Casual Shoes for Men That Are Ideal for Weekend Errands!

Weekends are often busy, with various activities lined up. After a week of hard work, sleeping in a little longer is natural. However, your mind is already buzzing with things you need to accomplish. From picking up groceries to meeting family for brunch, you need a reliable pair of men’s casual shoes to make your day comfortable. Where can you find the perfect pair for your weekend errands?

Look no further, as Spendless has curated a fantastic selection of men’s casual shoes perfect for weekend errands. These options can take you from one activity to another without worrying if your schedule looks tight. While some of the casual shoes in the collection may not be suitable for gardening or grocery shopping, the selection is diverse enough to cater to your needs.

The best part about shopping at Spendless is getting your money’s worth. These casual shoes are also ideal for other activities—errands, hangouts, and trips. So, if you’re ready to discover which Spendless men’s casual shoes are ideal for weekend errands, let’s get started!


Style 1—Slip-on Sneakers


The collection of men’s casual shoes at Spendless is a treasure trove of options. However, we will focus on the styles guys can use to accomplish many weekend errands. The first option we recommend is perfect for guys wanting to get out the door quickly and start the task. Slip-on sneakers are the ultimate casual shoes, ideal for guys who must go without fussing about laces. They are breathable, cosy, versatile, and practical. 

When running errands on the weekend, you’ll likely make several stops at the grocery store, navigate the aisles, search for everything on your list, carry heavy bags to your car, and then into your house. The beauty of wearing slip-on casual shoes is that you won’t have to worry about laces coming undone. Imagine if your laces came loose and you had no free hands to tie them again—it could lead to an accident. With slip-on casual shoes, you can easily avoid this worry and focus on completing your errands. 

Treat yourself with any of the options at Spendless. One option we highly recommend is the Rio slip-on sneakers. These casual shoes have soft, breathable mesh material to keep your feet airy and well-ventilated, especially during long days on your feet. The thick, supportive sole provides excellent cushioning and stability, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to avoid foot fatigue. It helps that these casual shoes are lightweight, too, so they do not add to the extra weight you’re already carrying. Available in black, Rio is perfect for covering up dirt and scuffs you may encounter while finishing your errands. 


Style 2—Garden Clogs


Garden clogs are hard to beat where versatility is concerned. These men’s casual shoes are the perfect choice for anyone who spends their weekends working in the garden or completing yard work. With their sturdy and waterproof design, garden clogs can handle any amount of dirt, mud, or moisture that comes their way. The gripped soles provide excellent traction, ensuring you won’t slip on wet soil, grass, or walkways. But don’t let the name trick you; these casual shoes are not limited to the garden. Their durable and practical features make them an excellent choice for running errands or completing tasks around the house. 

You may encounter spilt liquids and slippery floors while navigating the grocery store. But with your garden clogs, you can move around safely. These casual shoes provide excellent grip and stability, making them an excellent outdoor or indoor activity choice. Even if your clogs get dirty, you can clean them without hassle. 

Wavemens garden clogs can take you from your backyard to errands with ease. These casual shoes from Spendless feature a convenient slide-on, closed-toe design, a thick, gripped sole, and a support strap at the back to keep them in place. The breathable material ensures your feet stay cool and ventilated, even in hot weather. The holes in these casual shoes serve a dual purpose by allowing air to circulate and water to pass through and dry quickly. So, why not add these garden clogs to your collection? These versatile and practical casual shoes will become your trusted favourites in no time.


Cleaning Your Men's Casual Shoes


Constant use of your men’s casual shoes, especially for errands, can expose them to dirt and other elements. Although Spendless ensures its footwear is durable, you must clean it to ensure peak performance over time. These tips will keep any casual shoes fresh and clean, ready to tackle another weekend of errands and fun.


Step 1—Protect upon Unboxing

Some people think maintenance on men’s casual shoes only happens after they get dirty. However, it should start when you take them home before wearing them. Use a water and stain protection spray from Spendless from the onset and reapply it on your casual shoes weekly to reinforce the shield against filth.


Step 2—Clean Them Properly

Since you can wet garden clogs safely, rinse them with water and let them dry after use. Ensure you get all the dirt from the crevices and corners. Wipe other kinds of men’s casual shoes with a dry cloth or brush; an old toothbrush will do, and ensure you get everything. Knock them together so that loose ones will fall off—it’s best to do this outside the house to keep the inside clean.


Step 3—Dry Naturally

For men’s casual shoes that got wet, dry them naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. You can hasten the process by putting scrunched-up newspapers inside to absorb the moisture.


Step 4—Store Them

Use a shoe closet, rack, or bag to store your men’s casual shoes. Avoid leaving them lying around for dust to collect and settle on them.


Run Your Errands with Relaxed Style Men's Casual Shoes at Spendless!


You may find a wide selection of comfy styles like slip-on sneakers, garden clogs, boat shoes, lace-ups, desert boots, and more at Spendless. With brands like Hush Puppies and Julius Marlow, Spendless stands out for providing a range of new styles perfect for running errands.

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