Boys’ School Shoes They Won’t Fight You On

If you’ve ever spent mornings chasing your son around the house to make him wear boys’ school shoes, you can relate to other parents searching for styles the children won’t fight you on. 


It came to a point where you'd already offered treats, extra play hours, and toys to make them wear the footwear, but to no avail.


Fret not, dear parents, as our team from Spendless is stepping in to help you solve this daily stress. First, we understand you need school shoes to make each morning a breeze. But who doesn’t want extra minutes of sleep and peace?


Before presenting this collection of school shoes that is every parent’s dream, we first need to know what could cause your child’s dislike of their footwear. 


By addressing the root cause, you can avoid the issue. So, are you ready to step into the world of Spendless boys’ school shoes? Let’s go!


Why is it challenging to make my son wear his kids’ school shoes?


The wrong fit is why it’s difficult for parents to make their child wear their academic footwear. 


While the shoes may have fit when you bought them together, your child may have undergone a growth spurt that made his footwear ill-fitting four weeks later.


No one wants footwear that doesn’t fit because it’s painful, uncomfortable, and can cause blisters and other deformities. In addition, there must always be a 1 cm gap between your child’s longest toe and the tip of the shoes. 


Your role as a parent is to check every four weeks if the gap is still there because your child may not tell you about it.


Another reason your son might have trouble wearing school shoes is their dislike of the style. Eventually, your child will develop individuality and prefer footwear styles different from what you think is good. 


Their classmates and peers may influence the kind of school shoes your child likes. If the type you got isn’t the latest fad in the classroom, your child is likely ashamed to wear them, which makes it more challenging every morning.


How can I address the issues?


It would help to remember some things about getting school shoes with the right fit. As mentioned, the possibility of growth spurts every so often can make your child outgrow their footwear, so please check constantly. 


As for getting the correct size, you must measure the length and width of each foot separately to ensure each foot has the right academic shoes. Our wide size range will also make things easier.


Have your child wear the socks they plan to wear with the academic footwear for a dry run. 


Bring your son shopping with you so they can try the footwear and walk around the store to check the fit. Involving your son in shopping will make them feel comfortable giving feedback regarding the academic shoes. 


They can tell you what clicks and what hurts.


It’s your role to ensure that the academic shoes they prefer can provide them with the comfort and support their developing feet need throughout the day. But, more importantly, they can tell you which style they like. 


If what they want isn’t good for them, you must explain why they must choose another type and that you’re doing it for their sake.


What styles should I consider?


The incredible thing about shopping for new school shoes for your son at Spendless is having access to classic and popular styles. In addition, your son will not feel left out or made fun of because the huge range is well-loved. 


More importantly, Spendless knows what support your child needs from academic shoes, so the brand ensures each style can provide that. So let’s look at the types of footwear your son won’t fight you over.


Style 1—Pull-on Ankle Boots


The early starters prefer pull-on ankle boots because they are easily worn. In addition, this academic footwear has pull tabs that help your child wear it quickly. Older students also prefer this style to avoid being late for class.


While devoid of fastening, these school shoes have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape. The gussets also ensure a comfortable, snug fit that won’t have the shoe flying off accidentally. 


You’ll appreciate how stylish this school footwear is when you realise it's appropriate for weekend events and matches well with suits.


Style 2—Double Straps


Older students prefer double-strapped school footwear with easy-to-lock touch-fastening straps. By pressing two nylon strips together, your child can secure the footwear. 


In addition, these are breathable, allowing air to circulate and moisture to escape.


More importantly, these leather shoes have insulation capacity, allowing them to retain heat during the winter. We don’t want your child’s toes to freeze. 


This footwear’s rounded-toe design gives your child enough room for their toes to spread naturally, which can impact their balance and stability.


Style 3—Lace Up


The most intricate of all styles, lace-ups, require your child to have the advanced skill of tying laces independently. But for kids, this footwear style is a badge of honour because not everyone can connect their laces. 


This academic footwear ensures your child’s comfort and support by providing adjustability. Your child can tighten or loosen the footwear’s fit as necessary. 


Like the double-straps, the lace-up academic footwear uses leather material that provides breathability during warmer seasons and insulation during colder ones.


Ensure Your Child’s Academic Performance


Your child needs a comfortable, supportive, and stylish pair to ensure they can concentrate and perform well in the classroom. 


So say goodbye to morning tantrums by heading to the nearest Spendless retailer store or shop online to grab one for your child!


It would be best to prioritise durability and comfort when purchasing kids' school shoes for your sons. Because of this, we recommend you look for school shoes boys will like, with many benefits available at Spendless.


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