. 


Once you get home, remove all the dirt before storing your boots. Then, knock the shoes against each other to dislodge soil and mud.


5. Clean frequently


When cleaning your boots, choose an area that's okay to get wet and dirty in your house. 


For example, it's good to lay down some newspapers. Ensure you've removed the laces, if any, then add them to the washer or handwash them separately.


Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface of your boots. Then, dampen a clean cloth with the cleaner and rub it into the shoes. 


Let the cleaner soak into the material for a while. Then, move across your boots in a small circular motion, including the tongues and flaps.


6. Polish often 


Ensure you use shoe polish with the same or the closest colour to your boots. Dip a clean cloth into your polish, then apply it to the shoe using a small, circular motion. 


Start applying to a small area at a time to get every part. Black or brown boots—it doesn't matter—they all need polishing!


You must apply a thin layer of polish to your boots, as the material can't absorb a thick layer. Extra polish will remain on the surface of the leather.


Let them dry before buffing them. Scrub gently. It's working when you notice a glossy shine. Wipe your shoes with a clean cloth to remove any extra polish.


7. Dry before storing


Your boots will likely get wet in the winter, so you must dry them thoroughly before storing them. Failing to do so can destroy their material and cause fungal and bacterial build-up.


As mentioned, never dry your boots with direct heat sources that can crack the material. Instead, leave them to dry naturally. Hasten the process with the help of newspapers, as they have moisture-absorbing capabilities. 


8. Keep foul odours away


Moisture can cause fungal and bacterial build-up, which can cause an athlete's foot or a foul odour. Boots that smell bad can turn off people, leaving the impression that you do not have good hygiene. 


So, to keep that from happening, pack coffee into tiny packets. For example, you can use a small cloth and then tie it with a string.


Leave a good smell in your boots by adding drops of lavender essential oil to the packets before putting them inside. Remove them once you've eliminated the odour or the next time you need to use your shoes.


Remember to wear socks often when wearing your boots so the smell and dirt from your feet won't stick to the shoe, and vice-versa.


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Practise All These to Keep Your Shoes Looking New!


You must start taking steps right after buying your boots from Spendless. The best way to get the most out of your shoes is to know how to care for them. Do them regularly, and you'll enjoy the many benefits of your labour.