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The onset of a new season is the best time to review your closet and change things. Some clothes will return to storage, while those ideal for the new season go out front. The same thing goes for men's casual shoes. Some options had to take a backseat for a few months because they were unsuitable for cold months. But now it's time for new casual shoes to party.


What are you in the mood for? Have you been dying to get specific casual shoes but only found the opportunity now?Let's go through the new Spendless styles deserving of a spot in your revamped closet. Consider the comfort, versatility, and style of the men's casual shoes you plan to purchase. 


Will the footwear make you feel better? Can shoes boost your style and aura? If you answered yes to the questions, it's time for an upgrade with the help of our team at Spendless. Let's look at which Spendless men's casual shoes deserve your attention. Let's dive into it!


What are loafers?


If you're tired of wearing men's casual shoes with fastening, which you wore often during the colder months, it's time to go easy with loafers. Loafers are famous for their slip-on and low design. The lack of fastenings adds to the sleekness of these shoes, providing the wearer with an easy-wearing experience.


Loafers are famous for their minimalist aesthetic, although some styles have unique embellishments and adornments worthy of attention. Most of these men's casual footwear have low-to-no heels, making it cosy to stay on your feet for extended hours.


Party outdoors and at night with loafers because their versatility makes it a suitable option. Did you miss showing your ankles after months of hiding in boots and thick socks? You can expose them now with this footwear.


Benefits of having loafers


Aside from comfort, let's look at other benefits you can gain when you add loafers to your wardrobe.


  • Timeless style


There are men's casual shoes that trend for a season or two, and then there are loafers, which will remain stylish for years. You can expect the loafers you buy now will still be a hit when you wear them a year later. Indulge yourself in casual footwear that you can rely on.


  • Breathability


Foot health and hygiene rank high in positive lasting impressions. These shoes' open-top design and materials ensure air can circulate and keep your feet fresh during warmer months. It keeps moisture and foul smell away!


  • Transeasonal 


You can wear these shoes all year because they look good in winter, spring, summer, and fall fashion. Most guys who downsize their closets choose loafers because they are always fashionable. Whether warm or cold, formal or laidback, this chameleon-like footwear adjusts and fits in easily.


What are topsiders?


More popularly known as men's casual boat shoes, topsiders are every water baby's dream. This footwear is a lifesaver (literally and figuratively), keeping you at the top of your fashion game and protecting you from slipping off the boat. These shoes came from the need for increased stability for sailors and boatmen.


Years later, topsiders made their way from the sea to land. From their functional duties, these men's casual boat shoes have started making fashion waves, attracting non-sailors attention. While topsiders still perform their initial function on wet grounds, several guys wear them on dry land.


Like loafers, these shoes are slip-on, even if laces are part of their distinct style. Laces go around the footwear, adding to its unique style. However, unlike loafers, topsiders are only suitable for warmer months like spring and summer. Take them when you bask under the sun's warmth while sipping cocktails on your yacht.


Benefits of having topsiders


Here are other reasons guys get a pair of topsiders for their shoe collection.


  • Increased safety 


These shoes have grooved soles, providing excellent traction on wet and slippery surfaces. You can enjoy your water or nearby water activities in peace, knowing you are not at risk of falling into an accident.


  • Durability


Men's casual footwear that withstand moisture and sea weather take time to break. You can ensure extended days of wearing topsiders because the durable materials will keep them around longer.


  • Travel-friendly


These men's casual footwear are ideal if you take time off to relax. Topsiders do not take up luggage space and weight and match well with nautical outfits you will likely wear on vacation. Some guys prefer wearing them when going through airport security checks, requiring them to remove and wear footwear quickly.


What are garden clogs?


Surprise people by stepping out of the house in a pair of garden clogs. If these men's casual footwear differ from your usual, it's time to try them. Like topsiders, garden clogs had an initial purpose before guys started using them for daily fashion wear. Garden clogs are the epitome of laidback, comfortable, and low maintenance—characteristics of a no-fuss guy like you.


Like the first two options, these men's casual footwear are slip-on. Enjoy outdoor activities with this waterproof or water-resistant footwear option. Getting dirty is not a problem because these footwear are easy to clean with a rinse of water. While wearing one is unconventional, who says you're a typical guy? Try something new this spring and prove how functional and fashionable garden clogs are.


Benefits of garden clogs


Garden clogs are in a league of their own. Here are more reasons why.


  • Ventilation


Garden clogs come with holes that provide ventilation to keep you comfy on a warm day outdoors. Guys love wearing these men's casual footwear to the beach and other outdoor activities because they are well-ventilated.


  • Excellent traction


The textured outsoles of garden clogs secure your footing, especially when dealing with soft or uneven surfaces. Stay safe and comfy in this footwear option.


Elevate Your Closet with Spendless Mens' Casual Shoes!


The range of casual footwear at Spendless is perfect for everyday wear or a night out on the town. We have a wide selection of footwear comparable to popular brands such as Hush Puppies, Wild Rhino, Skechers, and more.You can keep looking for more shoes on the Spendless website until you find the right pair with a relaxed style that suits you. 


Find and compare our new styles of shoes with those you can see at a brand shop without wasting time using clear filters and the quick view option. Head to the nearest Spendless retailer or online store to grab these new men's casual shoes. Be sure to add a water and stain protection spray for their maintenance and longevity!