How to Care for Your Men's Sneakers!

Don't you love it when the things that matter most to you are with you longer?


Whether it's your favourite shirt or men's sneakers, you love that you can style them however you feel. But how can you ensure they'll last?


The best way to guarantee that your men's sneakers will outlive your other shoes is to provide them with the best care possible. You need to set aside time to take steps that will maintain them so they can provide the care you need.


If you're eager to learn more, let's start! Our team at Spendless will share tips on caring for your collection ofmen's sneakers. These steps are doable but would require effort and consistency. 


Ultimately, it will all be worth it, especially if they stay with you longer.


1. Protect at the onset


Add a layer of protection before you wear them. Then, use a water and stain protection spray available at Spendless to shield them. Repeat this step every week.


2. Keep them dry


Never store them moist if they got wet because of your sweat or were drenched from the rainy weather. 


Once you get home, leave them to dry naturally but away from direct heat sources, as these will dry the material and cause them to crack.


If you want to hasten the drying process, use scrunched-up newspapers because they absorb moisture. Removing moisture from your sneakers or running shoes reduces the chances of a funky smell and bacterial or fungal build-up. 


Moreover, stuffing your shoes with newspapers helps maintain their shape, preventing creases that make them look old.


3. Proper storage


Invest in a dedicated space for your footwear. If your place has enough room, you can get a shoe closet or rack to house your shoes. If space is a problem, choose shoe bags to keep them protected. 


They won't occupy much space because you hang them behind the door. Never leave them where dust can settle, as it may destroy the material.


4. Give time to rest


We understand how tempting it is to wear your Spendless pair daily, mainly because they tick all the boxes: stylish, versatile, comfortable, and affordable. 


However, it's good to alternate using your footwear to give them time to rest and dry properly (if wet from moisture or weather).


5. Clean and wash them the right way


While throwing your sneakers in the washing machine for cleaning can be tempting, it's best to do it by hand. 


The washer can ruin the material and loosen the stitches, which can end the life of your footwear instead of making it last longer.


Here are the steps you can take to clean them the right way:


  • Remove the laces and wash them separately – this part you can add to the washer.

  • Use a scrub brush to remove visible clumps of dirt from your shoes. We recommend doing this outside the house, over your trash can, to prevent getting your floor and home dirty.

    It's easier to brush off wet dirt once it's dry, so let them dry first.

  • Start cleaning the eyelets, where the laces wind through, with an old toothbrush, mild detergent, and water mixture. After doing this, wipe them clean with a damp sponge.

    Avoid using an overly wet sponge to keep the suds from spreading far and to prevent over-saturating them.

  • Do the same steps with the rest of your shoes, ensuring you get the body, tongue, soles, and insides. 

    After cleaning with the toothbrush and detergent mixture, wipe down with a clean, damp sponge, including the interiors and bottoms.

  • As mentioned, dry your men's sneakers naturally before returning the laces. 


6. Keep them odour-free


Hygiene is essential; you don't want people's lasting impressions of you to be negative. 


Moisture can cause them to smell, and you should prevent that from happening. As mentioned, the first step to keeping your shoes odour-free is always to dry them.


If your footwear emits a funky smell, you can use baking soda to fix the issue. First, sprinkle baking soda directly on them. 


Shake it to ensure the baking soda spreads inside. Leave it overnight to allow the baking soda to work its magic (or until the next time you use it).


Remove the baking soda by tapping the heels of your shoes together. The remaining baking soda will likely spill out of the shoes. However, only some people are keen on having baking soda directly in their shoes, so we have an alternative.


Create coffee packets by using a small cloth and string to tie them. Then, you can use a few drops of lavender essential oil on the coffee packets to leave a relaxing smell on your shoes. 


Once done, slip the packs inside your shoes and leave them until your subsequent use.


Always wear socks to prevent moisture from transferring from your feet to your sneakers. Spendless hasinvisible socks if you prefer to keep them hidden.


7. Use household items


If you own a white pair, you know how bothersome it is to see hard-to-remove scuffs. But, unfortunately, you have two ways to get rid of them. 

First, use a white eraser on the rubber part of your shoes, which you can get from any art or office supply store. Rub them gently.


The second way is to use white nail polish. You'll be surprised at how it can make your white pair look brand new.


Apply What You Learned!


If your shoes are beyond repair and you can't do anything about it, it's time to get a replacement from Spendless.


There are numerous top fusion brands for men's sneakers, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Converse All-Star, Adidas Originals, New Balance, Puma, Asics, Vans, and Nike. 


In addition, Spendless Shoes has excellent running shoes and sneakers if you want something more economical without sacrificing quality or comfort.


Head to the nearest store or the online shop! Use the tips we shared to ensure a longer life for your sneakers.