Flat Trends For 2020!

Come and find the latest (and greatest) women’s flats at Spendless Shoes! Do you need a new pair that you can wear around the office and out on the weekends as well? Are you looking for women’s flats that will look fabulous with your favourite casual clothes? Spendless Shoes has the perfect set waiting for you, and at an affordable price! We don’t want you to miss out on the pair of your dreams in 2020, which is why we’re going to talk you through some of the hottest women’s flats right here and now! Who’s ready to get started?

Classic women’s flats 

Also known as “ballet” style shoes, our slide-on designs are a time-tested favourite. When you need to dress up for a formal event and don’t feel comfortable wearing high heels, shoes like these are the next best choice. Simplistic and subtle, our slip-on styles can match with any outfit, no matter what shades or material are involved. Black and natural designs are the two best-loved colours for women’s flats because they complement other tones easily. But, while you’ll find plenty of these versions in the Spendless range, we have an array of patterned styles too. After all, while we know customers appreciate women’s flats that they can integrate into their current wardrobe without a struggle, everyone enjoys a pretty print now and again! 

Trendy laser-cut shoes 

Discover the most excellent combination of casual and formal with these incredible women’s flats. Our loafer-style designs are traditional dress shoes infused with fun summer vibes. The lovely women's flats at Spendless have cut-outs which create stunning circular patterns all over the material. Shoes in this design are partially-open, which means it’s up to you to decide whether or not to wear socks with them. Because our loafer-style women’s flats have covered toes, they will tick all the boxes of your workplace dress policy. As such, we think they’re the ideal choice for ladies with office jobs.  

Sling-back looks  

Are you a fan of our vintage kitten heels? Well, you’ll adore our sling-back women’s flats too! With their gorgeous ankle feature, pointed toes, and slim style, these shoes are a beautiful pick for your semi-formal collection. Our current versions include elegant black sling-backs, ones with spotty leopard print, and pairs with slinky snakeskin patterns too. You’ll be able to wear your pointy-toed women’s flats to work during the day and then out to dinner in the evening. They’re a pretty match with dresses or pants, so you’ll have no trouble pairing them up with different ensembles!

Fashionable trainers 

Are you on the lookout for some casual women’s flats? Our trainers and stylish sneakers are a fantastic option for your 2020 collection. Sporty women’s flats have the flexibility and long-lasting comfort of activewear, but also maintain their sleek profiles. With our trendy trainers on your feet, you can go out from dawn until dusk without ever breaking stride! This season, women’s flats in the look come with different décor, including stripes, animal print panels, and metallic features. Whatever your fashion taste is, you can trust Spendless Shoes to have something on offer that takes your fancy. 

We have even more women’s flats available! 

Did you enjoy this little look at our styles? Well, we’ve got all sorts of other women’s flats for you to search through today! If you want to find the freshest styles of 2020, then join us online and browse at Spendless Shoes yourself. Our dressy designs will dazzle you, and you’ll keep comfy in our casual shoes. It won’t be long before you discover the women’s flats of your dreams are at Spendless!