Follow These Tips for Easy Kids' School Shopping

The start of every academic year can be very stressful for parents and guardians as they tick off every item their child needs for their classes. You need to buy books, notebooks, pens, bags, lunchboxes, water bottles, socks, and kids' school shoes.


While we cannot help with the other stuff, we can make one of the more daunting ones easier for you – shopping for footwear. You already have a lot of things on your mind, so we'd like to help ease your shopping experience for kids' schools shoes.


Lucky for you, all that you need regarding the footwear department are available at Spendless. It's a one-stop shop for anything related to kids' schools shoes


Read on as our team provide you tips on how you can make your annual shopping for kids' schools shoes a breeze!


How to Choose the Perfect Pair?


So you can narrow down the options from the variety available at Spendless, here are some tips on what you should look out for when buying a pair of kids' schools shoes.


1. Search for the ideal fit.


The ideal pair of kids' schools shoes must fit comfortably in width and length. You must measure your child's feet in both aspects to ensure you get the accurate size.


If you're wondering why we need both, it's because one foot of your child is usually longer or broader than the other. A comfortable fit depends on how well-fitted the kids' schools shoes are, considering the feet can differ in size. 


Moreover, check that the top or sides of the footwear do not obstruct your child's toes. Finally, check the handy size guide for a more detailed understanding of Spendless sizing. At Spendless, we have 16 children's sizes, which means you can find kids' schools shoes that will fit your child at every stage of their development.


2. Leave adequate room for expansion.


When purchasing a pair of kids' school shoes, parents and guardians should remember that the child's feet will continue to grow. It's a misconception that your child will only need one pair for the whole academic year because you might need to purchase a new pair of kids' schools shoes a few months later.


Nevertheless, leave around 1 cm or a thumb's width between the tip of the longest toe and the end of the kids' school shoes. 


3. Test with the toe wiggle.


You can test if the kids' schools shoes fit your child perfectly by having them do the toe wiggle test. If they can move their toes freely, then bravo to you because you did great! 


Leaving space for toes to spread is excellent for your child's balance, preventing clawing that can impact their feet's health. Lastly, check for toe bulges on either side of the kids' school shoes. There shouldn't be any!


4. Avoid using hand-me-downs. 


Budget constraint is usually an issue that pushes parents to opt for second-hand kids' schools shoes. It is tempting, but with the affordable prices of kids' schools shoes at Spendless, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank! 


Buying a new pair of kids' schools shoes is better because they need to mould to the shape of your child's feet. The used footwear already follows the form of the previous owner and thus won't be suitable for your child. 


The health issue is another reason you shouldn't consider hand-me-downs because they might not support your child's developing feet to get through a gruelling day. 


5. Purchase your footwear in the afternoon.


Have you ever observed how your child's feet swell more at the end of the day?


This observation is why we recommend you take your child shopping for kids' school shoes at Spendless late in the afternoon or evening. This way, you can fit and measure your child's feet when they are their largest size. 


When is the best time to go shopping? 


Since we've already mentioned that the best time to purchase kids' schools shoes is in the afternoon, let us share other times you can go shopping to avoid the crowds and take advantage of sales!


1. Beat the crowds


Various brands of kids' schools shoes usually introduce new styles and collections weeks or months before the official start of classes. 


Although we advise delaying the purchase of new footwear until the very last minute to include growth spurts, there may be conditions that require you to start looking early. For instance, if your child's academic institution wants a specific style, you must search ahead of others looking for the same thing.


2. Check out available deals


If only your child could select when to experience their growth spurt because the holidays are the most incredible time to purchase kids' schools shoes. Now, you can enjoy many sales and discounts, such as Black Friday and Boxing Day.


Wise and practical parents constantly look for ways to purchase high-quality kids' school shoes at a discount. While these schedules may be too early, starting to check them out would be good. 


The kids' schools shoes at Spendless are affordable all year round, but buying them during the sale season gives you access to our collections at discounted prices.


3. Consider online shopping


People have become more careful with going to busy and crowded areas. With the new academic year approaching, parents, guardians, and children are looking for excellent pairs of kids' schools shoes. 


If you want to avoid crowds, we suggest buying footwear online! You'll save time and prevent sore feet by not having to walk with your children around stores. 


More people are discovering online shopping for kids' schools shoes, especially from Spendless. Navigating through our website is a breeze! 


However, please do if it's more convenient for you to shop in-store. We understand that some parents and guardians prefer that their children try on various pairs of kids' schools shoes before buying.


Get the Best Footwear from Spendless!


May the tips we shared make your shopping experience easier. Head to the online shop of Spendless or the nearest retailer to get your child the best footwear to support them during the academic year!