Casual Shoes for Women That Can’t Be Beaten Are at Spendless!

Everyone wants to look their best—to be the first to own and find the trendy women’s casual shoes everyone discusses. 


Ladies love it when other people, including strangers, compliment them on what they’re wearing, curious about where they bought it.


And if you’re one of them, who’s competitive and wants women’s casual footwear at the top of the style chain, there’s only one place you should go shopping—Spendless! 


The brand has everything you need, even before you realise you need it. If you want to see an overview of the women’s casual footwear that Spendless has, you better check out the lifestyle collection, where all the good stuff is!


With these shoes at your feet, expect people to approach you—whether on the train, bus, streets, or mall. 


Not only will these styles give you the confidence boost you need to stay motivated throughout the day, but they will also keep you comfortable and supported. 


Our team at Spendless will give you a rundown of the different kinds that will have you wearing the top style available. Are you excited to get to know them? Read on!


Style 1—Wedges


Wedges are women’s casual pairs with soles extending from the back to the front of the footwear, providing height, stability, and support. Any footwear with a continuous bottom from the back to the front falls under the category of open or closed wedges.


If you want to be the talk of the town because you have such unique footwear in your wardrobe, consider getting any of the ones at Spendless. We’ll share an open wedge and a closed one to give you options. 


This casual footwear is ideal for outdoor events since its stability prevents you from accidentally tripping and twisting your ankles.


A summer wedge in natural colour should be at the top of your shopping list if you’re a fan of picnics, backyard barbeques, and going to beaches. 


These pairs feature an easy slingback ankle for a flexible fit, a chic peep toe, and a low wedge heel for subtle height. Friends and family would be jealous of this attractive wedge, with its strappy detailing and metallic decoration. 


Wear these women’s casual footwear with maxi dresses for the perfect warm-weather look!


Spendless also has a winter wedge for you, the closed version. These women’s casual footwear are in sneakers form. You won’t notice the hidden wedge heel until you wear the footwear. 


Outside, people will think you’re wearing a typical pair of women’s casual footwear, but little do they know you’ve added a few centimetres to your height. The sneakers have two tasselled zippers, which add fashion and security. 


Styling these women’s casual footwear up or down is easy. Wear them with tights and sweater dresses during the colder months or denim shorts and tank tops in the warmer ones.


Style 2—Loafers


Who says casual shoes for women are for laidback and relaxed activities only?


Loafers are flat women’s casual pairs popular for their minimalist and preppy vibe. Several ladies wear loafers to work because they look good and keep them comfortable during their shifts. 


When you have a pair of loafers in your closet, you can guarantee versatile footwear to take you wherever you want.


Spendless has many loafer styles available, but we recommend the chunky ones, which are trending currently. These shoes provide height without discomfort, boosting your confidence. 


The levelled shoe will allow you to stand for hours, rush to meetings, and commute to and from your house without pain.


Most Spendless loafers have distinct chain detailing across the top of the footwear. Some styles have a shiny finish, while others don’t. They come in various colours. However, some work outfits you can wear with this casual collection are all-black monochrome. 


Wear the black Spendless chunky loafer with trousers and a button-down top. Add a blazer if you need a more formal look.


But don’t limit the use of these women’s casual footwear to work since you can also wear them for a weekend retreat with the girls. Instead, wear loafers with denim skirts and a plain round-neck T-shirt. 


While wearing socks with these women’s casual footwear wasn’t always accepted, it is now! Fashion is evolving, and completing your weekend outfit with loafers and ankle socks is a thing!


Style 3—Sneakers


Aside from having casual shoes for women at the top of the style charts, wouldn’t it be nice to have a trans-seasonal pair too?


Sneakers are the epitome of trans-seasonal footwear and continually top the charts. Everyone wears these women’s casual footwear because they are stylish all year. 


People turn to sneakers when they need footwear for errands, travel, workouts, and fun activities.


With the many activities where you can wear these women’s casual footwear, you know they are versatile. 


Some have even dared to wear white sneakers during formal events—even brides, on their wedding days—which ended up being a hit with everyone.


What ladies love the most about this footwear is the comfort, including breathability on warm days when they need to keep their feet fresh. And since most styles come with a lace fastening, you have control over the fit. 


And while laces are usually crisscrossed with footwear, there are other ways to put the laces through the eyelets. 


Not only will doing this add more personality and fashion to your women’s casual pairs, but it will also provide the right fit depending on your foot type.


The sneakers at Spendless come in three forms: walking, trainers, and sports luxe.


If you need support for your workouts and active lifestyle, get a pair of trainers because these women’s casual footwear has features to keep you steady and supported while doing strenuous movements. 


Plus, they look amazing with athleisure wear!


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