Common Mistakes Parents Make When Buying Kids School Shoes for the First Time

When shopping for some new kid's school shoes, it can become easy to make a few mistakes. This is especially so for parents who have had to go through the kid's school shoe shopping process for a few years now or are new to the school shoe shopping scene.


We completely understand your pain. Choosing the right pair of brown school shoes for your children is a difficult task at the best of times, but do not fear. The Spendless team is here to save the day.


We have gathered some of the most common mistakes that parents make when buying a kid's popular brands school shoes for the first time. This list will create a helpful guide for you to follow when shopping for your children's party shoes. We are sure that you will not make any mistakes after reading our helpful tips.


Take a scroll down below and check out some of the most common mistakes parents can make when shopping for their kids shoes. These tips will show you what to avoid on your next shopping trip.


Two Sizes Too Big!


One common mistake that parents tend to make when shopping for your senior girls shoes is that they buy them two sizes too big. This process is an easy mistake to make, especially for parents who are new to the shopping girl's and boys school shoes experience.


Many people hear that investing in kid's bigger school shoes, whether lace ups sneakers or not, will help you save some money because the kicks will not have to get replaced as often. However, this is not always the case. When you buy bigger ace school shoes for your child, it can lead to more problems rather than benefits.


For example, if you get your child a pair of junior girls too big for their feet, they may have trouble walking around throughout the day. Likewise, if they struggle to walk in their kids new arrivals school shoes, then they may experience some form of pain and discomfort.


In addition, the gaps within their trail run footwear may cause friction and lead to a range of sores and blisters around their feet. The pair of kid's leather school shoes online may also alter their growth and can develop an uneven walk.


The best way to notice if this occurs is to check if your child has a hop or lob-sided slant when they walk. Buying a pair of white leather kicks that are too big for your child's feet is much more common than not, so do not worry if this does occur.


It is best to avoid making this mistake, but it is not the end of the world if it does happen. Just keep the pair of kid's black leather shoes in storage for a year or two, and once their feet have grown a size or two, then these womens shoes kicks will be perfect for them.


Leaving Your Child At Home!


Another common mistake parents make when shopping for a new pair of kid's sport shoes is that their child stays at home. It may seem like a much easier process to go to the shops without your child. It can be because your child may become restless quickly.


Shopping with an energetic child is never fun for any parent so, it can seem like the better option to not bring them along. However, when shopping for kid's school shoes, it is best to try and bring them along for the experience so you can decide on the best pair of crossing training shoes for them.


If you leave your child at home during this shopping experience, then you may return home with a pair of mens shoes that they are unhappy about. Therefore, it is a priority to bring your child, especially girls, along with to the shops so they can have a say in the style of mary janes you decide to buy.


They will appreciate coming along for the shopping experience, plus, to make it even more fun, why not treat them to some dessert afterwards. Your child will feel included and respected if they get to come along and have a say in the shopping process.


Unpopular Kicks!


A common mistake that parents tend to make is buying block heels that they think are cool, but their child does not. This is a lot more common than you would think because of the fast-moving fashion trends of popular brands. As a result, it is easy for parents to pick up a pair of leather school shoes that might be outdated.


The pair of kid's leather school shoes that catch your eye might have been a fashionable pair of footwear from when you were younger yourself and has made its way back into the fashion scene. However, your child might prefer a newer style of chelsea boots that all of their friends have as well.


Every child likes the feeling of fitting in and being a part of a friendship group. So, buying a pair of unpopular black school shoes might affect this situation. However, the footwear style lynx blue may also be undesirable for other reasons, including an uncomfortable fit of womens new arrivals or a weird design.


Whatever the reason may be, it is best to try and avoid purchasing unpopular school shoes or surf sandals for your child.


Not Professionally Measured!


One of the best things for parents to do when shopping for a new pair of hush puppies inspired school shoes is to ensure their feet get professionally measured. The majority of stores that sell footwear can offer free estimating services for your child's feet with their size guides.


So, you will not have to worry about making any mistakes in sizes or styles. Instead, bring your child along to get their feet measured by a professional. This process can ensure that the pair of black school shoes you invest in will fit your child's feet perfectly and last for as long as possible.


In addition, getting your children's feet measured with size guides ensures the right amount of wiggle room for any growth that may occur throughout the year. This is an important feature to consider when purchasing some kid's school shoes as children are constantly growing, so allowing them some extra space is a must-have.


Ignoring The Uniform Guidelines!


Everybody makes mistakes – it is a natural thing for humans to do. But, unfortunately, when it comes to shopping for kid's premium leather shoes, parents are prone to making mistakes. One common mistake that parents make is that they ignore the uniform guidelines.


This mistake is usually caused by accident because the parents are misinformed or have not received a formal list of uniform guidelines before shopping for some kid's black school shoes. For example, the uniform guidelines sometimes state that only black-coloured kid's school shoes can get purchased to wear.


Parents can make the easy mistake of buying some colourful kicks or all-white sneakers because they look like suitable kid's school shoes. However, if you are unsure of the guidelines of trade enquiries, it is best to give your child's education institute a call.


This tip will save you the time and effort on buying a pair of trade enquiries shoes from the schools guidelines that may not be suitable to wear.


Invest In Accessories!


The one thing that parents tend to forget the most is to invest in some ethical sourcing of school shoes accessories. This tip is an underrated process that many parents make the mistake of not listening to. However, buying some accessories for your child's footwear will be beneficial when you least expect it.


The laces and socks of your leather school shoes are the first things to experience some wear and tear. There will be a time where your child returns home and needs their kid's black school shoes to get fixed. By having some spare laces and socks in the cupboard, your problems can get instantly sorted out. Woohoo!


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