Boys' School Shoes Perfect for Summer and Winter

Every academic year, the beginning of the term means a busy time for parents and guardians as they search for boys' school shoes for their children. There are many factors to consider, but whether he will love them is the most important one. What kind of boys' school shoes will he like? 


At Spendless, you can find boy's school shoes that are comfortable with black school shoes and sports shoes for both girls and boys, featuring leather lace-ups and easy slip-on options. Children are always on the move at school, and our shoes offer great comfort and ankle support, but more importantly, they are built to last. So whether you're after primary school shoes or high school shoes, leather school shoes, or sports school shoes, we have you covered when it comes to black school shoes. 


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At Spendless, the price is very affordable and reasonable. Buy Spendless footwear because they are perfect for summer and winter. Our footwear is not only fashionable but also affordable and comfy. 


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 Young guys, in particular, are naturally active and spend their leisure time playing and running around. But, because they sweat as adults do, their boys' school shoes must have a means for moisture to escape, especially on warm days, to avoid the growth of bacteria and fungi. Our team at Spendless breaks down the different features that make our boys' school shoes perfect for summer and winter.

Essential Characteristics 


Given the variety of styles offered at Spendless, it can be excruciating to choose just one pair of boys' school shoes that your son can wear both in the summer and the winter. However, we recognize the urgency to get it right because it affects your child's health and academic performance.

The team at Spendless strives to make your life easier and assist you in reducing your options.


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Here are some pointers on what to look for when purchasing a pair of boys' school shoes.

  1. Ensure the footwear is well-fitted

Boys' school shoes should comfortably fit both widths and lengths. You must take measurements of each child's foot from both sides to obtain an accurate size. Did you know that no feet are the same size, even your own?


It is the reason why you should measure each separately. Find your son's Spendless size by checking the helpful size guide. At Spendless, we have 16 children's sizes, which means you can find something that will fit your child at every stage of their development. 


Sizes in other countries like the US, UK EU CM differ in length and width. Our best-selling black school shoes offer an unbeatable range of length and width fittings to ensure the perfect school shoe fit. Size Guide - mens, US, UK EU CM are posted on the shop walls. 

  1. Leave ample space for growth.

Please keep in mind that your child's feet will continue to expand and grow until puberty, so leave ample room. The safest space is around a thumb's width, or 1 cm, from the top of the longest toe to the edge of the boys' school shoes. While your son is wearing the footwear, check if there's space by pressing the top part.

  1. Check for the toe wiggle.

Use the toe wiggle test to ensure the boys' school shoes fit your child correctly. You have the proper size if the toes can move without restriction. Giving your child's toes room to move and wiggle enhances their flexibility, strength, and balance.


  1. Don't use hand-me-downs.

Even though we'd all like to find cheaper options, there are better ideas than using hand-me-down boys' school shoes. Footwear typically moulds to the shape of the original owner's feet. Therefore, giving your child hand-me-downs will only be helpful for their feet if the boys' school shoes already have the shape of the previous owner.

Footwear at Spendless is reasonably priced, so there's no need to worry about breaking the bank. With our flexible payment systems, like Afterpay and Zip, you can buy now and pay for boys' school shoes later.

Styles ideal for summer and winter at Spendless

The boys' school shoes at Spendless come in black and white. However, since most learning facilities prefer black, you may still choose white for more casual days. For example, your child may wear the white boys' school shoes on days scheduled with activities and sports.


There are three styles available at Spendless: double straps, lace, and pull-on boots. All styles are ideal all year round, although some are better in the summer and others in the winter. When you check out the boys' school shoes at Spendless, you'll see other styles like sandals and sneakers.


They are too casual for typical days but acceptable on more casual days. The sandals' covered toes and half-enclosed designs are ideal for warm summer days.


Style 1 - Double Straps


These boys' school shoes are ideal for students still learning to tie their laces. The footwear combines the comfortable and flexible soles of trainers with the formal look of classic footwear. Two touch-fastening straps keep the boys' school shoes securely in place as your son runs around during recess and lunch.


The excellent support and breathable style make them the best company on warm days in the classroom. 


Style 2 - Lace-Up


Laces are perfect for young lads who can tie their laces independently. The students can tighten their boys' school shoes at a whim to get more comfortable. They can loosen their footwear to allow air to circulate on hot summer days.


While in winter, they can be tightened more to provide more warmth. Parents need to check the length of the laces so their children won't accidentally trip over their school shoes.


Style 3 - Pull-On Boots


The pull-on boots are a popular style that matches well with uniforms. These boys' school shoes are perfect for winter because they cover the whole foot up to the ankles. This coverage protects them from foreign objects that may lodge in their footwear. 


The simplicity of wear that this design offers would be ideal for young children who are still learning how to tie laces or strap their boys' school shoes. The elastic side gussets stretch so your son can comfortably slide their feet when putting them on. In addition, the thick soles of these boys' school shoes offer better traction and stability, especially needed during winter when the grounds are wet and slippery.


However, nothing is holding the footwear in place because there is no fastening. Therefore, it can cause problems when your son unintentionally removes their boys' school shoes and hurts themselves.

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