Essential Flats Every Woman Needs in their Spring Wardrobe

Ladies, spring is finally here and what better way to celebrate than by wearing a new pair of women shoes. Treat yourself to some updated kicks so you can feel your very best during this warm season.


One of the most popular and super comfortable pair of women shoes that girl’s love to wear during the warmer weather are a pair of women’s flats. These women shoes are like chelsea boots that offers plenty of comfort and breathability, so you can enjoy slipping in and out of your kicks with ease.


There is a range of essential wide fit women’s flats that every girl loves to rock during spring, so we have created a list to help you out with some options.


If you feel stuck on what women shoes to invest in, why not take a read of our women’s flats suggestions below and watch your wardrobe transform. Our essential picks of women’s flats will have you falling head over heels in love!


Style 1 – Platform Women’s Flats


One pair of women’s flats that we are obsessed with is the platform style. These wide fit women’s flats are the perfect style to wear during spring as they offer plenty of comforts, support, and breathability.


The best thing about these women shoes is that they give you an extra boost of height without compromising your comfort levels. Every girl loves to rock a pair of comfortable flat shoes, and what better footwear style to do this in than a pair of women’s flats.


The platform style features an easy slip-in and slip-out design, offering plenty of comfort for your feet. If you wear these wide fit flat sandal to the beach or the park, you can easily slip them off and feel the ground beneath your feet. If you have a casual dinner planned with your partner or a cocktail night with the girl’s, a pair of women’s flats will be a perfect choice. Feel all levels of comfort and style when you wear a pair of women’s flats.


These wide fit flat shoes come in a range of flat in different colours and designs, so you will never have to feel like you are missing out on the latest trends. These women’s flats will become your new go-to flat shoes, and we cannot wait to see how you style them!


Style 2 – Slides


If you do not have a pair of slides in your flat shoes collection, you need to get some as soon as possible. Slides are a style of women’s flats that nearly everyone owns. These flat shoes are comfortable and stylish for your spring adventures. The best thing about a pair of slides is that they can get worn throughout the year, so you can rock these women’s flats whenever you like.


Slides are an easy-to-wear style of women’s flats that scream comfort and breathability to every girl. These are the perfect pair of flat shoes to wear to the beach or a casual brunch date with some friends.


They are stylish and comfy, so you can look your very best in these wide fit women’s flats no matter what the occasion is. If you love wearing these women’s flats and do not want to let the colder months ruin your look, then wear these casual shoes with some socks and voila, your outfit is sorted.


These wide fit women’s flats are a must-have for your spring wardrobe. You can even throw a pair in your handbag for any after-work fun you plan on having and want to look and feel super comfortable.


Style 3 – Sandals


Hello, flat sandal! These bad boys will have you completely obsessed with women’s flats – and it is all for the right reasons. A pair of the flat sandal will make your spring look from ‘drab to fab’ in no time. Flat sandal are a hot topic in the fashion world at the moment, and with spring coming up, these women’s flats will be the casual shoes to have.


Sandals are best styled with some shorts and a cute crop top or a mini dress and jacket. There are so many looks you can rock with flat sandal, so it is all up to your creative fashion style that will ensure you look your very best.


These wide fit women’s flats are unique because of the designs and patterns displayed on them. Many flat sandal feature a multicoloured base which adds a small change to the look. This small change, however, is what draws everyone in.


The flat sandal can also offer beaded designs on the women shoes straps, giving your spring fit a boost of fashion that you did not know it needed. Whatever outfit you choose to wear, we know that a pair of flat sandal is the ultimate style of women’s flats you can choose to wear during spring.


Style 4 – Self-Tie Strappy Women’s Flats


Spice up your spring wardrobe with a pair of self-tie strappy women’s flats. These casual shoes are super fun, girly and unique, so you can wear them with just about any outfit and still look flawless. These women’s flats are one of the basic styles of flat shoes you could own during spring. This tip is because they are easy to wear and feature a design that is hard to find in other flat shoes styles.


The self-tie straps are the most fun part of these women’s flats because you get some creative freedom with the design of these casual shoes. The self-tie straps are generally tied right around your calves, which means that you can show a little skin.


These women’s flats look stunning with a flowy mini skirt and an oversized t-shirt. Any spring fit that is breathable and flowy will look perfect with a pair of these casual shoes.


Style 5 – Canvas Sneakers


Give a round of applause to the pair of women’s flats that we can not get enough of. That’s right; we are talking about the effortlessly perfect canvas sneakers and sport shoes. These kicks are the go-to style of women’s flats not only in spring but all year long.


Canvas sneakers and sport shoes are a great addition to your spring fit. These casual shoes offer comfort, support, and style, so you will never have to worry about losing your sense of fashion when wearing these kicks.


Our favourite look when it comes to styling a pair of women’s flats with your spring outfit is the all-white look. The all-white canvas sneakers and sport shoes are a must-have style of casual shoes

 in your spring wardrobe, and we are here to tell you why.


These women’s flats in an all-white design provide you with a fresh, clean, and sophisticated look. A pair of all-white canvas sneakers and sport shoes will give your spring fit a boost of chic and comfort no matter what the occasion is.


Whether you wear these kicks with a flowy maxi dress or a pair of jeans and a cute jumper, your spring fit will remain stylish and on-trend thanks to the set of all-white canvas sneakers and sport shoes. Winning!


Style 6 – Loafers


Springtime calls for every girl to invest in a pair of heeled loafer. These wide fit lovely women’s casual shoes are what you need in your spring wardrobe because they are versatile and stylish, making them the perfect pair to wear with any look.


Loafers are the perfect style of women shoes to wear for a day of work in the office. The best thing about loafers is that they can take you straight from the office to after-work drinks with ease.


These women’s flats look gorgeous with a pair of suit pants or a pencil skirt for the office environment. If you are spending a day out and about running some errands, then a heeled loafer will match perfectly with a flowy maxi skirt and a cute crop top.


These kicks will not let you down!


Ready To Update Your Spring Shoe Collection?


Treat yourself to a range of flat for your new spring women shoes collection. You can look and feel your very best with a new set of women’s flats. Select your desired foot length with the help of our size guide. The warm spring breeze will feel amazing with some comfy and breathable women’s flats. Head to our flats online store to see more foot care products.