Boots He Can Wear To Work!

Many office settings require formal attire, which means suits and dress pants are the norms, and shoes need to be up to standard. While conventional dress shoes cut it most of the time, classy men’s boots are a worthy option too!


For a start, they’re a natural choice during winter and autumn, since they offer more protection and coverage for your feet. Secondly, our lace-up men’s boots look so similar to dress shoes that the only significant difference is the height of the ankle. Since lace-up styles have the same air of sophistication as formal footwear, they are a no-brainer during the colder months. 

Pull-on styles work well at casual workplaces! 


Guys with relaxed dress codes can afford to relax a little with their men’s boots. So, if you’re shopping for a guy who gets to wear jeans, chinos, shorts, or other smart-casual bottoms, then our pull-on styles are their best match. Leather-look material gives these men’s boots a sleek finish, while the stretchy side panels provide a quick and flexible fit.


Like the lace-up versions, these shoes get built to wear outdoors, and in the elements, so guys with jobs that take them outside the office regularly will appreciate their durability. Plus, pull-on men’s boots are easy to dress up for an occasion, so he’ll get his fair share of wear out of them on the weekends too. 

Do you need help selecting a colour?


If you’re struggling to figure out which shade to pick these men’s boots in, then consider what colour bag or wallet your husband uses the most often. Most guys have bags, wallets, or briefcases that are either tan or black and if he has a noticeable preference there, then you should have no trouble picking the matching men’s boots. Not to mention, wearing shoes and accessories in the same colour gives an outfit a put-together feel, which is perfect for personal presentation in a professional setting. 

Spendless has excellent safety shoes too! 


Does your husband need hard-wearing men’s boots at their workplace? If he is a tradesman, someone who works around heavy machinery, or could encounter hazardous material on-the-job, then safety shoes are essential.


Here at Spendless, our line of work-ready men’s boots are Australian Safety Standard approved and ready to face your man’s toughest shifts. These styles come with steel-capped toes, arch support, extra ankle padding, shock-absorbing soles, and even more features! Like our other men’s boots, these come in pull-on and lace-up versions, so finding the ideal pair for your guy won’t be difficult. 

Is your husband working from home these days?


These days, most people are spending their working week sitting at home. What sort of men’s boots do guys need when their new hours are spent sitting in the home office? After all, they only need to get dressed for Zoom call, and that’s usually only from the waist upwards!


Well, you can’t go wrong with slippers! These cosy men’s boots are the perfect pick for anyone who works from home. With their plush material, fluffy lining, and warm feel, they’re the only footwear that can treat your man to the comfort he deserves. A long and busy day at the desk will be a breeze with these men’s boots. This season, Spendless Shoes has these unmissable slippers in a black version and a tan pair too. 

Which men’s boots do you think he’d like? 


Get a closer look at the Spendless collection online or at your local store. We’ve got the perfect men’s boots for your man to wear to work!