Here's How to Wear Women's Flats in Summer!

It's summer and the perfect time to don outfits and footwear we kept hidden during the chilly months of fall and winter. While boots are a fashion staple you can wear year-round, let's grab the opportunity to wear women's flats that expose our feet, perfect for that warm summer day.


While fashion can be about making a bold statement and self-expression, some need more confidence to style themselves. So what are your usual sources when styling flat shoes?


You may browse magazines or watch fashion and lifestyle blogs to get inspiration. But, since you're already here, stay so we can also help you with how to wear women's flats in summer.


The footwear at Spendless Shoes ticks all the boxes, including comfort, fashion, versatility, much like those you find at a brands shop in Australia. However, the price of our brand will have you change your mind. Yes affordability is where we make a difference. Plus, more importantly, our women's flats are breathable, an essential characteristic for summer!


We all hate those sweaty feet feeling, and the funky smell it causes. So if there's a way for air to circulate and moisture to escape, grab it! In this case, grab a pair of flat shoes from Spendless Shoes. Then, read through our different styles and how you can maximise them during summer!


Spendless Flat Shoes!


Women's flats are abundant at Spendless Shoes and make excellent summer footwear. You'll want more than one pair because they are fashionable and perfect for elevating your summer look!


You can choose from 13 different colours to match your personality. Whether vibrant or neutral, there's one pair of flat shoes among classic


colours like black, blue, brown, gold, green, leopard, natural, orange, pink, red, tan, vanilla, and white for you.


Another important consideration is your Spendless shoe size. Your comfort during summer depends on how well-fitting your women's flats are. Here are the sizes available: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. Verify your correct sizing by checking the handy size guide.


Regardless of your style, we are confident you will feel and look great while donning flats from Spendless Shoes' huge range the entire summer.


Style 1 - Loafers 


 You don't have to adhere to the seasons when choosing your footwear. For instance, loafers are not the women's flats that will come to mind when you think of summer. However, wearing loafers in the summer is easier than you might think.


For these women's flats to remain breathable during summer, choose materials that can help your feet breathe, and mix them with denim cut-off shorts and a white sleeveless shirt for daytime wear. Meanwhile, you can iterate your wardrobe for summer evening fashion with a sleek black loafer and a lightweight maxi or summer dress.


Style 2 - Women's Classic Ballet Flats


Women's ballet flats are famous for being lightweight, flexible, and stylish – characteristics ideal for a warm summer day. Summertime dressing is all about comfort.


These flat shoes cover your feet's flaws, like chipped nails and rough heels, which become noticeable with an open design. Plus, you don't have to deal with tassels and straps found in sandals and focus your attention on enjoying the season.


We recommend wearing women's ballet flats with micro-mini skirts and button-downs. Consider wearing patterned footwear if you prefer to stay lowkey with summer-neutral clothes. Go for prints!


Style 3 - Flat Sandals 


Are you fully prepared for the summer season, which is synonymous with beaches and skin exposure?


We at Spendless Shoes believe that flat sandals are the ideal pair of flat shoes for summer because they are cute and airy to wear on hot summer days and match well with most summer fashion. In short, they are the ultimate fashion staple, and there are many ways to wear them.


These women's flats are the perfect complement to your favourite sundress for an ultrafeminine look. Make daring sandal selections, whether wearing shorts, short skirts, or dresses, to up the "wow" factor.


Want to achieve the effortless street-style summer look?


Wear these women's flats with jeans and a tank top, and add a cap or shades to keep the sun from your face and eyes! But, of course, the best sandals for picnics and beach outings are the slides, which allow you to take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the sand or grass.


Style 4 - Mules 


Are you feeling warm already but not yet ready to go all-out feet exposure?


If yes, mules are the ideal casual flats because they only show your heels and ankles with their backless design. These shoes are a lazy girl's dream because you slip your feet in, and you're good to go!


A summer statement would be to wear these flat shoes with distressed jeans and a crop top. Then, choose a loose and flowy dress to match your mules for a breezy summer day outing!


Are you looking for something relaxed and casual to wear while doing errands on a hot day?


Go with a pair of shorts and these flat shoes.


Style 5 - Mary Janes


While you likely associate these women's casual flats with school shoes, Mary Janes has transcended from being a staple school uniform to a fashion statement. In this case, a summer fashion statement!


Since we always associate these shoes with their "good two-shoes" image, why not pair them with a collared dress and ruffled socks for summer?


Wear an outfit with a school uniform vibe, like a miniskirt and white top, with these women's flats. Accessorise the look with a headband or shades!


Ready for the Hot Girl Summer Look?


Summer is officially here, and it's time you get caught up! A pair of any flat shoes available at Spendless Shoes can elevate all your summer wear!


Have you decided which style to get?


If yes, shop online or at the nearest store. You can get several pairs without worrying about the budget because our shoes are all affordable.


Moreover, we have flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase shoes now and pay for them later.