Clean Polish & Protect: A Guide to Cleaning Men's Leather Boots

Do you own a pair of men’s boots? If you are nodding yes, then this is your sign to keep on reading. We feel that your set of craftsman boots gets worn a lot, which means that they also get dirty. If you struggle with the cleaning process of your craftsman boots, then do not fear.


Spendless Shoes have got you sorted. We have gathered our best tips and tricks on cleaning, polishing, and protecting your pair of men’s boots like lace-up boots. These tips come with a particular focus on men’s leather top boots like chelsea boot because every man knows how difficult it can be to clean a pair of men’s leather boots.


If you are keen to learn more about the cleaning process for men’s leather top boots, then keep reading. We are sure that your pair of men’s leather top boots will come out squeaky clean on the other end.


Tip 1 – Clean The Laces!


One thing you need to do when cleaning your men’s leather boots is to separate the laces. This is because the laces are the first part of the casual boots to experience wear and tear. Once this occurs, your laces can become much dirtier than the men’s boots.


The best way to clean laces from your pair of men’s boots is to take them out of the casual shoes and place them straight into the wash. These should blend in nicely with your dirty load of regular laundry. A bit of soap and water will do the trick to ensure that these laces get cleaned. If you find that they are becoming ratty and the thread is starting to pull, it may be time to invest in new casual shoes.


You will not have to worry about investing in a new pair of mens shoes if you know that it is just the laces that need replacing. A quick clean should do the trick, and then your men’s boots will be as good as new again!


Tip 2 – Condition The Leather!


Just like washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, your pair of men’s leather boots also need the same type of tender love and care.


You may notice with these mens shoes that the tan leather can start to dry out. If you have seen some cracks in your pair of men’s leather top boots, that is a good indication that the material is drying out. The best way to fix this problem is to condition the tan leather.


The material of your men’s premium boot begins to dry out when a lot of moisture escapes the tan leather or if they are affected by water damage. You, unfortunately, cannot mend this issue. However, you can try to prevent it. All you need to do is keep the tan leather healthy and condition the mens shoes. 


Invest in some tan leather conditioner and gently rub the solution around the pair of wide fit men’s boots with an old piece of cloth. Use circular motions so you can spread this out evenly and do a few treatment rounds. Once complete, let the mens shoes dry for around 20 minutes and rest for another twelve hours. You can dry off these craftsman boots once the process is complete and chuck them back onto your feet.


Remember, to keep your men’s leather top boots healthy and fresh, and you should conduct a conditioning treatment every few months.


Tip 3 – Polish And Shine!


If you notice that your men’s leather boots are starting to lose their colour and shine, then all you have to do is invest in some Instant Shine.


This product can quickly and effectively freshen up your casual shoes. It is helpful for leather shoes because it brings out the natural colours of the material. Illuminate the leather of your craftsman boots by rubbing some instant shine over the top.


This tip is most effective when used on your casual shoes consistently. We know that you will love the finished look once your casual shoes have been shined and polished.


Tip 4 – Avoid Any Rain Or Mud!


The best way to keep your men’s leather top boots clean and protected is to avoid wearing them in excessive amounts of rain or mud.


Mud will instantly dirty your pair of mens shoes, which is not ideal for any guy. The hard part about wearing a pair of men’s leather boots is that they are very popular during the colder seasons. This issue also means that there is much more exposure to mud, dirt, and rain.


The best way to protect your pair of men’s leather shoes is to avoid walking through excessive amounts of mud and rain. If you can minimise the amount of exposure to mud and rain that your men’s leather boots experience, then the longer that they will stay clean. When you cannot avoid it, make sure you clean your casual shoes straight after wearing them.


This tip will be super helpful for the next time you chuck on your pair of casual shoes.


Tip 5 – Clean Off Any Dirt And Debris!


One hot tip when keeping your pair of wide fit men’s boots clean is to clear off any dirt and debris as soon as you have finished wearing them.


This can be as simple as getting a damp cloth and wiping over the pair of mens shoes once you have finished wearing them. You can also ensure that any debris left on your pair of craftsman boots is removed. Cleaning these casual shoes is best done outside so, then there is no dirt on the inside of your house. Some dirt and debris may be much harder to remove compared to others.


So, if this is the case, all you have to do is grab a saturate soapy cloth and water and start to scrub out the excess dirt. It is a time-consuming process, but if you want your men’s leather boots to look good, then this is the best way to do it.


Tip 6 – Accessories


Every guy needs to invest in some mens dress accessories for their pair of craftsman boots. So, to ensure that they stay clean and comfortable for wearing them, it is best to follow these recommendations.


When you get your hands on a new pair of craftsman boots, we encourage you to invest in some innersoles too. A set of innersoles can improve the feel and comfort level of your set of men's premium boot, which can be super beneficial for your feet.


These are super helpful for a set of mens shoes that do not have much support on the heels. If you love a pair of craftsman boots with a lace up boot feature, you will also need to invest in some backup laces. Laces are the first feature of a pair of mens shoes affected by wear and tear the most. You will thank yourself later by keeping some spare laces in the shoe cupboard.


Treat yourself to some backup socks because you never know when you will end up with a pair of socks with some holes in them.


Are You Ready To Get Your Pair Of Men's Boots Cleaned Up?!


If you are nodding yes, then get ready your bucket of soapy water ready. Our range of tips and tricks will ensure that your pair of wide fit men's leather boots are as clean as a whistle. They will be super clean that once you wear them again, you will have compliments coming in left, right and centre on how clean and new they look. 


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