How Can You Ensure Your Men’s Boots Remain Well-Looked After

You know the colder months of autumn and winter are coming when days are getting shorter, nights are longer, and leaves are falling. These events signal one thing, it’s time to take themen’s boots out of hiding.


They’d likely be in tip-top condition if you stored them properly and provided the correct care. Your old men's boots won't work any longer, though, so if you didn't know how to take care of them back then, you'll need to acquire some new ones from Spendless Shoes.


Finding the perfect pair to keep you warm, dry, and protected during the cold months is challenging. So, you must know how to keep your men’s boots longer to avoid going through the long queues and crowds again. 


Our team at Spendless will help ensure that you take care of your shoes this time, so you can still use your new shoes next year. So, if you’re ready, let’s give it a go!


1. Use Protective Spray


What are the worst enemies of your men’s boots during the cold seasons?


The top answers are rain, hail, snow, puddles, and spills. In short, all that can get them wet. Since your men’s boots protect you from these natural elements, you must do the same for them.


Use a protective spray on your shoes even before you unbox them.The water and stain protection spray at Spendless does the job well! How does it work?


The spray is a repellent for your men’s boots against unexpected winter weather or natural elements. It prevents the liquid from seeping through the materials, giving you time to wipe them off. It’s best practice to apply the protection spray once a week.


2. Moisturise


Do this step if you own leather men’s boots. Do you know why people keep applying moisturisers to their faces in winter? Cold weather dries up the skin and causes it to crack. 


Apply the same idea to your men’s boots. Again, you need to moisturise the leather to avoid drying and cracking. It’s also an excellent way to keep them longer and shinier.


3. Address Salt Stains


Your men’s boots encounter salt stains during winter, which are destructive to the material. First, wipe off as much salt residue as possible with a lightly damp cloth after being out in the snow or salty streets. Then, apply a salt stain remover on the men’s boots. 


Combine equal parts white vinegar and water in a bowl. Dip a white cloth into the mixture, then wipe off the stains. Wipe off the vinegar solution with a damp cloth before drying with a clean towel. Let them dry overnight. For lace-up boots, make sure to get under where the laces crisscross.


4. Strengthen durability


Some repair shops offer a service that adds a thin protective rubber sole to an existing one to extend the sole’s life.


5. Maintain the Shape


Use boot trees or a boot shaper to maintain the shape of your men’s boots. Ensure that the size you get matches the width and height. However, there are household items you can use that do the trick. 


Instead of spending, you can use wine bottles and scrunched-up newspapers.


6. Keep Your Men’s Boots Clean


Never store your men’s boots after a day’s use without brushing off dirt and dust with a soft, dry brush or cloth. Then, check every corner and space to ensure you got everything. 


If part of the filth is too caked-in to remove, use a damp cloth dipped in warm water and mild soap to wipe it off. Next, let them air dry naturally after drying them with a clean cloth. Avoid direct heat sources since they can cause material cracking.


7. Polish 


Once the men’s boots are dry, polish them with a shiny cloth to bring their lustre back. You can purchase shine cloth in shoe or leather supply stores. 


Wipe your men’s boots in a circular motion and ensure you get to wipe the entire surface to moisturise them evenly and adequately.


8. Remove Odour 


You can put baking soda directly inside your men’s boots and shake them around to spread them. Let your shoes sit for a full day to allow the baking soda to do its magic. Then, shake all the excess off to finish.


However, not everyone wants baking soda directly into their men’s boots, so an alternative you can do is to make sachets. Wrap baking soda in a small cloth and seal it with a string. 


Add drops of essential oil to the sachet before placing them inside the men’s boots. You hit two birds with one stone as the baking soda removes odour while the essential oil adds a pleasant fragrance.


Another household item you can use is coffee. Similarly, you can create small packets of coffee to place inside the men’s boots. Keep the sachets inside the shoes until you wear them again next time.


To maintain odour-free men’s boots, always wear socks. You must also clean your feet daily to remove dead skin and any remaining odour-causing bacteria.


9. Dry Your Men’s Boots (Classic Chelsea Boots, Lace Boots)


Fall and winter can wet your men’s boots, which can weaken their materials and cause them to smell. Ensure you air dry them thoroughly, but keep them away from direct heat sources. You can also use scrunched-up newspapers to hasten the process. 


Place them inside the men’s boots, and they will do the trick. Replace every few hours for even faster results.


10. Proper Storage


Ensure you don’t leave your men’s boots where floating dust can attach. Instead, invest in racks for storage. Place them on the floor, inside your closet, or by the door. You can also consider over-the-door organisers if you don’t have floor space for your men’s boots.


Follow These Tips to See Results!


Head to the Spendless online store and enjoy top online shopping, or visit your nearest retailer to shop men’s boots! May our tips help you ensure that they remain well-looked after.


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