Five Womens Sandals You Need For Summer

This summer, treat yourself to the best new women’s sandals! Spendless Shoes has got five fabulous designs to tell you about today, and we’re sure one will take your fancy! 


  • Cute slide-on styles


Who doesn’t love a good set of slides? These types of women’s sandals are a great pick during the warmer months because they have a hassle-free fit and an airy feel. On stiflingly hot days when you can’t be bothered fussing with straps or buckles or stiff zips, these slip-on shoes will seem like a blessing. Spendless’ breezy women’s sandals leave toes uncovered and have no bands covering the ankles, so they’re sure to stop your feet from getting hot and sweaty. Plus, our slides come in all sorts of adorable designs! You’ll get spoiled for choice with slip-on shoes! 


  • Women’s sandals with crocodile texture


Get trendy this summer with crocodile-themed shoes! Last year, it was all about snakeskin and leopard print. Now, we’re seeing customers go wild for faux leather women’s sandals with crocodile texture. The scaly look of these 2020 slides is more subtle than a vibrant print but just beautiful! Since most of these styles come in complementary shades like beige and black, you’ll have no trouble finding outfits to wear these women’s sandals. We think your summer wardrobe would benefit from slides with a sweet peep-toes and straps that form an ‘x’ shape. 


  • Pretty platform wedges


These women’s sandals are the ideal pick for formal events, parties and other items on your summer social calendar. Most of these styles look similar to everyday styles with a singular toe band and wraparound ankle band in leather-look material. However, Spendless Shoes also has some cute versions of these women’s sandals with luxurious faux-suede straps. The wedge heels are comfy enough to take out all day and all night, and the broad base offers balance (even when you’re partying outdoors).

This season, we recommend wedged women’s sandals with stylish circular buckles, stacked heels, and grooved contrasting soles! You could wear these with a dress, denim skirt, cute jumpsuit, or any of your other semi-formal summer basics. 


  • Fun flatform women’s sandals 


Do you want the height of heels without the incline? Flatform women’s sandals are a must-have for ladies who want a cosy everyday pair that will let them stand a little taller. The plushy flat platform soles on these pairs offer long-lasting comfort and ease of wear for hours. Some sets, like our striped women’s sandals, have a sporty feel to them. Still, some of the most popular pairs from Spendless Shoes this summer are flatforms with braided rope detailing around the soles. Designs with that fashionable rope texture will give your outfit an extra style boost. 


  • Wondrous waterproof women’s sandals!


No wardrobe could be complete without a pair of beach thongs! During the sunniest summer days, you’ll need women’s sandals that can wade through the surf or paddle in pool water. When the weather is scorching hot, you’ll be glad to have a pair of simple slide-on shoes that can protect your feet from burning hot sand, asphalt and grass. These classic women’s sandals don’t mind getting dirty and cleaning them is super quick: you can rinse them off with fresh water, leave them out to sun-dry, and they’ll be ready to go in a minute.

While beach thongs are an instant match with your favourite swimwear, they’re also easy to throw on under your casual clothes. Get yourself a new pair of waterproof women’s sandals this season! 



Which of these five styles caught your interest?


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