Heel Battle: Block Heels v Stilettos

We all heard of the battle of the sexes, but have you heard of the battle of women’s pumps heel shoes? The classic debate of block heels versus stilettos heel shoes will go down in history. There are so many benefits to both the block heels and stiletto heels designs, and they’re everyday essentials and great for just about any occasion.


However, there is a preference amongst women on which style of dress shoes they prefer. To help you gain some clarity on what heel sandal you love to wear more, we’ve gathered some information on the block heel sandals versus stiletto heels battle.


So, take a read below and take your pick! And, no matter which side you bat for, Spendless Shoes will have your favourite pair of pumps dress shoes ready and waiting especially for you!


The top 3 benefits of block heels!


It is pretty evident to everyone that block heels are in, and every other casual shoes is out (internally gasping!). Just kidding, to be honest, there is strong competition when it comes to the block heels. This casual shoes style offers a range of benefits that defy the casual shoes rules of the past, which is where block heels take the lead in being the ultimate casual shoes to own at this point.


These casual shoes are not going out of fashion anytime soon either, with constant updates of new designs, colour pop and shapes are released promptly. If your heart is set on block heels, then you will love the top three reasons why they are such great casual shoes.


Firstly, block heels can add additional heel height without putting strain on your feet. This feature is necessary, especially for women who are shorter in heel height added centimetres no matter how they are achieved, which is worth it.


The fact that block heels are also able to minimise the impact on your feet is another win! Sore feet after a long day at work, wine nights with the girls or a special family outdoor play is never a fun time, and we all have regrets right after.


Another benefit to block heels is the fact that they are super stylish and everyday essentials. You already know that block heels will be right there to tie it all together, no matter what look you’re channelling. They will become your next best friend (and we aren’t mad about it).


Block heels are perfect for a working mum or girls who love to party. Thirdly, block heels are extremely comfortable. These heel shoes offer a similar feeling to that of wearing slippers all day long.


The low heel height of the heel shoes allows for a comfy platform to walk on all day without jeopardising your foot health. There’s an extensive range of benefits with block heels, which makes the heel sandal debate that much harder.


The top three benefits of stilettos


Now, this is where the real fun begins! Stiletto heels are a classic style of dress shoes that women have embraced over the years, and we couldn’t be more grateful that they exist.


This style of dress shoes is perfect for women who love to express themselves in the best way possible. From corporate to casual, stiletto heels allow you to strut your stuff all day long. One of the key benefits of the stiletto pump dress shoes is the large amount of added height you can achieve.


These are perfect for girls on the shorter side of things or women who love the look of additional heel height for work or daily wear. Not only do they provide ample amounts of heel height, but stiletto heels are also sure to give any woman a boost of confidence.


You can achieve maximum confidence levels to help you ace a meeting at work or feel like a boss when you’re on a date night with the hubby. Even better, stiletto heels are super long-lasting so, you can be sure that the purchase of your new pump dress shoes will benefit you in the long run.


Long-lasting stiletto heels are a must-have in any girl’s casual shoes collection, which is why we love them so much! You truly can never own too many pairs of stiletto heels.


The downfalls…


To ease the battle of block heels versus stilettos heel shoes, there are also a few downfalls to both styles of heel shoes. In particular, painful feet after wearing block heels or stilettos for an extended period is going to happen no matter what.


It’s an unfortunate reality, but there are some ways to minimise the impact. Half gel cushions will become your new everyday essentials when wearing your next pair of block heels or stilettos. An extra bit of support never hurt!


The other concern is that stilettos heel sandal tend to fade in and out of fashion, whereas block heels are constantly on-trend no matter what time of year it is. This situation can be difficult when trying to organise a new outfit that would look stunning with block heels or stilettos heel sandal, but the preferred heel shoes aren’t on-trend.


It is also an important feature to consider as stilettoes heel sandal have a super slim base which can be problematic when walking across the grass. Trust us, and we have slipped one time too many when wearing stilettos heel sandal.


For this particular reason, block heels can save the day. Working hand-in-hand, owning a pair of stilettos and block heels might be worth the investment so you can have backup heel shoes ready to go no matter where you are. These features can be both a blessing and a curse, but we know for sure that either style of casual shoes will be a go-to piece.


Will you be choosing block heels or stilettos?


Which style of kicks has won your heart? We are definitely on the 50/50 side of things and love each version of block heels and stilettos heel sandal equally. Each design has its unique benefit to suit certain events, which is great for a busy woman.


Find your desired everyday essentials shoes that fit your shoe size using our size guide. If anything, it’s just more of a reason to invest in both styles, so check out our range of block heels and stilettos on our website.