Comfortable Flats For Any Workplace!

If you need new women’s flats to wear to work, then our ballet-style slides are an easy option. These time-tested shoes have always been a hot pick for office workers.

For a start, the slide-in design is perfect when you’re in a rush to put your women’s flats on your feet and get yourself out of the door in the morning. But, since these aren’t open at the back, there’s no risk of them accidentally sliding off your feet when you’re moving quickly either. You could easily wear one pair of these women’s flats for the week and rotate your corporate clothes around it.

Our most ballet-style shoes come in shades like tan, black, and white, which are the easiest to match with other colours. So, no matter what the aesthetic of your work wardrobe is, these women’s flats will look fantastic! Keep your eyes out for styles with metallic features (like decorative buckles) on top. 


Get women’s flats that balance style and cosiness!


Spendless Shoes has a fantastic group of loafers that we’re sure you’ll adore as work styles. Like our ballet-look women’s flats, these time-saving shoes slide onto your feet with minimal fuss. Of course, you’ll spot several differences between loafers and ballet styles. Where the previous women’s flats had rounded toes, you’ll find a fair few of our loafers have pointed toes instead.

Our loafers also have a much more casual vibe, and they’ll bring an easygoing summertime vibe to your corporate wardrobe. Here at Spendless, we recommend getting a pair of these women’s flats in a light colour like pale pink, blue, beige or white to brighten up your workwear! 


Does your workplace allow uncovered toes?


Many offices have rules against women’s flats with peep-toes. However, if your dress code is more relaxed in summer (or uncovered toes aren’t a problem), then you can treat yourself to our gorgeous collection of sandals! We have a huge collection of sandal-style women’s flats, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

We’re sure you’ll fall head-over-heels for our decorative slides, soft self-tie styles, or strappy sandals. These will be a go-to for office ladies during spring and summer, especially on hot days. Besides, our classic women’s flats are flexible and kind on feet, so spending a long and busy shift with them on your feet will be no issue! 


Try our trendy trainers!


Our most fashionable sneakers could be your favourite women’s flats for work in 2020! If your workday is always active, then you’ll appreciate the extra support and endurance of these shoes. After all, sneaker-style women’s flats are only a step below Spendless’ active sneakers. Since they’re trans-seasonal styles, you won’t have to put these away at any point of the year. Instead, you can enjoy wearing these sporty-feeling women’s flats week-in and week-out.

In 2020, stylish sneakers with an all-white base are some of our most popular at Spendless Shoes, and you’ll find pairs decorated with all sorts of cool features. Blue and red stripes, shiny metallic panels, strips of leopard print material, and pin-punched detailing are a few of the fashionable additions you might spot on trainers and similar women’s flats. 



Who’s ready to have a look?


Spendless Shoes has got the comfiest women’s flats, and they’re waiting for you! Come visit us and browse through our corporate collection. We know it won’t be long before something takes your fancy!