Here’s How to Care for Your Men’s Casual Shoes

Maintaining your footwear is a priority that every guy should make. Finding the best men’s casual shoes for almost every occasion was difficult, so why would you repeat the process? Let us remind you of the scenario.


You wanted a specific kind ofmen’s casual shoes and have been searching until you found Spendless. When you did, you became overwhelmed by all the available styles—topsiders, slip-on sneakers, laced sneakers, and laced ankle boots. 


From there, you reflected on your lifestyle and what you do most of the time to narrow down the choices so that you could end up with the men’s casual footwear you could use the most. Now that you have them, why lose them again?


Of course, you can always go back to Spendless to buy the same kind of men’s casual footwear, but if you can maintain the one you have, why not try?


The Spendless team is here to help you care for your men’s casual footwear. With these tips, expect longer and more glorious moments with your favourite footwear. If you’re ready to learn, let’s dive right in!


Tip 1—Add Protection Before Use


Caring for your men’s casual shoes starts the moment you get them—from the store or online. Adding a layer of protection like awater and stain protection spray will prevent them from seeping through the material, giving you enough time to wipe them off. A weekly reapplication is essential to ensure the protection of your men’s casual footwear remains.


If you’re only reading this now and couldn’t do it before, it’s never too late to start. Get the spray from Spendless and use it!


Tip 2—Keep Them Dry


Moisture is disastrous for your men’s casual shoes. It can lead to bacterial and fungal buildup, which can cause an infection and leave a foul smell. Because inclement weather is unavoidable, you must remember never to store your men’s casual footwear wet. 


Dry them naturally first, ensuring you don’t leave them near direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. Direct heat can dry-rot the material of your men’s casual footwear and cause it to crumble. 


One way to hasten the drying process is to use newspapers. Scrunch them and place them inside your men’s casual footwear. Keep replacing the newspaper to dry them faster.


Tip 3—Use Shoe Trees


You want to maintain the shape of your men’s casual shoes as if you bought them today. Losing their natural form can lessen their appeal and cause creases in the material, especially if you have boots. 


You can get shoe trees from any shoe store, but if you like saving money, you can always use newspapers. Scrunch them and place them inside the men’s casual footwear. As for your boots, wine bottles will work since they have height.


Tip 4—Clean Them After Use


What do you do whenever you remove your men’s casual shoes?


We bet you left them at the spot where you took them off. The right step is to knock your men’s casual footwear together to remove loose dirt, then give them a good wipe down to remove the muck before they dry and turn cakey. Be sure to get into the corners and crevices, leaving no spot unturned.


Tip 5—Invest in Storage


Never leave your men’s casual shoes where floating dust can settle. A prolonged stay will affect the material and destroy your favourite footwear. Excessive dust can make your men’s casual footwear look old and lose its natural colour. 


To avoid this, invest in shoe storage. If your place can accommodate shoe closets or racks, please get one. However, if there’s no space on the floor, you can get shoe bags to store your men’s casual footwear and hang them behind the door.


Tip 6—Remove Foul Odour


Keeping up appearances and leaving a lasting impression is critical, especially if there’s a higher chance of reencountering these people. You don’t want them to remember you as the person whose men’s casual shoes left a foul odour everywhere he went. As we mentioned earlier, moisture can lead to a funky smell, and it’s your responsibility to address it.


You have some household items that can address the problem, such as baking soda, coffee, cloth, and strings. Baking soda is a more direct way to address smelly footwear. 


Sprinkle it inside the footwear, ensuring it covers the entire area, then leave it overnight. Shake your men’s casual footwear the following day to remove the excess.


Since some people don’t want baking soda directly in their footwear, an alternative is to create coffee packets. Make small packs with coffee, cloth, and strings that you can leave inside your men’s casual footwear until the next time you use them. 


You can add some drops of lavender essential oil to the packets before placing them inside the footwear. Doing this will leave a pleasant smell in your men’s casual footwear.


Tip 7—Let Them Rest


Footwear is like humans because it also needs to rest. Giving your men’s casual shoes some rest days is best so they won’t wear out quickly. Why not buy different kinds of men’s casual footwear from Spendless, which you can use alternately?


Doing this won’t break the bank since the footwear at Spendless is affordable. You can get quality men’s casual footwear at a price that won’t hurt your budget. 


It will increase your wardrobe rotation, give you more options, and let each pair breathe and rest. Besides, Spendless has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay later!


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