Get Ahead of the Rush… Come to Spendless for Kids' School Shoes!

Shopping forkids' school shoes becomes more challenging when you're doing it with everyone else. Have you experienced that frantic rush to find the best academic footwear for your child and elbowed your way to the cashier because other parents had the same plan?


Crowds and impatient children don't mix, especially if everyone must wait for their turn to get their size or pay for their kids' school shoes. You've been there, and you never want to experience it again. 


As such, you must schedule shopping for kids' school shoes perfectly. Every stressed parent asks, "When's the best time to shop for academic footwear?”


Our team at Spendless will help you plot the best time to buy your kids' school shoes. You'll likely come back for new ones more than once in an academic year because of your child's growth spurt, among other factors.


So, if you want to get ahead of the rush, please read on!


1. Before Vacation Ends


The week before school starts, is usually a nightmare, with everyone cramming to meet their child's academic needs, including their school shoes. 


With everyone else doing what you're doing, there's a high chance of tempers flaring and tantrums ensuing.


We suggest shopping for kids' school shoes three weeks before classes begin to avoid the frenzy. 


This way, you can choose the best academic footwear style in peace, and your child will have enough time to set their mind back into learning mode. 


Of course, they can spend the remaining two weeks trying on their kids' school shoes, socks, and uniforms.


2. Weekday


The best time to go in-store is during the weekdays when other people are still at work. Unfortunately, weekends are crowded, so avoid shopping for kids' school shoes. 


Without other customers in-store, you don't have to fight for a size or a style with limited stocks. You saved yourself the hassle of queueing for hours to pay for the kids' school shoes and prevented a possible tantrum from an impatient child.


3. Afternoon


Did you know that all your child's activities the whole day—standing, walking, running, jumping, and playing—contribute to the swelling of the feet?


As such, the best time to buy kids' school shoes is in the afternoon, when their feet have swollen to their maximum size. Doing this will account for the growth in size so that you can get the correct measurement for their footwear.


Parents used to make the mistake of shopping for their kids' school shoes in the morning to get the chore out of the way early. Then they'd wonder why their child complains that the footwear hurts at the end of the day.


4. When They Need New Ones


As mentioned, please expect that you'll replace the kids' school shoes more than once each academic year because your child undergoes several growth spurts. 


There should never be a time when they wear ill-fitting footwear, as it can cause deformities and foot problems. It's best to keep checking every few weeks. The best way to check is if your child's longest toe hits the kids' school shoes.


Ideally, there must be a 1cm gap to allow their toes to spread naturally. Once the space is gone, you need to buy new ones immediately.


5. Anytime


Spendless understands how convenience is essential to customers. Consider online shopping if you want to avoid crowds and beat the rush. For example, there have been instances when parents came in to buy their kids' school shoes but did not make it on time.


Beat the crowds, closing time, and traffic by shopping online. You can buy kids' school shoes at midnight in your pyjamas.


More importantly, you get to save more because, when you shop online, you get discount vouchers and coupons. What a treat! 


At Spendless, you get quality kids' school shoes at an affordable price. So, adding the discounts you get from the coupons will help you save even more!


Why Choose Spendless for School Shoes Boys and Girls Will Adore?


Spendless knows what the customers need even before they realise they need it. Buying kids' school shoes has never been this easy. 


Students love wearing it because it is comfortable and supportive. The kids' school shoes have essential features that keep your kid protected and help them enjoy the best academic experience. What features are these?


  • Enough Toe Room


Enough room for their toes to wiggle inside the kids' school shoes is critical for balance and stability. Pointed toes are a big no-no! Most of the styles at Spendless have rounded toes, which are excellent for providing space.


  • Flexible


Kids' school shoes must mimic the natural movement of their feet, which usually folds around the balls of the feet. As such, ensure that when you check for the footwear's flexibility, it doesn't bend any further than the area of the feet's balls.


  • Adjustable


Spendless knows how essential adjustable kids' school shoes are for their comfort. With fastenings like touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces, your child can tighten or loosen the fit as needed. 


These fastenings also secure the footwear, so it won't get removed accidentally and trip your kid.


  • Firm Heel Counter


A firm heel counter is essential in kids' school shoes because it provides stability. To check for this feature, press on the heel counter. If it gives in, it's not firm enough to support your kid, so try to get a different one.


It would help if you came to Spendless because the brand knows which styles suit uniform requirements. The kids' school shoes available are versatile, too, so your kid can wear them to weekend events.


For instance, pull-on ankle boots for boys are a uniform staple during the weekdays but look good with suits on weekends. It's the same case with Mary Janes, the kids' school shoes for girls that match well with party dresses.


Lastly, Spendless is a one-stop shop for your kid's academic needs. Aside from kids' school shoes, you canbuy socks and laces to complete their uniform! Note that kids love to collect them, too!


Get What You Need Easier USing Clear Filters in the Spendless Online Shop


Finding the proper pair of durable shoes requires considering several different styles. Brands like Asics, Harrison, Skechers, Clarks, Roc, and Nike are just a few brands you can compare with Spendless' extensive range of school footwear for all ages.


You can locate the ideal pair of shoes designed for kids because every brand is different and offers something unique. We have you covered, whether you need a fashionable style, increased durability, larger size options, or even lower prices. 


Why not stop by today and locate the best pair of girls' and boys' school shoes by comparing these leading brands?


Spendless is always ready and available for your kids' school shoe needs.


Head to the nearest retailer or the online store! Shop at your convenience and avoid the crowds. Enjoy the many benefits of shopping at home.


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