Flats For Women That Are Unbeatable

Nowadays, more ladies are prioritising what they wear on their feet than the clothes on their bodies. This change is likely due to the shift in preference—giving more significance to the feet remaining comfortable as they carry your entire weight the whole day. 


Most of your activities involve movement and balance, and the best way to give back to your hardworking feet is by providing them with women's flats that others can't beat. Your feet deserve pampering because they ensure you get from point A to point B. Besides, you also benefit from wearing top-tier women's shoes. How?


First, you move without distraction all day. The best women's footwear ensures your feet are fresh and sweat-free, especially in spring and summer. Imagine running errands in the middle of a warm, sunny day when sweat starts trickling down your feet. Not to mention, your wet feet would constantly rub against your shoe. It's not a pleasant thought or feeling.


Second, you're pain-free. An unbeatable pair of women's flat shoes ensures you can do your activities without unnecessary discomfort, which can spread all over your body. The pain from your feet can extend upward and affect your legs, lower back, and shoulders. 


Why risk all that when you have comfortable options for women's flats at Spendless? Discover more about the styles others try to imitate but cannot beat. Let's start!




Since the warmer months are here, it's time to experiment with your women's shoes. An excellent and appropriate option is cutouts. These shoes feature openings or perforations on various shoe parts, creating decorative patterns or designs. 


These cutouts also provide more entryways for air, keeping your feet comfortable and dry. Some prime Spendless cutout options:


  • Calypso 


Calypso is a Spendless loafer with small cutouts all over. These women's sandals offer an easy slip-on and pointed-toe design for easy-to-wear. Calypso is lightweight and does not take up much luggage space. Bring these women's flats along when you travel.


  • Winona


Aside from tiny cutouts that form an eye-catching pattern all over this loafer, Winona has decorative stitching around the sides and top. The combined aesthetic makes these women's flats a catch. Consider adding them to your shoe closet!


Chunky Loafer


The best part about women's flat shoes is that they're trans-seasonal. While there are options more suitable for warmer seasons, like cutouts, there are styles you can use all year. 


More ladies have shifted from heels to women's flats for work, and every day has been the best since. Chunky loafers will keep you comfortable and supported as you spend hours sitting, standing, walking, and rushing. 


It also adds a few centimetres to your height without any inclines. How good is that? Some prime Spendless chunky loafer options:


  • Jaguar


These women's flat shoes are as sleek as the animal with the same name. Jaguar's thick sole, shiny finish, and silver chain detailing make it an ideal work-and-play shoe.


  • Panther


Panther is an online-exclusive chunky loafer from Spendless. These women's sandals have almost the same qualities as Jaguar. The only differences are the two-strap design instead of chain detailing across the top and the patent leather material.


Mary Janes


We bet you've heard of Mary Janes or worn them as a young girl in school. No one can beat these women's flats regarding longevity and timelessness. While newer options add bits and pieces to modify the style, they still have the characteristics that made Mary Jane perpetual footwear for ladies of all ages. 


These women's footwear have a closed, rounded-toe design with a strap across the instep to keep them in place. Some prime Spendless Mary Jane options:


  • Olena


Treat yourself to women's shoes with excellent cushioning and support. Olena also has cutouts that add to its visual appeal, but the cuteness does not end there. These shoes have a flower on the fastening that secures the top strap to your feet. Isn't it such an excellent way to merge fashion and function?


  • Marion


Marion is an online-exclusive Spendless Mary Jane, ideal for work and play. These women's flats feature a top strap with a small, metallic detail that fastens you in within seconds. A slight wedge heel adds some elevation without discomfort.




It's time to expose your beautiful feet. After months of keeping them hidden under thick socks and boots, spring is here, and you need slides to make the season more appealing. These women's flat sandals typically have an open-back and front design and a single strap or band across the top of the feet. 


The appeal comes from simplicity, comfort, versatility, and ease of wear. Some prime Spendless slide options:


  • Xanthi 


Forget about your other shoes because Xanthi will be your new go-to and favourite. These Spendless women's flats feature a canvas-like material on the thick strap and a tortoise-shell printed buckle for added style.


  • Billie


Billie is a Spendless slide that will change your feelings about foot exposure. Not everyone's open to the idea, but you will love it once you've tried these women's sandals. The linen strap has a decorative bow knotted on top, boosting your cute vibe. Wear these women's flats with jumpsuits and dresses; you're all set for spring. 


Spendless Colours of Women's Flats


It's already agreed that no one can beat Spendless women's flats, especially after detailing the huge range of options. However, let's seal the deal by looking at designs. The Spendless collection of women's flats is available in eleven gorgeous colours, ideal for seasonal changes. 


These colours are black, brown, gold, green, leopard, natural, orange, red, tan, vanilla, and white. While neutral colours are always a safe bet, it wouldn't hurt to consider more vibrant ones when deciding which casual flats to buy. You can confidently showcase your unique style and make a bold statement by choosing the perfect outfit.


One thing's sure, though: Spendless remains unparalleled, and any option you get is smart. You will not have to worry about finding brighter shades of pink, orange, or any other standard colour. Our classic ballet flats and brogues are always in style, and the flat shoes and loafers we stock are equally at home with a professional wardrobe as they are with a more laid-back ensemble. 


These fantastic women's flat shoes from Spendless will make a statement as effectively as if you were wearing Marc Jacobs or Diana Ferrari. What are you waiting for?


Boost Your Flat Shoes Style with Spendless!


From the office to a formal event or any occasion, our collection has you covered with a wide selection of flat sandals and shoes in a variety of shapes and classic colours. Shoes and heels made from materials like leather are both fashionable and practical. Wearing Spendless Women's Flats is a unique experience you should not miss! 


Head to the nearest retail store or shop online and sign up for an account to get the benefits you deserve! 


Throw in a water and stain protection spray to ensure the footwear's longevity!