Five Tips To Get Those School Shoes Looking Good As New

Need help getting your boys’ school shoes in shape? Spendless has five tips to make them look like new! 


Brighten up your boys’ school shoes using our Dubbin!

This waxy cleaning product is the perfect way to improve the look of the material and safeguard it for the foreseeable future. Dubbin is a fast-working boys’ school shoes cleaner that won’t stain your hands, so even your children will be able to use it. Dubbin waterproofs, conditions, and protects leather material, but it will work just as well on synthetic/faux leather styles too! Our container is 145ml (125g), and since a little dollop of Dubbin goes a long way, you’ll be able to treat your boys’ school shoes again and again. When your son’s pair is looking worn down, use this handy solution to make the material look glossy once more! 


Our Instant Shine sponge will make your style look like new again!

Do you want something that can clean your boys’ school shoes in a matter of seconds? Well, it sounds like you should be adding our Instant Shine sponge into your shopping cart! Uncap this convenient care accessory, and it's ready to go. Instant Shine can remove dirt, grime, and other mess from your boys’ school shoes without you needing to put any wax or polish on it first. A few quick scrubs are all it takes to get back to a like-new shine! Of course, you can always come back with polish for your boys’ school shoes once Instant Shine takes care of the preliminary stuff. 


Trade your tired old laces in for new ones!

Did you know that we’ve got packets of spare laces for boys’ school shoes in our accessories range? While a student’s footwear isn’t difficult to clean (especially with our products, as we’ve said), their laces can be trickier to deal with than the material. After all, once laces start getting fluffy, frayed, or split, there’s no coming back from that. Spendless’ spare laces are easy to switch into your boys’ school shoes; unlace the current pair and do up the new ones in their place! We have classic black laces for conventional classroom styles. However, we’ve also got white ties for sporty boys’ school shoes (like sneakers and trainers). 


Swap the worn-out innersoles in your boys’ school shoes for new ones!

If your boys’ school shoes came with built-in innersoles or he’s had them for a while, you can replace them effortlessly. Once those inserts start getting thin, weak, and worn, they lose the ability to safeguard your child’s feet. Students wear boys’ school shoes five days a week, so if they need that extra layer of support and cushioning, then it’s paramount that their innersoles are up to scratch. Luckily, Spendless has plenty of replacement pairs for your son’s footwear. There are half innersoles, full-length gel and comfort foam inserts, and gel cushions available. When you want to bring your boys’ school shoes back up to standard, put in new innersoles! 


Buy a new pair!

Did you see this fifth tip coming? Well, we thought it was worth mentioning anyway. There’s a lot that you can do to improve your boys’ school shoes and revamp them. While there’s still room in your son’s pair and there’s more time that he’ll be able to wear them, using our accessories is the best idea. However, if your boys’ school shoes have holes, rips, or scrapes that go beyond a superficial blemish, then it’s best to replace their pair instead. Spendless has styles at the most affordable prices and flexible payment options, so there’s no reason not to update your son’s set. 


Good luck! 

Your boys’ school shoes will look great in no time!