Boys School Shoes He Won't Want to Take Off

Get ready for the new school season with our range of boy's shoes. You will instantly find the perfect set of kicks for every little man to wear. This is the time for every parent to invest in a new pair of boys' school shoes for their son. 


To help with your shopping process, the team here at Spendless Shoes have gathered a range of styles that we know your son will love to wear from morning until night. These are the ultimate boys' school shoes for every child to wear. Take a read below to discover your own set of boys' school shoes. 


Style 1 – Boots


First up on our list of must-have boys' school shoes are a pair of boots. These kicks are perfect for the cooler seasons of the year. In addition, boots are super comfortable and supportive for your child's feet. 


A set of these boys' black school shoes are sure to protect your child's feet all day long. These kicks offer a thick and supportive sole, with sturdy outer material and a pull-tab on the back for extra assistance when putting them on your feet. We have a size guide for you at our store site like EU cm so you can find your perfect pair of shoes.


Boots are the go-to pair of boy's school shoes if your son loves to get out and about and explore the wilderness. These are also perfect for a day of study. Whether it is maths class or science class, your pair of boots will be the perfect set of boys' school shoes to wear throughout the day. BENSON are the perfect kicks to wear during and after school as well! 


Style 2- Canvas


Do you have a fussy son when selecting his next pair of boy's school shoes? We have the perfect footwear for you. Canvas sneakers are the style of boy's school shoes that will leave any fussy child speechless. Canvas sneakers come in colours and styles, but following your son's uniform guidelines will be your best bet to buying the perfect pair of kicks. 


Canvas sneakers are worn in an all-black design by children who love to learn and play. In addition, these boys' school shoes feature a flat sole, breathable material, and rubber coverage on the toes. With all these features combined, the canvas sneakers become the perfect go-to boy's school shoes. 


Thanks to the breathability and flat sole, these boys' school shoes are great for active kids and allow them to go straight from the classroom to the lunchtime footy game with ease. So take this as a sign to invest in these kicks available at our brand shop.


Seeing as these boys' school shoes are super versatile, they can even get worn outside of class. If your son participates in extracurricular activities, he can do so without worrying about changing his footwear. This tip makes the after-school rush a whole lot easier – for your son and the parents!


Style 3 – Touch-fastening


Treat your son to a pair of touch-fastening sneakers for this summer season. This style of boy's black school shoes is popular because of how easy they are to wear. These kicks are ideal for children who have trouble tying up laces and need a pair of footwear that is easy to walk around. 


Touch-fastening sneakers are the ones for you if this is the case, and we are obsessed with them. These boy's school shoes are super easy to wear because your son can slip his feet in and pull on the straps to tie them up. Their feet will be super secure throughout the day, and you will not have to worry about any fuss. 


These are the perfect style of boy's school shoes to wear during summer because they are easy to slip on and off your son's feet. It is too hot to spend time getting frustrated over tying up a pair of laces, so let your son relax under the ice-cold air conditioning and slip into his touch-fastening boy's school shoes. You will not regret this purchase!


Style 4 – Lace-up


Give your son the best pair of boy's black school shoes that are going around by gifting him a set of lace-up kicks. These boys' school shoes are the most secure style of kicks that your son could ever own. They are sturdy, stylish, and super comfortable, which is the best combination for your son's day in the classroom and on the court. 


The lace-up style of boy's school shoes is a versatile look that can take your son through a whole day of learning and play. In addition, these kicks offer a thick sole and sturdy material, such as leather, making these boys' school shoes a worthwhile investment. This style of shoe is also applicable for your teenager son and wear them as their high school shoes.


These kicks feature leather material, which ensures your son's new boy's school shoes will last a while and remain durable throughout any activity. We cannot recommend these boys' school shoes enough! 


Style 5 – Trainers


Does your son love to be active throughout the day? If you are nodding yes, a pair of trainers will suit his style. These boys' school shoes are perfect for children who enjoy spending the day on the oval and playing with friends. In addition, you will find that trainers are super supportive because they feature a thick sole, padded outer material, secure fastening, and a stylish design. 


These features will tick all the boxes once your son tries a pair. The best thing about a set of trainers is that your son can wear them to extracurricular activities. If he is an active child, you will be sure that these boys' school shoes can get worn to after-hours basketball, football, or cricket training. The options are endless with a pair of these boys' school shoes. 




One thing to remember when purchasing a new set of boys' school shoes is to get some footwear accessories. These can help prolong the life of your footwear, especially for boisterous children. In addition, their pair of boys' school shoes will experience some wear and tear much quicker than others, so it is a good idea to keep some accessories ready to go. 


We recommend investing in a set of innersoles for your son. These can add an extra layer of cushion for your son's feet in his pair of boy's school shoes. It is also worthwhile to get your hands on some spare laces and socks. You never know when you will need them the most, so keeping some backups around the house will be beneficial in the long run.


Have you found the perfect pair of boy's school shoes?


If you and your son love the range of boy's school shoes available, now is your chance to invest. There is no better feeling than rocking a new pair of kicks for a day full of learning and play. Head to the Spendless Shoes website today and get your hands on a new set of kicks! 


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