Boys' School Shoes That Won't Blow the Budget

The start of every academic year is a busy time for parents and guardians.


They are responsible for preparing and shopping for all their children's needs – bags, notebooks, socks, lunchboxes, pencils, and boys' school shoes, among others. It literally almost feels like shop, shop, shop till you drop!


With a growing shopping list to fulfil, it's no surprise that adults look for items that won't blow the budget.


Where can you find a pair of school shoes that tick all the boxes and are affordable too?


At Spendless, where else?


The school shoes at Spendless are comfortable, durable, supportive, and affordable.


The three styles – pull-on boots, double straps, and lace-up – all follow the uniform requirements.


Our team at Spendless will make decision-making easier for you by breaking down each style.


Please read more about Spendless school shoes that won't blow the budget.


 Style 1 - Pull-On Boots as Boy's School Shoes


The pull-on boots are the ideal boys' shoes for winter because they cover the entire feet until the ankles.


This footwear is perfect for young boys in their early years who are still learning how to close straps or tie laces.


The elastic side gussets of these shoes stretch to accommodate your son's feet as he slides them in to wear the footwear.


Their thick soles offer better traction and stability, protecting your child as they run around and play in the playground.


 Style 2 - Double Straps


These school shoes combine a pair of trainers' comfortable and flexible soles with the formal look of classic footwear.


They have two touch-fastening straps that keep the footwear securely in place.


Each strap has two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface.


Pressing these strips together is so easy that your child can secure their shoes with one hand.


However, opening them would require force, creating a distinctive ripping sound.


Style 3 - Lace-Up


The Spendless lace-up school shoes for boys are a budget-friendly style perfect for older lads who can tie their laces independently.


The student's comfort level depends on how loose or tight they tie their laces.


We advise parents to check the length of the laces, so boys won't accidentally trip over their shoes.


Continue shopping and get him an extra Spendless pair of laces for variety.


Additional Shopping Wisdom


1. Always Buy a New Pair


 As much as you want to save on school shoes, getting used and hand-me-downs are not the way to do it.


For one, sharing used footwear used can be more costly in the long run.


If the previous owner of the school shoes had fungi, like an athlete's foot, your kid could get it.


You might end up spending more on treatment.


Moreover, each child's feet are unique, like no other, so there's no reassurance that the shoes will provide the same amount of comfort to both users.


The footwear may have conformed to the previous owner's feet and would be uncomfortable and harmful to your son's feet.


If money is the primary reason you opted to get secondhand footwear, you don't have to worry because school shoes from Spendless are affordable and won't blow the budget.


2. Always Bring Your Child with You


When you bring your child with you while shopping for school shoes, they can immediately try the footwear on to check how comfortable it is.


Right then, they could voice their opinion and provide feedback regarding their footwear.


You must get their opinion and let them choose the style of school shoes they want.


It will encourage them to be more responsible when handling their footwear.


Also, they will learn how to be independent and that you trust their opinion about the best shoes for school.


Having them there means the professionals who work at the store can take their measurements correctly.


Wearing well-fitted school shoes is critical to keeping their feet healthy until adulthood.


Ill-fitting top-brand footwear can harm their feet and cause irreversible damage that will be more costly.


Instead of saving money, you spend more.


3. Always Test the Footwear Before Your Child Does


Once you've decided on the school shoe style, check if the footwear's heel is stiff by pressing on both sides of the heel counter. The pressure shouldn't cause it to crumble.


Next, please ensure the school shoes will bend with your child's toes by turning them with your hands. It should be flexible.


Lastly, twist the footwear across the middle part. That area of the school shoes must be stiff and should never twist.


4. Always Shop Later in the day


Your child's feet are at their largest size later in the day because they swell from all their activities—walking, standing, and running, among others.


It's best to buy their school shoes when their feet are at their largest size to include the growth in the accurate measurement.


Include their planned sock pair in your shopping cart so they can try them on together and get a feel for how they will feel during class.


Find a size guide at our store and use it!


5. Always Purchase School Shoes (for Boys) That Don't Need Breaking In


Boys' school shoes must be comfortable from the start.


Unlike some adult brands that need break-in and practice to loosen, your child's footwear must be ready for use upon purchase.


Be observant of your child and their school shoes.


Monitor if they are still OK and functioning because children can wear out footwear faster than adults.


If your child insists on removing their shoes and can't seem to wear them for long periods, it can be a sign of irritation to the footwear.


It might be time to buy a replacement.


Buying a Pair of Spendless Black School Shoes Won't Blow the Budget!


Shop at a Spendless location—there are many benefits beyond just getting cheap high school shoes—we even have flexible payment systems, so you won't run into any financial difficulties!


Spendless footwear in your shopping cart will make this academic year extra memorable for your son, so get him a pair now!


Head to the Spendless online shop or the stockist store nearest you in Australia! Stick to Spendless styles instead of top brands like Clarks in your shopping cart!

Continue shopping and think about protecting boys' black school shoes—they seem to need it more! Keep them shiny with our water and stain protection spray and instant shine, available in the foot care section.