Budget-Friendly Boys’ School Shoes

Shopping for the new academic year is challenging because you need to buy many things your child needs while keeping the budget in check. At Spendless, we guarantee you’ll get your hands on boys’ school shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and, more importantly, affordable. 


But do you need help with budget-friendly styles for your young one? After all, among other things, you must purchase a bag, a lunch box, notebooks, pens, socks, and then their footwear. Even if you have a kid in high school, shoes that boys and girls will love and are still affordable won't be that challenging to find.


As a savvy shopper, you look for brands that can give you value for your money.


If yes, our team at Spendless can guide you in narrowing down the choices. One way to get budget-friendly school shoes is to check the material. The vegan-friendly collection at Spendless is a line that won't break your budget and still has excellent school shoes boys find appealing.


The styles are great, and the comfort and support are exceptional. Are you ready to learn more about them? Keep reading!


1. Vegan-Friendly Material


Vegan-friendly footwear has no trace of animal products in it. Footwear made from synthetic materials is more reasonably priced than its leather counterparts because it requires fewer steps in production. Without the need for animal farming, producing them does not cost as much.


But aside from benefiting from the lower production costs, you can gain more by purchasing vegan-friendly shoes from Spendless. So what are these many benefits?


  • An excellent alternative to leather minus animal cruelty.

  • Buying vegan-friendly footwear contributes to reducing pollution and waste production.

  • A step towards an eco-friendly future where the environment, including all its inhabitants, benefits.

  • These are more affordable but do not compromise quality.

  • Vegan-friendly footwear can stand the test of time.


Having read all this, are you more convinced about getting vegan-friendly footwear?


2. Stylish Kids' School Shoes


Spendless carries excellent styles that your son will love wearing. Three types of vegan-friendly shoes are available: double-straps, lace-ups, and sneakers.


Style 1—Double-Straps


Double straps made of synthetic material are great for active students who like to study and have fun at the same time. These vegan-friendly shoes have the flexible soles of trainers and the classic look of formal footwear.


These got their name by using two touch-fastening straps to ensure the footwear won’t go anywhere. Keeping them in place is essential for young boys who love to play and run around, so they won’t remove their shoes accidentally and hurt themselves. 


The style comes in black, the colour of the standard uniform dress code for footwear.


These touch-fastening straps are among three available fastenings at Spendless. You can also call it the hook and loop fastening because of the two nylon strips, one with hooks and the other with loops, which lock together when pressed.


Early starters love this style because they can secure the shoes to their feet singlehandedly without requiring any particular skill. However, in choosing this style, you need to know a couple of things about touch-fastening straps:


  • There’s a limit to the number of times your child can open and close the shoes before they lose holding strength. Once adhesion wears out, you need to replace the footwear since they won’t close anymore.

  • Dirt, dust, and small particles can attach to the strips, weakening their adhesion. However, you can fix this by using household items like tweezers and duct tape to pick up and remove the debris.

  • Prying the straps open cause a loud, distinct, annoying sound.


Style 2—Lace-Up


Lace-up shoes are ideal for older kids who can tie their laces independently. These shoes serve a dual purpose. 


One is to keep your child comfortable while learning in class. The second is to support their feet while running around the playground during breaks. This footwear combines a relaxed fit with a timeless design.


The footwear gets to do these things effortlessly, thanks to the sporty soles that keep them upright, steady, and stable. We wouldn’t want your sons to go home scuffed and wounded after an activity-filled day.


Like the double-straps, lace-up shoes also come in black, an excellent colour for uniforms. The footwear uses laces for fastening—the only means independent of the footwear.


Laces work by going through two lines of eyelets, giving your child complete control of the fit. They can tighten or loosen the shoes as needed, and if they are creative enough, they can string the laces through the eyelets differently.


Here are some things you need to know about lace-ups so that you can make an informed decision:


  • Because laces are independent of the shoes, you can clean or replace them separately from the footwear. One part doesn’t affect the other. If you need newlaces or extras, you can get some from Spendless.

  • Laces can become undone accidentally, which may be a tripping hazard for any child. You must ensure they are of the correct length and your child knots the laces tightly.


Style 3—Sneakers


The third pair of vegan-friendly school shoes is ideal for activities like sports, clubs, and physical education (PE). These activities are more strenuous and need the support sneakers can provide.


With a padded heel for shock absorption and touch-fastening straps to keep them in place, we can guarantee your child will have the best time and remain safe while pursuing his interests.


  • These shoes come in black and white, which is acceptable for PE and sports. Your child can also use these sneakers during the weekend for play dates or trips to the mall, giving you more value for your money.


You Won’t Regret Purchasing from Spendless!


The range of kids’ school shoes from Spendless will give you everything your child needs to survive the academic year. For further information, including converting between US, UK, and EU CM sizes, consult the size guide. (Exact categories or search filters, such as "baby," "toddler," "mens," and "womens," can help you focus your search. Be sure to clear filters as you browse through the filters.)


They are budget-friendly without compromising the quality and comfort they can offer. And since you want to save money, you’ll love Spendless’ flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay later! 


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